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December 22, 2010

ASOS Tetra & Alesha boots

I was um-ing and ah-ing over these boots for ages trying to pick which ones to get. I asked my boyfriend what he thought and he said I should just buy both. I refused, citing the need to abide by opportunity costs (trying to at least retain some semblance of self-control lol) and continued on my agonising. Anyways, then he just came along suddenly and wrestled the computer from me, and he bought them both for me! Omg. Don't you just love it when a guy takes control? ;)

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Unknown wrote:

I think you just have the perfect boyfriend :)

Lisa wrote:

Yes please realize, you have the perfect boyfriend, because mine would'nt do that for me!

Stefany wrote:

Love that he bought them both for you! I wouldn't be able to decide either. They're both so nice!

Ray wrote:

xaxa I want your boyfriend! hahahah just kidding of course I want someone like him, congrats for the shoes and the boy:)))

Ira Petrova wrote:

i think he just want you to be happy :) boots are lovely!

MizzJ wrote:

He is a keeper!

Fashion Agony wrote:

Couldn't agree with him more! (Suz) wrote:

love the right ones!

Alexandra wrote:

They're fabulous! You need to get them and do a post soon. It's a must.

Alexandra xo

Das What She Said wrote:

Those look hot. And hard to walk in. LOl.

A Jungle in my Closet wrote:

These boots are so so cool!

Gamze ♥ wrote:


Cucu wrote:

Love them! Have the Alesha boots too :)


Alinne's Style wrote:

OMG! fabolous boyfriend!
but i preffer the asos tetra!i'm in love with it!

Ashley wrote:

Lucky LUCKy gal!! I wouldnt haev been able to decide between these two fantabulous shoes either!
Enjoy them!!!


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders wrote:

Great booties to Um and Ah over.

Unknown wrote:

these babies are amazing, i own a pair on the left too, i'm sure you ll look gorge in these

Anonymous wrote:

they are gorgeous, ive been eyeeing them for so long finally got a cheaper version in F21, without the pony hair ambiance

Unknown wrote:

He's a keeper, lol! Seriously, it was so nice of him to buy both for you. I wish all men were as understanding...!

Cylia wrote:

LOVE it when a guy takes control. this is such a nice example:) i like! you lucky girl:)

NĂ¡dia wrote:

OMG, he's too sweet!!! Your worries are over! No need to pick now! ;)

Francesca Robertson wrote:

wow love the one on the left!!


Le Kiss Kiss-Click Here!!!

theversastyle wrote:

any guy that supports your shopping habits is a keeper. =)

FashionableAsians wrote:

I need myself a sugar daddy..I mean super sweet and rich boyfriend xD haha great boots btw! Happy Holidays!

Stephanie wrote:

aww that's so sweet! :)

Gorete Sousa wrote:

Great Boots!!!

Unknown wrote:

your boyfriend is the sweetest! Love both shoes.

xx, Channie


thats amazing!! (so are the boots!) my boyfriend totally looks down on my lack of self-control for clothing + shoes... you are quite lucky :) can't wait to see you rockin' them in a post!


Jessy wrote:

Aw your boyfriend's nice. : ) My boyfriend would tell me to save my money (which I prefer). I like the pair on the left!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Unknown wrote:

its the best when he takes control in all the good and right ways! :) enjoy them both!

BTW, having a Swarovski earring give away! Check it out & share :) Happy Holidays.

B So Chic!

Katherine wrote:

Oh man I would have the same problem, I like them both! I think i'm leaning toward the pair on the left, although the other pair is a good runner up because of the chunkier heel. Ahh I still dont know!

Nancie wrote:

ok you just made me jealous!!! he bought cool and the practically screaming in the house!

Rachella - wrote:

OMG, that's so sweet! :) HAha, it's great if a guy takes control in that case. I'm looking at those beauties for times now too! I'm looking forward to see you wearing them.

Anna Bonfiglio wrote:

Beautiful shoes! Come to my blog and tell me what do you think about my shoes! I'll happy!
And if you want we can find each other..

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

you lucky girl! does your boyfriend need a second girlfriend? jokes! x

Unknown wrote:

YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY and he is awesome!!!!


Daisy wrote:

Wow! That's very awesome of your boyfriend! I'm not sure if my boyfriend would do that for me. lol But then again my boyfriend does a lot of nice things for me! Haha and I thought your last line was funny: "don't you love it when a guy takes control?" And the answer is: yes sometimes! ;P lol


Danielle Shepherd wrote:

Aw great boyfriend! No guilt, more love - best combination!

streetdressed wrote:

oooh! i'm so jealous!!! you have the perfect boyfriend!!!

kisses!!! and Merry Christmas!!


Karoline wrote:

OMG, you are the luckiest girl!
I love the Tetra one, and your bf have to be totaly awesome.

Martina Gallo wrote:

Fantastic blog!
I hope you pass to mine and follow me =)

Vera wrote:

haha that's adorable. what a lovely boy :)

Claudia wrote:

GORGEOUS!!! And it was so adorbale of your boyfriend to do that! I wouldn't have been able to choose either... it's a good thing your bf came to the rescue!

Claudia from Molto ❤ Fashion

Amanda wrote:

hahahaa! If thats what a guy "taking control" usually entails, then yes, i'm in too, haha.

Kristen wrote:

my god, you have found the perfect man haven't you? haha, that is so sweet of him and now you get both of those boots? lucky girl

ps-i'm having a leather jacket giveaway and would love for you to enter!

Unknown wrote:

i love your boyfriend! such a lucky girl :)


michelle_ wrote:

get the asos tetra onee !!
ive been wanting a pair of that one as well !
sad that they dont deliver to my country :(

thanks so much for stopping by at my blog !!
glisters and blisters

u-ka wrote:

love the ASOS ones! :]

Shevah wrote:

Haha, your boyfriend is awesome. They're both amazing pairs of boots. I wouldn't know which to choose either! :)

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

AWESOME boots!

I wish you a merry christmas dear!
Love Cindy

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Awwwh how sweet Marcella :D

saigon wrote:

in the case you described i certainly agree that boys should indulge us. but taking control of us...?

Jade wrote:

your boyfriend is awesome :)
loove those shoes.

Yvette wrote:

These boots are amazing!


Check out my blog and stay tuned to my daily updates!

sophia wrote:

HAHA. that's awesome! kudos to your boyfriend!!

oomph. wrote:

he's definitly a keeper!

Tamara Suprobo Putri wrote:

Your boyfriend sounds quite literally, perfect.


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