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December 16, 2010

Cape top c/o Schwing Schwing, Supre shorts, Country Road top, Jeffrey Campbell wedges

I haven't set foot in a Supre store since my high school days. I remember it very differently from it's current... appeal shall we say? Back when it was humble and actually cool. Now everything about it kinda repels me. That said, I do have some surviving pieces though which I dug up for this outfit to enter in a Lookbook x Supre competition... hmmm wonder if that make me a hypocrite?

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Raspberry Jam wrote:

Your cape top is awesome!

Love it!


fashionDrip wrote:

Very nice outfit, the cape is fantastic.


Amalie wrote:

Cool outfit! xx

Unknown wrote:

lovelyy cape!!

is perfect <33

Klécia Galvão wrote:

Inspiração sempre!

C. wrote:

I'm absolutely in love with those wedges!!! I NEED them.
C. (Suz) wrote:

love the wedges!

Mom Fashion World wrote:

Darling, you always have beautiful outfits!
And I wish I could wear shorts and sleeveless outside right now but it's freezing cold here.

Serena P. wrote:

Love your style, such always!

Rachella - wrote:

Wow, you are beautiful, the pictures are beautiful AND the outfit is fabulous!

inkarlcerating wrote:


Nettie S. wrote:

Great shots!! <3

Ro wrote:

oohhh your wedges!(L)

Batom wrote:

I loved your look!!

Jennifer S. wrote:

I love this casual and cute...


Unknown wrote:

I love youre pictures..honestly you have one of the best style blog i'ved seen in a while!

How to you edit youre pictures that well? Kisses

Gorete Sousa wrote:

Great pics!!!
love your shoes !!!

KAY. wrote:

Your style is so great !

Tonje wrote:

thanks for your sweet comment. that top is wicked. I mean look at it! blowing in the wind. GREAT PIECE.

feel free to stop by again soon.
xx T

Anonymous wrote:

haha, i love your top though! the shape is lovely.

Paola wrote:

great!!!*_*your shoeas are fantastic!

Urtė wrote:

omg, sweetie. i want your shoes!!

Elena wrote:

love your style,it´s perfect!!

Rene Braun wrote:

Wow!! amazing photos!!!


Come to visit my blog too :)

Katherine wrote:

Love your wedges!

Elizabeth Daisy. wrote:

Those wedges are fabulous darling ♥

*following your blog*

Eda ♥

Loca por tu Ropa wrote:

Lovely pictures!!
Kisses from Madrid...

Unknown wrote:

i love your wedges!!!!


Unknown wrote:

I dont thin it makes you a hypcrite :)

Oh, those shoes..drooling.

lydia lee wrote:

love the tailored look and those shoes are outrageously amazing!


xx wrote:

everything is so so good

The Mad Twins wrote:

wow, that top looks so awesome! I must have been expensive, it looks that way ^__^
it's very very pretty!
and I adore the shoes as well!
And you look soooooo amazingly pretty O_O

loves London

Helen wrote:

loving that cape marcella! the photos are gorgeous!

helen x

Alinne's Style wrote:

lovely lovely wedges! kiss


Vera wrote:

what an interesting top - girl you can pull off anything :) haha and i love your jeffrey campbells. as per usual.

Unknown wrote:

Wow your top is AMAZING and adore the shoes as usual!!!

Leah wrote:

Hi, I’ve just post on my blog an article with my favorite outfits for December, you’re in, if you don’t want I can deleted the picture and off course I’ve linked to your blog. And I did a blog'roll you are in :) Xoxo Leah.

Alexandra wrote:

I love how you always manage to mix some leopard into your outfit somewhere! This outfit is gorgeous and so casually chic, I love it.

Alexandra xo

K A T H L E E N wrote:

those wedges r super fierce and i really like ur necklace

Nancie wrote:

loving the necklace...looking fab as always!

Unknown wrote:

loving your booties, + you always have these edgy chic look, amazing job

MELISSA Z. wrote:

this top is wonderful and love the combo with those shorts! Great look and awesome pics!

Yvette wrote:

Your pictures and blog are amazing! Definitely following you!

I would love it if you would check my blog and feel free to leave a comment or to follow me with google friens!


We love the sweet life wrote:

I really really love this outfit. The top is amazing!! It makes me want to summer to come as soon as possible. It is snowing in the netherlands. boeeehoee.


MizzJ wrote:

That cape top would be so cool to wear, I'd feel like a superhero! I also really like the tint your bf did on these photos - it makes them feel slightly vintage.

Curly or straight? Never have another hair dilemma again by entering part 4 of my Holiday Giveaway Bonanza to win a FREE Karmin G3 Pro flat iron worth $300!!

Damsels wrote:

im not sure what supre is .. but i know the feeling you descirbe. as always i love the photos . they astound me !

Blush and Flats wrote:

amazing top <3

Stefany wrote:

love the shoes!!! =]

Ashley wrote:

Once again the perfect mix of sweet, sexy urban cool! Beautiful pics, lookin' gorgeous... as always :)
Love the flowy cape top!

P.s. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment :)


Ali S. wrote:

I love the outfit!!

Carissa wrote:

this look is absolutely perfect!

Tanya wrote:

I love your wedge heel boots.

Anthea wrote:

The last picture is absolutely stunning! This whole outfit makes me love Summer clothing!

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