November 6, 2010

1. Recent acquisitions
2. Taking photos out the car window
3. Rufus, my little man
4. Best lunch ever.
5. Some spectacular old buildings downtown
6. Floppy hats - my new staple
7. My signature scents - Echo by Davidoff, Flowerbomb by Victor&Rolf
8. Dream car. In that colour.
9. Jewellery
10. Awkwardly clutching my satchel bag
11. Queue for Movenpick down at Mission Bay
12. Most vibrant sunset I've ever seen
13. Random old photo
14. Fooling around on Guy Fawkes

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Raspberry Jam wrote:

Beautiful and lovely photos!

especially the last one with the heart!


chocandcinnamon wrote:

Love how well this pictures are taken, and the one with the beautiful dog and the last one, two favourites :)

--Sanam-- wrote:

Awesome photos, i especially love the first one! :D

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

M wrote:

wow, fantastic pics, love them all, especially the sunset one :)

Ivania santos By DIAMOND wrote:


Fantastic pics <3

loveeeeeeee it

Anonymous wrote:

Love them all, especially your new acquisitions :)

the moonchild wrote:

food - makes me hungry (:

bulb photography - makes me smile.


Mani wrote:

I love all these photos so much! Especially the last one, it's pretty :)

Samantha wrote:

Seriously amazing photography. That sandwich is definitely making me hungry! :) So happy I stumbled upon your blog, will be checking back daily!!

Sweet Confessions wrote:

lovely photos!! so inspiring..


These photos are beautiful!

Anonymous wrote:

Love your new bag. I have my eye on one similar to that one! :)

Alyssa wrote:

Now I'm sure of it... everything in your life is pretty. These photos are so stunning! And thank you for the solid advice, I do appreciate it Marcella :)

Nita -Karoliina wrote:

How lovely :)

Cute doggie!

Anonymous wrote:

Beautiful pics! =)

MizzJ wrote:

The last photo is pretty cool! Is that done with a sparkler?

Elena Vasilieva wrote:

loved the leopard prints, + great bunch of pics

Theonlyfashionprincess wrote:

you look lovely as always. I like your new bag! :)

Skinny Walk wrote:

Great photos, u llok great :)

MELISSA Z. wrote:

love these random pics, so inspiring! Great post dear! <3

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

the bag on the first pic is lovely!


The Girlie Blog wrote:

Amazing pics!

Isabella wrote:

Great photography! Love the photos.
The last one is so cool.. <3

Eden wrote:

amazing shots:))))

Elaine Valerie, wrote:

Cool pictures!!!

Elaine Valerie

Alexandra wrote:

Absolutely love this post, and are those Charlotte Olympia's I see in the first photo?! Lucky! And yes to the floppy hat, I'm grabbing one in camel soon!

Alexandra xo

Antonia wrote:

Gorgeous photos! That sunset picture is stunning!

x Nia


Serena P. wrote:

Those pics are fantastic, especially the last one.

Glamour Bbey. wrote:

Sweety! I love your bag! Awesome pictures!

NĂ¡dia wrote:

Killer pics! Inspiration!

jamie-lee wrote:

Are those shoes the ones from Hannahs? I remember seeing them and thinking they reminded me of the Charlotte Olympia ones a little!

Lovely photos xx

Anonymous wrote:

love ur blog^^

i will follow u know
I'd also appreciate it if u follow my blog, too?:)



irina wrote:

hi, i just found your blog and i have to say it's spectacular! i love your style! check out my blog and if you like it follow, i'll do the same!
thank you!

Karoline wrote:

Love these photos.
You're dog is incredibly cute.

projectvee wrote:

i like posts like these :)

evie wrote:

I love your new leopard bag but your little Rufus steals the show. What a stunner!
I really like this post. I'll have to go to Hotel De Brett now!

evie x
One More


Great pictures!

Rosa&Carlotta wrote:

all pictures in this post are lovely but the last one is AMAZING! How did you do that? :D

Check out our fashion illustrations at ! = )


Emily wrote:

drooling over this post!!! So many amazing fun pics!! Lusting your blog-

Jan wrote:

Ah thanks for your lovely comment!
&Yeah let's hope so :)
I think it's so cool to get a message from you haha,
I've got your blog in my list of amazing blogs ^^

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