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November 16, 2010

Glassons blazer, faux leather shorts c/o Schwing Schwing, vintage belt, Topshop trilby, Ando bucket bag, Jeffrey Campbell wedges

Playing around with wider angle lenses... such a novelty for us! Ended up with a lot of pics with hilariously unflattering distortions, but I think we'll get the hang of it eventually :-)

And on the subject of cameras, I've been thinking of starting a small photography venture actually. I've had it in the back of my mind for a while now, but now that I have the time, I can finally get to work on creating a business website as my next big project. Not sure how things will pan out but I can dream of maybe becoming self-employed...

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Unknown wrote:

Those shorts are fabulous. WHole look is great head to toe.

Ray wrote:

love the wedges nad bag:))))

Lucy wrote:

Great outfit!! I really love your shoes!


OMG! I love everythingabout this outfit! I would so wear this!! defenetaly the leather cognac shorts and de wedge sandals are my favourite. you look so pretty on these pics! wow!
I am a follower now. Hope you want to take a look at my blog and follow me back:)


Rachella - flourishingfit.com wrote:

WOW, this is what people call perfection. I adore your shorts, wedges and bag so much and you look beautiful again! :) And I hope your photography-plans will work out in a good way, but I think you'll finish that project perfectly. :) Good luck!

Have a nice week.




I love your shorts!


Unknown wrote:

Hi honey!!!!

loveee your shorts and bag <3

perfect look


Raspberry Jam wrote:

Your shorts are AWESOME!!

love it!



Jen wrote:

LOVE the bag!!
Love Jen


Anthea wrote:

Good luck with your dream. You look stunning in those leather shorts. I like the vintage affect of those photos.

Embracing Style

Unknown wrote:

you are rocking these leather shorts girl


Manuella wrote:

you come with a great attitude and outfit as usual ♥

Serena P. wrote:

Fantastic such always!!!

Anonymous wrote:

everything is lovely.
I would love to have skills like you!

Enitan wrote:

love the shoes, the shorts look amazing!!


Anonymous wrote:

Love your bag :)

Anonymous wrote:

i love the leopard! The way you edited these is amazing. The pictures really pop off the page.


Unknown wrote:

I love this bag

Sophia Callahan wrote:

those shorts are absolutely amazing
xx, sophia


Eleanor wrote:

you're beautiful. and so are those shorts. im jealous. :) xxx http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com

Unknown wrote:

So SO Chic! I am totally lovin your bag and those gorgeous shoes<3333

Anonymous wrote:

I've been contemplating on getting the same pairnof shorts and you know what, I will! (if they're still in stock) love how you wear them!

Xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

Unknown wrote:

truly stunning pictures. That's lovely, I think you should do it :)

Francesca Robertson wrote:

those leather shorts are sweeet

Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

caits wrote:

perfect outfit love this look + that bag is amaze.


Kathleen wrote:

SO loving the pleather shorts! gorgeous shots btw! and the JC's are so lovely.

<3, KC.

Liz wrote:

oooh the shoes and bag are awesome!!!!!!! going to order that same wedges for a chrissy present for myself hehe ;)

Arantxa Chavarria wrote:

im in love with your shorts!!!! love the bag and the way the whole outfit looks together...


moded'amour wrote:

love the shorts and shoes!!!

Loca por tu Ropa wrote:

Love that bag!!


Veren Lee wrote:

super gorgeous!!
love your bag and wedges very much :)

Katherine wrote:

Love the shorts!

Anonymous wrote:

Love the bag!

Good luck with the project! :)

- Laura

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

lovely bag!


maphi bayolo wrote:

this is such a stunning combination it all works so perfectly together :)


Missariadne wrote:

Great style!
Lovely bag!

Alexandra wrote:

Love this outfit, especially the shorts and belt combo with the bag! Beautiful as always love.

Alexandra xo


Sarah wrote:

Love the wedges! I was eyeing the lace ones at LF the other day

Allegra wrote:

wow! this is amazing!! i'm following you, hope you follow me back :)

The Girl With a Feather wrote:

Your shorts are out of this world, I love them and they got perfectly with your outfit. Good luck with everything!


beautiful pictures ;)


Giselle wrote:

Girl.. you're sooooooo pretty!
Really, I love your style
hugs from Spain!

Unknown wrote:

I love your style, it's fantastic.
I don't speak very well english, sorry... jajaja!



Mode Junkie wrote:

you are so gorgeous babe! but you probably hear that often, no? anyway, great shorts!! i´d die to have those legs!

xoxo Mode Junkie ♥

Thekla wrote:

very nice style!! i followed you if you want check mine out and follow me i would appreciate it:) http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/

Damsels wrote:

your pcitures are always fabulous i love these especially . icant wait to see all your other eperimentations.

Serena P. wrote:

Ei darling thank for your comment!!! I am so happy to' reed you!

this free bird wrote:

Gah! Absolutely in love with those shorts!!

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Emy wrote:

Oh my I just found you through Chictopia and am I glad I did. Your style is amazing!! Got yourself another follower, can´t wait to see your future posts.



Ag wrote:

Love it!

MELISSA Z. wrote:

love every single piece you wear, especially that cool bag! wow! <3


Irina wrote:

you look super chic in this outfit!

lydia lee wrote:

the whole look is so so amazing!

bag and shorts are awesome!


Unknown wrote:

leather shorts are heaven-sent :0


Style Stars wrote:

these pictures are amazing. i love your outfit.



Thekla wrote:

your bag is so niceeee<3

http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ i think you will like it if you are a leopard print lover !!

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