roadside nostalgia

September 9, 2010

F21 top, Glassons slip, vintage belt, Country Road bag, Sam Edelman boots

I can't get away from khaki/olive coloured things at the moment, I seem to have acquired a lot of them in a very short period of time. And I just bought a military wool coat in khaki too! Yikes.

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Anthea wrote:

You look gorgeous! I am in love with your belt.

Embracing Style

Ray wrote:

Amazing outfit!Love everything:)))

Alexander L wrote:

this boots are perfect!

Anonymous wrote:

That top looks amazing on you! Very nice :)

Xx Annemieke

Jewelry by Annemieke

TheStreetFashion5xpro wrote:

What a great style! Gorgeous pics!

Liz wrote:

sexy boots :D

Marloes | The Style Sandwich wrote:

you look amazing girl!

Judyta Moćko wrote:

You look awesome! I love the outfit, especially boots+socks combination!

Tima wrote:

You look amazing!!

Emilie wrote:

Amazing outfit!

Inspiration exists wrote:

Great combination, especially the socks in boots.

Unknown wrote:

Fabulous look!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders wrote:

Great shoes! I know, khaki and olive are addictive!

becka wrote:

love the colors!


I love the colors and of course the knee highs! Great look Marcella. x

Karoline wrote:

Gurl, I love your sense of style!
Great pulled togheter.
By the way follow trough with me to my new blog

La wrote:

I love your sunglasses and the outfit is so cool!
big kisses!(:

Alexandra wrote:

Another amazing outfit, I love love love those boots and how you paired them with the knee-highs. Also loving the belted shirt! You look beautiful, but you always do, so no surprises there!

Love Alexandra

Jerrica wrote:

I know what you mean! Those are all the colors I am gravitating towards at the moment :-)

Sarah wrote:

Khaki! Perfect fall colour!

Rachella - wrote:

You look gorgeous! Great pictures again, girl. :)

Laura wrote:

Love your look!

agata wrote:

you look so great! love it.
amazing shots.
and thanks for commenting my blog :)


Cindy Van Dyck wrote:


Maeko wrote:

Everything about this outfit is sheer perfection.

The boots especially. The floral lace details of your knee socks is a nice texture clash against the quilting of th Edelman's. I've been lusting after the boots for ages, but realize, I have nowhere to wear them if I did ever splurge for them.

You look so ravishing. I'm sick with envy.

Mae Lu, thereafterish.

Amy wrote:

You make the Country Road bag look like a trendy designer bag.

I want now too.

Great photos.

Unknown wrote:

I have those socks as well! I was finding them difficult to style but after seeing your outfit I now know how to!!! So Chic as always!

Tarina Heart wrote:

Go to my blog to win a bag!

maphi bayolo wrote:

shoes = shoe heaven :D

Damsels wrote:

i agree olive is HAWT!

Oracle Fox wrote:

Love this outfit, especially the sam edelman's!


Unknown wrote:

If you love her style like I do become a follower:


sib wrote:

love this pics the outfit is soooo gorgeous!

xoxo claudia

Kirsten wrote:

I loooove your socks :)!

Black Widow wrote:

Great outfit!

Mademoiselle-marie wrote:

very nice pics !!!

MELISSA Z. wrote:

love the semplicity of this look with all those cool accessories, especially the wedges! wow!

Nádia wrote:

Loving everything about your look!!! Especially your socks!!! They're like PERFECT!!!

amber and hilary wrote:

Gorgeous as always x

k wrote:

your shoes....pure perfection!!!!

olive is so in and my fav color!!

Unknown wrote:

you're stunning. <3

Prad Savania wrote:

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Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

I really like the way that your blouse drapes!

You really suit khaki though - I've been acquiring a lot of nude/pale pink type things.. I feel like I am reverting back to what I might've liked as a child... lol

Jeje wrote:

You rock every outfit you wear! That's something I wish I can do. Hehe!

Ambypure wrote:

Beautiful outfit!

Clement wrote:


Weronika wrote:

I'm a big fan of your style.
You are amazing!

Unknown wrote:

this is another great look you got there girl, loving the knee high socks and these boots are to die for



RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Love this outfit :D

Lela London wrote:

How in the world in your hair so lovely?!


MizzJ wrote:

I love how simple this outfit looks put together! It looks like something a person would actually wear, and not just an outfit styled for photos.

Angelica wrote:

amazing look! and amazing pics too!

please visit my blog!

Gina wrote:

hi, just discovered you blog, love it :)

Unknown wrote:

love the elegant can be wear in some formal occasion such as wedding or baptismal..
the shoes complete the outfit...


I want that bag !!! i have the same boots ;)
really love your style !!!
ciao bella !

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard wrote:

I love your style! You look gorgeous!

check out our fashion illustrations at :)

Bella HaHay wrote:

Love the entire look!

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