sailor stripes

December 27, 2010

Dotti top, Topshop jeans for sale @ ShopFD, F21 ankle boots, Country Road bag

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and got everything they wished for! I managed to get through boxing day without buying anything this year. Needless to say I am rather in awe of myself. Well actually, truth is, I'm waiting for the 29th which will be my other Christmas as that's when the postal service resumes delivery and I have quite the backlog of stuff arriving. Late Christmas presents to myself hehe ;p

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EevvaStyle wrote:

You look great!

Raspberry Jam wrote:



projectvee wrote:

hope you had a lovely christmas too :) haha i could not resist boxing day madness ... but i was only out for an hour or so before the claustrophobia kicked in!

thelittledistractions wrote:

Cute top. I want ur figure! X

jamie-lee wrote:

I didn't buy anything either! I'm so impressed with myself for not succumbing to a pair of lanvin heels I found I wanted (50%) off plus... not buying anything from the net-a-porter sale. Am yet to go to the shops but I figure I've managed to stop myself from buying online so should be okay.

Haha but yes, waiting for the post to start up again too - Half my things are being sent to work though so guess I will be waiting until 5 Jan! Merry Christmas dear x

CandeS wrote:

Hey Marcella!
Loved the stripes outfit of today! What I liked the most if the colour of your pants!
Cute ring too!
How's summer treating you in NZ? I am from Argentina and this christmas weekend has been very hot!
Happy New year!

Anonymous wrote:

Love this outfit! <3

**OnYxStA** wrote:

loving the stripes and camel

merry christmas

Fashion Agony wrote:

Love these ankle boots so much!

diana kang wrote:

love the sunnies! xx

Alinne's Style wrote:

Hi Marcella! I love the way you're using the t-shirt! lovely look. Kisses


Tima wrote:

Ive been wanting those F21 booties for the longest, but I always miss them. You look great!!
Happy Holidays!!

Bows and Lavender Lips

Violet wrote:

merry christmas. you look great and i like the stripes and the booties

Vi from Cali

simplyhope wrote:

So Fabulous! Merry Christmas:D Also I love your outfit! So Simply Chic! And yes I have late Christmas presents on the way as is great to get packages!

Beckerman Girls wrote:

Those sunglasses are AMAZZZING! ANd I love the combo of the stripes, brown denim and turquoise rings...PERFECTION! You are soo lucky you have warm weather, winter blizzards are coming our way.ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Happy NEW YEAR and kisses
xoThe Beckerman Girls

L wrote:

takes me right back to summer.

i love your blog layout! everything about your blog is amazing.


Stefany wrote:

I love your ring! =]

Channie wrote:

Hi! I featured this look of yours in my blog. I hope you'd come check it out. I used your photo by the way, I hope it's okay :)

xx, Channie ♥

annette wrote:

great the tied crop

Samantha wrote:

beautiful! I love the top!! jealous that it is wonderful weather in new zealand :)


STACY wrote:

cute! I'm so into stripes atm.
your legs go on and on and on, ugh you're gorgeous :D


Vasilieva wrote:

loving the stripes, gorge jeans too

Alexandra wrote:

Love the contrast of the black and white stripes with the brown tones in the rest of the outfit. You look gorgeous as always, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Alexandra xo

Theonlyfashionprincess wrote:

You look stunning! Really amazing pictures. Hope you had a nice Christmas.

MELISSA Z. wrote:

cool striped tee and great jeans! <3

MeganRose. wrote:

gorgeous as always! shoes are hottt!

xxoo, meganrose.

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

perfect from head to toe!


Anonymous wrote:

Love everything on that look! And the ring is so gorgeous!

Lucy wrote:

I love the tee!! You look fab.

margarita ts wrote:

you look gogreous!!!!

Nita -Karoliina wrote:

I am jelousof that weather. Here in New York is a crazy snow blizzard right now.

Love the look :)

Ade wrote:

those photos are wonderfull

Anonymous wrote:

REally loving that top!!

fashion.gossipmk wrote:

You look good! M.

maphi wrote:

i love your ring xoxo

The Little Dust Princess wrote:

I love stripes! Hope you're having a great holiday : )

xx The Little Dust Princess

AlejandrA wrote:

wow the jeans is great! I love your glasses!

Lala Jr wrote:

Like so much this blog!!

I'm a new follower, Lala xo

Anonymous wrote:

best ring i've ever seen !

Ginger Snap'♥ wrote:

I love the colour of the jeans and the crop top! Love it.

becka wrote:

love your shoes! Wish you a happy new year, xoxo :)

Aissata wrote:

this outfit is killer. love your blog

Sweet Confessions wrote:

love the outfit!!!!

Ima wrote:

Really love your outfit. You look like a model :)

Silkybow wrote:

Love your outfit and your entire blog! :)
I'm gonna follow you now hehehe

ShopeDelano wrote:

Love the outfit! I really like the jeans! <3

My new blog:

Jeje wrote:

Looking good :)

Glamour Bbey. wrote:

You always look awesome dear! Stunning pants and heels!

I would like to have some sun too here :(!


minnja wrote:

Fabulous :)


Alyssa wrote:

Like the shirt tied up! I wish those were corduroy pants... idkwhy.

Happy Holidays!

cirkles wrote:

´Looove the outfit! :-)


Anna S wrote:

amazing! :)

Ali wrote:

i can't believe those booties are from f21. i need to scoop up a pair of those. they remind me of the senso booties.


tiny dancer wrote:

Love this look! I have a similar blue stripe tee but I always tuck it into pants, I'll have to try this knot in the front. Thanks for the idea!!! :)

Jane wrote:

Your style is amazing! I love you blog and I will definitely come back to see your next posts!!

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