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November 25, 2010

Black Milk leggings, Glassons lace biker, Ando bag, Jessica Simpson wedges

Fuelled by late night drive-thru McD's, we decided to try a little flash photography and came up with this lot. Featuring the ├╝ber cool Black Milk galaxy leggings.

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comments: 51

. wrote:

looooove this outit

Unknown wrote:


amazing leggins!!



X. wrote:

that bag is awesome :D



Love the leggings!

Hannah wrote:

Holy crap those leggings are the best thing ever!

Ale.Sanmed wrote:

wow love your leggings! are incredibly beautiful!

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Love these leggings!!!


RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

You look amazing! Those leggings really look like a work of art :)

Angelica wrote:

omg those leggings are insane!

Jasmine P wrote:

Those leggings are absolutely fantastic :)

Marina wrote:

Love you and love Black Milk. Started following you when you only started from TradeMe, and only now took the time to start my own blog.

Keep up being a sartorial inspiration!

Chioma Iheoma wrote:

those pants are a dream!

Anonymous wrote:

Love your leggings! <3

Alexandra wrote:

Those pants are ridiculous, in the best way possible! So cool and so chic with the leopard bag. And as usual, you look stunning!

Alexandra xo

FashionableAsians wrote:

I thought those leggings were glittery at first! Only you could pull those off ;P

AP. wrote:

I've been looking at those black milk leggings for ages - I want them so badly. Amazing outfit.

Unknown wrote:

the leggings are freaking amazing! they totally look like you're actually wearing a galaxy on your legs!! are they expensive?



Those leggings are the beez kneez!!! The night photography is really great.

hanni wrote:

wuau those leggins are a dream love them

Law1sfab wrote:

So amazing, you are defo one of my style icons. You look so effortless and cool all the time. Those wedges are insanely lush, love this outfit and your photos always look fresh out of a glossy (if not better) I have starry eye's for those legging !!!! AMAZING :) xxxx

Bub wrote:

omgggg i love those leggings

Yuri wrote:

Wow, crazy killer leggings - you pull them off REALLY well. I wouldn't dream of them for me. Haha.

Shevah wrote:

I love this. I love those wedges. TDF!

Kathleen wrote:

this seriously AMAZING. i loove the leggings! piece of artwork on legs ;). gorgeous wedges too! always so chic girl :).

<3, Kathleen.

Gladys wrote:

omg, those leggings! :o

Beth wrote:

Those leggings are stellar-- pun intended! Amazing.

Paola wrote:

love this outfit!great as always!;)

Rachella - wrote:

Wow, cool! You look amazing as usual ! :) Loooove the leggings and the bag.

MELISSA Z. wrote:

Your leggings are simply amazing, wow! I want them right now!

Daisy wrote:

Those are some WILD leggings!!! You make them look amazing though! :)


Unknown wrote:

O M G! i'm in love!

happy thanksgiving!

Unknown wrote:

LOVE the leggings xxx

Unknown wrote:

these leggings are chic, absolutely unbelievable

Emy wrote:

Those leggings are INSANE!! Soo awesome! I was dreaming away into the starry night:)



Nancie wrote:

i would need loads of guts and slimmer thighs to wear those kind of pants!looking fab dear and your wedges are so lush!

Serena P. wrote:

Love your legging|

Krizia wrote:

I would look like a total clown wearing this outfit,
but you pull it of amazingly!

x Krizia

THE CRAFT wrote:

AWESOME outfit!!

The Craft


This is such a unique legging! I love it!! Immediately i thought: GOT TO HAVE IT.. Haha.

Looking good, as always ;)

Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

sib wrote:

ohh i love your galaxy leggins, shiny and gorgeous!

xx claudia

DediLovesFashion wrote:

the leggings is amazing.

Unknown wrote:

now im buying into the animal print trend, i see it everywhere
i love this piece <3

Jazzy E (Hivenn) wrote:

beautiful x hivennn.

StyleNonsense wrote:

Your Leggings Are Like Maaagic.

Blush and Flats wrote:

amazing leggins !!!

eiphel mercedes wrote:

feels like papz taking your pict while walking.LOL
btw, nice legging

Tamara Suprobo Putri wrote:

those leggings are absolutely amazing.

CHESCA wrote:
This comment has been removed by the author.
CHESCA wrote:

Love your JS wedges! Are those true to size, and comfy, easy to walk in?

Also, amazing outfit!

Tamara Suprobo Putri wrote:

your pants are soooo amazingg!


The Paddington Girl wrote:

Your legging, is so WOOOOW

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