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November 11, 2010

Dress c/o Schwing Schwing, ASOS belt, Miss Selfridge satchel, Nina boots

Random shit seems to happen alot wherever we go. Exhibit A: Whilst in the middle of shooting this a massive dumpster fire started behind us. Of course, we took full advantage and used it as a super awesome backdrop.... as you do. The heat was scorching even from a distance, it was kinda oddly mesmerizing wondering if any nearby cars would catch on fire too (must be the pyromaniac in me >:D). Anyways, the fire brigade came along and put it out though before anything major could happen.

Not surprisingly, with all my free time I've been doing an absurd amount of online browsing, namely shoes and jewelry stores. Been verrry hard to resist checking out my various carts all over the place.

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That fire is crazy! I would have taken advantage of it for the shoot too. Love the dress!

Raspberry Jam wrote:

AWESOME photos!

u look great!


Unknown wrote:

Crazy pics :p

I loveeeed the outfit <3


Jackie wrote:

crazyness but that crazyness made this post amazing.. love the outfit! <3

Sebastian wrote:

just wow

really love your style

cool boots
fit well to the dress

new pics on:


Anonymous wrote:

Another amazing outfit! =)

Anonymous wrote:

Love the entire outfit! Especially the bag and boots :)

Bub wrote:

WOW that fire picture is insane!!! I love your outfit

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders wrote:

Yes, nice backdrop! Your outfit is smoking too!

xx wrote:

that fire is SICK! how funny that happaned.
love those boots on ya!

CAROLINE. wrote:

What a stroke of luck! Great photos!

Sarah wrote:

LOVE everything about this outfit! Great blog! I am your newest follower =)

Alexandra wrote:

LOOOVE this outfit! The belt is awesome, and you look amazing as usual!

Alexandra xo

Amalina wrote:

I was contemplating on getting that dress looks so good on you! Love the detail in the back. LOL @ the random shit that happens around you, although it did double as a good backdrop ;)

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Very beautiful :)

I V Y wrote:

that's actually incredible. haha *just take advantage of it, take photos and don't call the police* :)

amber and hilary wrote:

ha that's crack up! hilary would be so jealous if she saw this, especially because she is a crazy pyromaniac-didn't find that out until guy forks!!! i love magical happenings like that-great photos marcella.
much love, amber xx

Jennifer S. wrote:

I love your cute!!


Mom Fashion World wrote:

Darling, i always anticipate your post.
You always wear gorgeous outfits and
have beautiful photos!

StyleCake wrote:

These pictures are SUPER hard core.. Love it, and I really love the dress!

Stephtea wrote:

amazing legs lovely!
Love the photos



Cool pictures and great outfit!

clkk wrote:

the fire makes the shoot, must be lucky to stumble across that

Manuella wrote:

those pictures look stunning ...!you let me speachless

Rachella - wrote:

Wow, great pictures. They are amazing.

Ray wrote:

loove your dress! and I love the way you paired it with the belt:)))

Iina wrote:

I love your style<3

Unknown wrote:

loving that dress paired with the booties, and you necklace is absolutely adorable

MELISSA Z. wrote:

OMG dear! I'm speacless in front of these pics, they are wonderful! And you have the perfect look as always!

Cylia wrote:

wow! now thats what I call an once in a lifetime picture moment. how cool is this. how amazingly 'cool' you look in these pictures.


Eleanor wrote:

what are the chances that a fire would start right when you're shooting - so cool! :) these photos are gorgeous! seriously love them! and you're beautiful! xxx

noura. wrote:

i'm SO glad you took advantage of that situation.
that's actually so awesome hahah.

ebonni wrote:

ur blog is ah-mazin
please follow mine

Anthea wrote:

Gosh, these pictures are awesome! Looks like they have been taken off a movie set!

Dee O. wrote:

Amazing photos!! You look absolutely STUNNING! :)


Lucy wrote:

I love that dress!!

Serena P. wrote:

Fantastic, such always!

Isabella wrote:

Woah! Crazy fire! These pictures are awesome. You look lovely! :D


Your outfit was just so hot that you set the place on fire! Haha. It really looks great in the background.. Are you sure you didn't light it yourself :P

Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

ashley mcconnell wrote:

holy smokes!

best street style pictures ever!

AndreConny wrote:

fantastic dress....

follow us...

Elekon wrote:

These are breathtaking shots!

indubitably wrote:

The whole sequence is almost like a story because of that fire..the whole thing kinda reminds me of bond a movie, which would make you the bond girl-great outfit...

drop by sometime @:

Unknown wrote:

wow! talk about a kodak moment! :o

added you on my blog roll! Love your blog

come visit and follow and add me on yours too

Angela Deaton wrote:

That is so freaking awesome that happened when you guys were shooting there, it seriously made for some amazing pics!!!!


Stop By and Say Hi☺
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Alyssa Roman wrote:

Wow, I would be so stunned. Kudos for taking advantage of that opportunity, the shots are intense!
I posed by an old train and station just the other day, I loved it! Finally getting out of the apt to shoot. Go see :)

Anonymous wrote:

amazing photos! the flames reflect your hotness!

streetdressed wrote:

awesome outfit!! I love your bag!! I think I'm going to check Miss seldfridge... hehehe..



Loca por tu Ropa wrote:

This pics are really great!! I don´t have words.... Love them!!
Your outfit is perfect.
Perfect job.
Kisses from Madrid.

Little Miss Curious wrote:

A-D-O-R-E the photos! ♥


Unknown wrote:

Increibles las fotos

Anonymous wrote:

Hey, I'm from Belgium ^^ I love your blog and I love your style. The leopard bag is so you. :)

Samantha wrote:

Cute outfit! Love the dress and boots!


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