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October 5, 2010

Topshop suede biker, 'Walk'n'Roll top' c/o Modcloth, Sam Edelman boots, Country Road bag

So glad to be back into blogging again... just handed in a monster essay for my Philosophy of Logic paper yesterday so free time is back on my hands! Weather's finally getting into the swing of summer too (yes even though I'm aware that's technically a couple months away), so all in all, looks like it's gonna be a good week!

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Not a Paper Cup wrote:

So jealous of the sunshine!!! :)

Mangotatoes wrote:

omg I LOVE your bag! can I ask what CR is?


Rachella - wrote:

You look great! Lovely outfit. xoxo

Nanna wrote:

lovely outfit! :)

Ray wrote:

love ur outfit!so ccasual chic:)))

Elaine Valerie, wrote:

Amazing legs! and pretty shoes!!!

Elaine Valerie

I V Y wrote:

shorts look amazing on you! love the wedge booties too!

Unknown wrote:

That jacket is so gorgeous!

michelle_ wrote:

the shorts look really great on your long lean legs marcella !
and that bag is from country road ?! i was just about to comment that it was a PS1 !! looks sooo similar !

Serena P. wrote:

You are fantastic! SO wonderfull!

Unknown wrote:

love love love your jacket!!!


Sebastian wrote:

Nice outfit..
I really like the jacket...
fits perfect to your style I think :)

New pictures in the blog:


Jackie wrote:

oohhh, lovin' this jacket on you! xoxo; ♥Jackie

FashionableAsians wrote:

I wish I looked that leggy in short shorts! Awesome biker jacket!

Lexie V. wrote:

Gorgeeeeeeeeeeous jacket!! I'm in love <3

MELISSA Z. wrote:

hot shorts and awesome wedges! Cool as always dear! <3

Unknown wrote:

loving your photos, great look and these booties are totally gorge


MarĂ­a Rubio wrote:

wow! this outfit is amazing!


I love your suede jacket!

fashionismyh2o wrote:

You look absolutely amazing! I love denim cut offs SO much and you style/wear yours so well x

jettamie wrote:


Debora wrote:

gorgeous outfit as always dear :)
I love every single outfit of you, you're great !

love your blog

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In Kinsey's Closet wrote:

I'm loving the outfit from the knees up! Great blazer, love the casual shirt! Glad you're back!

Amalina wrote:

I seriously love everything you're wearing...not only in this outfit but in the other posts too. Everything is perfect, you have amazing style! Love those shoes...mine are arriving this Friday -- I really can't wait!

Fashion Lover wrote:

you look so cute.. but i don't like so much the boots

Marilia Roquini wrote:

great outfit!!!


Karoline wrote:

I love everything suede, and I love biker jackets, got a suede one myself;)
Really nice outfit!

Damsels wrote:

i bet your essay turned out great! that jacket is so pretty! it looks so soft

Kasia wrote:

You look great!! Here(Europe) unfortunally it's the time for warm clothes...


Angelica wrote:

love so much that jacket!

Laura wrote:

Stunning outfit babe!
Rainy over here, so jealousy all the way ;)
Greets from Belgium,

Unknown wrote:

Simply Chic! Adore the whole outfit:D

Clau ♥ wrote:

I love your outfit

Sally wrote:

Killer shoes!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders wrote:

Short and sweet - very short shorts and booties.

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

God I wish I had days free - the sunny days down in Wellington appear to have disappeared (typical) before I even got a chance to full appreciate them (thank you day job.. not!).

Loving the simple casual style - hoping to pull this off during weekends this summer x

Ansley wrote:

So pretty!
love the outfit.
& i bet it feels great to have that paper out of the way!

Nadine2point0 wrote:

You have a great blog here - and a REALLY great suede jacket!! :)

Unknown wrote:

Love, love, love your style!!! I'm a follower of your, now!


Jennifer S. wrote:

cute outfit....


RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Gorgeous!!!!! I love this outfit and the jacket is HOT! Who are the shorts by?

Carolina wrote:

awesome look! love it

sarah wrote:


i reblogged some of your lookbook photos today & found your blog - you are just stunning.

sarah x

Unknown wrote:

Beautiful pictures and a nice post. I like it. I am impressed. Keep it up.

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