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November 9, 2010

Black Milk bodysuit, F21 skirt, Country Road satchel, Topshop coat & wedges

Before anyone in the Southern hemisphere looking at this thinks I'm crazy, these are from a batch of photos taken a few months back when it actually was frigid enough for wool trenches. I realise I never featured this on here, even though it's probably my all-time favourite coat. I'd looked for something like this for ages - unique colour, big collar, lots of detail and not overwhelmingly long - ticked all the boxes for me basically.

Not too sure what I'm going to do with myself now that I'm done with uni (had my last exam yesterday), job hunting has been rather uneventful so I guess there's gonna be a whole lotta' blogging then from now on.

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comments: 45

Unknown wrote:

I love your style!! I am a fan!!



Jennifer S. wrote:

I am loving everything about this outfit!!!!


Liza wrote:

this is a wonderfully put together outfit.
your style amazes me. i want to wear your clothing.


xx wrote:

i love the photography in these pics! it straight up looks like it should be in vogue!

just found your blog. now following :)


Anonymous wrote:

Thank you for your comment! <3
Amazing outfit, love your shoes!


Liz wrote:

i love the details on the bodysuit :))

xx Liz


Beautiful coat!


Bub wrote:

I love your shoessss!!!


cocoabee wrote:

the outfit and photos are so gorgeous! i hope your job hunting goes well but i also want you to blog more, haha (:

Anonymous wrote:

GORGEOUS coat!!!

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

I really love your wedges!


Alexandra wrote:

Another amazing outfit by you, you always look so gorgeous! I'm loving that coat.

Alexandra xo


Sherry Lou Studio wrote:

i love your photos!! and your whole outfit. :)


Anonymous wrote:

Great photos! Loving the wisteria wedges.

xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

Unknown wrote:

that jacket is so chic on you, a little military | burberry inspired + totally cool look


Rachella - flourishingfit.com wrote:

Looks great. I really love the coat. Want something like that too!


Rachella - flourishingfit.com wrote:

Looks great. I really love the coat. Want something like that too!


MeganRose. wrote:

you're amazing! always love your style and your photos! and thank you for stopping by :) i am definitely following!!

megan rose

Unknown wrote:

amazing photos!!!

come to visit my blog:)

The chic attitude

Ray wrote:

great outfit, love the coat:))))

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders wrote:

Nice belted coat!

Unknown wrote:

gorgeous coat and wedges x

MELISSA Z. wrote:

Love this outfit so much especially for that cool belt! Great dear great!


Dress Code: High Fashion wrote:

Oh wow! SO COOL! Loving it! So secret agent meets stylish city girl.

Unknown wrote:

This coat is awesome! Good luck on your job hunt, I hope you land your ideal job! :))


Karoline wrote:

Love it. Such a classic beautiful outfit.

Amalina wrote:

Ahh you're so lucky you're done with uni! My exams start in two weeks..and that's just my first semester! I bet you're so happy you've got so much free time now ;)


Marnie Leather wrote:

Yay for blogging!

Francesca Robertson wrote:

love both topshop items!! i used to have wedges like those and my dog ate them up!!


Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

Blush and Flats wrote:

love your wedges <3

Bird wrote:

Very beautiful. I like the military vibe and the gorgeous black shoes.

I want your legs!!

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

Thanks for ur comment hubbaaa<33
My goodness that coat is KILLING ME!
Lookin fierce as allways!

love Shannon

Lumedisco wrote:

I spend hours on your blog!
I love your looks and your style...
these pics looks like from a magazine so perfect love everything about it!

We love the sweet life wrote:

I totally adore your outfit !!!

Loca por tu Ropa wrote:

Your pics are really great!! I like their colour.
Kisses from Madrid.


oomph. wrote:

i still love these wedges...


Daisy wrote:

That's a very lovely jacket! By the way, thank you very much for your comment, I was very baffled when I saw your comment! Liked whaaa?! She commented on my blog? lol :) Well, I hope you can find a job. I'm pretty sure you will. I will be done with university this spring. I'm a little worried because I have no idea whats next! Hope you had a great day! :)


Vera wrote:

congrats on finishing uni :)
love your wisteria wedges <3

Liisa wrote:

Gorgeous outfit! BTW, love your blog and congrats on finishing uni! ;)


streetdressed wrote:

Stunning coat!!!!!!!
I adore!!!!!



K A T H L E E N wrote:

beautiful dress!

twitter @FASHION_ICE

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

This outfit is AMAZING! I haven't seen that coat on Topshop! Is it still in stock? It's so pretty!!


Sharnie Hung wrote:

Stunning photos! Love the coat!

Isabella wrote:

I love your trench. Great outfit on the whole xD These photos are superb.
Good luck with your job hunting! xx


Serena P. wrote:

great style, love love love.

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