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November 27, 2010

ASOS floppy hat & dress, vintage Dior bag, Jeffrey Campbell wedges

A perfect summer's day. Got out of bed at our leisure (late), had brunch parked down by the seaside, took a stroll around this stunning location, took some photos, stopped for delish chocolate frappes along the way, before picking up dinner and winding down at home with DVDs... bliss.

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Anonymous wrote:

You look a lot like Filipino blogger Tricia Gosingtian ( in these photos. Lovely <3

GEMBEAR wrote:

so jealous that you're in your summer while across the water i'm freezing my ass off in the UK!
anyway you look lovely.

Unknown wrote:

love the last two pics! i'm here freezing and getting wet with all that rain! and you have gorgeous sun there!

xoxo from rome

agnes wrote:

magnifique, j'aime beaucoup les chaussures, et cette robe.
Il y en a qui ont vraiment de la chance d'avoir du soleil.

Très jolies photos

styledigger wrote:

Wooww, you look amazing! Adn the photos are sooo beautiful

We love the sweet life wrote:

We love your outfit! And your legs .... wow.... beautiful! The shoes are amazing. Jeffrey Campbell is a hero!

Andy & Lysa

Mom Fashion World wrote:

Wish I could wear sleeveless outside but it's freezing cold here. Darling, you always look beautiful. You could be a model.

kot-itsa wrote:

oh summer time!!!!!those shoes are amazing!

maphi bayolo wrote:

i envie the fact that you have such a great weather to weare cute clothes !!! very cute outit too :) xoxo

Serena P. wrote:

Love this dress, and magnific pics! YOu are a model!

Paola wrote:

love your style great!!!*_*

Unknown wrote:

Guapísima, que fotos más cálidas para el frío que hace por aquí. Besos desde España.

Unknown wrote:

You look great! I'd say i like how you carry out the outfit a lot more that the outfit itself. I mean, I LOVE everything and each one of the pieces selected, I just think your style trascends what you are wearing, anyway you look AMAZING! Love the hat, the belt, sunglasses, wedges...everything! And your pics are amazing! i am from Argentina, heading into summer as well! Love your blog!

Unknown wrote:

Very beautiful look!

lovely <3

DediLovesFashion wrote:

you look amazing. love the heels.

Unknown wrote:

one word...STUNNING!!!

Unknown wrote:

So cute dress. Oh theres summer. Its getting quite wintery in here in the US.

Emy wrote:

Such a great post! I wish we had such wonderful weather, it was super cold today!


Unknown wrote:

how lovely. I think I'm going to live vicariously through your summer days because the winter here is death lol

FashionableAsians wrote:

love the look! making me miss summer so much :/ I've got to move to a warmer place, NY winters are so brutal


I love the animal print belt in combo with the dress.

Unknown wrote:

that floral print is adorable, so sweet

Rachella - wrote:

Beautiful pictures. I'm very jealous the weather looks really nice at NZ . :) Here it's -3 degrees! And still love your shoes<3

Kookie B. wrote:

this is love, Marcela! the photos are beautiful and you look so sweet and pretty!

Alexandra wrote:

SO beautiful Marcella! I wish it was this summery here as well, but I can live vicariously through you till it warms up in like....six months? Haha, anyway absolutely beautiful outfit, I love it!

Alexandra xo

X. wrote:

im SO jealous, in portugal its freezing :(

you look really cute :)


Anonymous wrote:

Love your dress! =)

james wrote:

you are too cute.

Jennifer S. wrote:

cute outfit!!!!


char wrote:

Love this look! Wish the weather was warm enough to wear something like this. Great shoes and dress!

Natalia wrote:

I love your outfit and these photos!

Sandy a la Mode wrote:

wow! that really does sound like the perfect summer day! loving your dress and belt and the effect on these last two photos!!

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

sounds lovely - kinda stoked out about the great weather, bring on summer!

You look gorgeous in that dress too - so effortless x

Veren Lee wrote:

you look super amazing and I really love your dress!
the photos are superbb too!

todi design wrote:

Beautiful look!
Great photos!

Nancie wrote:

so your pics whet camera do you use?

jess wrote:

beautiful dress and heels! love this look - such a fresh and summer feel! following you! :) x

EevvaStyle wrote:

You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

EevvaStyle wrote:

I follow you now:)

Samantha wrote:

Love the dress, and I really like your ring!


Melissa Z. wrote:

wow, wonderful pics dear! You're so cute with this look and those wedges are awesome!

die Uschi wrote:

I would love to wear summerclothes like you do this time of the year...

Lucky you!

Sarah wrote:

Gorgeous outfit!! I just got those wedges in lace. Looks like amazing weather, it has been really cold here this week.

Unknown wrote:

Love the last shot. The photo composition is v nice xxx

Melody wrote:

Adorable outfit! The hat is icing, love love love!

eiphel mercedes wrote:

whoa,i'm in love with you, really :) nice shoes, nice hair, nice pose

Arantxa Chavarria wrote:

love the outifit!! you look great...

lydia lee wrote:

AMAZING playsuit and shoes!

check out my giveaway on my blog

Unknown wrote:

wow that dress is gorge xxx

Liana wrote:

gorgeous photos! love the summery look, makes me wish it was still summer here :( thanks for stopping by my blog and for your great comment!

Fashion Bag 411

Katherine wrote:

You make me want to go to warm weather! Love the outfit!

La Petite Marmoset

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

If only it was that warm and sunny here! It's -4 outside lol! You look so cute in that dress, I love it :)

Dylana Suarez wrote:

You look so amazing! I love the photography your blog, too! Gosh, I wish it was summer where I was at. It's freezing now!


Anthea wrote:

This is a really stunning shoot. It makes me want to leave work and go on a road trip to the beach! Gorgeous outfit as well. I must find a floppy hat!

Embracing Style

Anonymous wrote:

Definitely gorgeous for summer. :)


Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Amazing dress and heels! You look so stunning!

Le N wrote:

i love your dress

Kristina wrote:

how do you make ur hair look like that?!

Ro wrote:

oohh...lovely look for the summertime!!

SL' outfits wrote:

This post is lovely too :D

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