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September 2, 2010

'Cold shoulder' shirt c/o Schwing Schwing, F21 skirt, Topshop backpack & wedges

Love these wedges so much but they are a real pain to keep on, the ties keep working themselves loose and I hate the look of a double knot, has anyone else who owns these come up with a solution?

And a big hello to all my latest followers! x

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Marloes | The Style Sandwich wrote:

I absolutely love this outfit! Your shoes are to die for and your skirt is amazing!

AlevA wrote:

amazing those wedges but i think you have to bear up aganst the pain...
Who wants to be beautiful must suffer- a german saying :)

Henriette wrote:

As Alli said.
Wonderful outfit. The skirt is soo coolicious.

Not a Paper Cup wrote:

Still in love with those shoes!...I love it how you pull off all the natural tones....:)

lauriestreet wrote:

Beautiful outfits!

Kim wrote:

Love the belt! Where is it from? Gorgeous outfit :)

Unknown wrote:

i love that skirt, it is amazing and the top shop shoe are so cute. fab photos



iva wrote:

from head till toe everything is just marvellous!

Unknown wrote:

Such a beautiful outfit, the skirt and wedges are stunning.

Esra wrote:

WOW! Your blog is amazing! I love all of your outfits! Your style is stunning!

Greetings from Germany

Couture wrote:

Your skirt is so amazing!

TheStreetFashion5xpro wrote:

What a great style! I like it...
Photo so cool!

Tima wrote:

I live for those shoes!!!

Weronika wrote:

You look really beautiful.
Great outfit!

Unknown wrote:

Amazing blog and love the outfit. I linked you to my blog by the way :)


Beautiful outfit! I love the shirt paired with that skirt. x

Unknown wrote:

Stunning skirt!

ea wrote:

your shoes are amazing

Helen wrote:

absolutely adoring that skirt and those wedges marcella! and the photos are fantastic as per usual!!

xx from australia

helen x

Kirsten wrote:

Ooooh I loooove this outfit! It's so fantastic!

Sarah wrote:

wow every single piece you're wearing look soo luxe!

becka wrote:

looking good!! as usual :) love the skirt

Anonymous wrote:

I really must get those wedges... right now. But I'm not sure should I order them if it's pain to walk with them...:(

Rachella - wrote:

i'm always glad if you have a new post! :) great shoes and skirt! and the hat looks gorgeous on you. xoxo

Ray wrote:

Cute outfit:)))

Anonymous wrote:

I love your skirt. It is so intricate. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

Anto Larre wrote:

Sexy, beatiful outfit!!!
I love the skirt
You look absolutely fantastic!!
Kisses from Argentina!!

agata wrote:

you look so chic and fab! LOVE IT. your shoes are to die for.


Kristiana Vasarina wrote:

i'd kill for those wedges..

Kookie B. wrote:

this is super, super chic babe!!! i love the skirt and the drape!!!!


Evelyn Halim wrote:

YOu look stunning!
I love your skirt and shoes.


kim wrote:

gorgeous look, that skirt is perfection!

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

Plum for Polly wrote:

those shoes are to die for...i didn't notice the double knot but ha ha i hate weird little annoying things like that! i stared at them for a while and couldn't come up with any genius solutions...double knot might be your only option. o well they look fabulous :)

Sandy Label wrote:

you look great!
+i really love your wedges!

Anonymous wrote:

Those wedges look so cool!
but I always tought they would have some troubles like that :P


Freja Wewer wrote:

I relly like your blog! Please take a look at mine (:
- Hope you want to follow me back!


Fiona wrote:

I love your shoes and your legs are so long and slim. I'm very jealous.

Daisy wrote:

Wow you always look so amazing! In love with your outfit. I really like that skirt, I dont know if it'll look as great on me though. lol


Alexandra wrote:

Such a hot fall outfit, I love that it's neutral but that the proportions are so interesting! Those shoes are amazing as well. Looking lovely as always Marcella!

Love Alexandra

Anonymous wrote:

i love this outfit from head to toe!!!!

Sally wrote:

This look is amazing, perfect for fall!

Sally (Suz) wrote:

love skirt and shoes!

Unknown wrote:

This is a Gorgeous outfit! And I absolutely LOVE your pictures:) You are inspiring!

Nádia wrote:

What a stunning look!!! Love the skirt and the wedges! Sorry to hear they're trouble, they look PERFECT! ;)

Rebecca Maureen wrote:

i love this

Dress Code: High Fashion wrote:

The skirt and the shoes are to-die-for! The entire outfit is absolutly contemporary & perfect.

I love your blog & your style - would you like to exchange links?

Best, Jenny

Dee wrote:

love the flowing shirt...and the belt...and the shoes even though they annoy you haha ( i have a pair like that and they shit me so much!)


Just showing the love

Dee xx

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

Hey lovely - is the belt part of the skirt or...? I love it though - would definately wear this!

And yes, I too am lusting after those chanel nailpolishes, though at $60NZ (they're much cheaper buying them duty free) I think I'll prob only get one, the rose :) Are you planning on getting any?

La wrote:

so cool shoes :)
you're in "our daily readings"!
a big hug from

Anonymous wrote:

Ahhh, gorgeous!


Céline wrote:

You look amazing.. Love this outfit!

MELISSA Z. wrote:

this skirt is wonderful! cool packpack too! You never fail dear, never! congrats! <3

bloo90fashion wrote:

you look stunnng ;-)
i love your wedges!


Debbie Kok wrote:

Amazing outfit, as per usual! :)
Haha, yeah i have the very same shoes and they are a pain sometimes. What I do is I just tie a single knot then loop the leftover fabric ends around the strap. Love your blog! xxx

The Fashion Cloud wrote:

perfect outfit I have actually featured it in my latest trend post:

Hope you enjoy it!


Amanda Wang wrote:

You look amazing!! There's no reason to not love your blouse, skirt, bag and sunglasses!

Simone wrote:

u looks so amazing! love your skirt and all outfit

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders wrote:

Love your skirt and the shoes!

Amalina wrote:

A pity the ties keep coming loose, the wedges are gorgeous -- you're workin' them!

Anonymous wrote:

Love the wedges!!!

- Laura

Jennifer S. wrote:

just found your blog today and its lovely!!!! Now a follower..


StyleNonsense wrote:

Ow, Your Shoes Are Baaaad.

MiracleBox wrote:

Wow.. thats the only thing I can say about this amazing fabulous outfit! <3

Rule of Fashion wrote:

you look awesome

checkout my shoppingblog

Jessy wrote:

Love your bag : )

Hayley wrote:

Love those shoes, I can't think of any genius solutions to your problem with the laces! If I think of one I'll let you know. You could possibly stitch a couple of loose stitches to hold the bow in place and then cut it loose when you want to take them off? But that might be time consuming.
Great outfit, I love the shirt :)


RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Oh I just noticed, I tie mine differently, I tie a small bow on the outside of the ankle instead of on the inside like yours. I don't think just one cross over will hold in place on anything as the ribbon is quite slippery, here's a photo of mine :)

Oh and I LOVE the outfit :D

Chelsey Lotte wrote:

perfectly :)

MlleTrenDy wrote:

OMG Love the skirt and the shoes !
You really have AMAZING style, such an inspiration !

This chick's got style wrote:

Gorgeous outfit :)

agnes wrote:

tu est superbe, et j'aime tout, ta jupe, tes chaussures.
Superbes photos

NATALIA. wrote:

Your skirt is to die for! I love love love it :)

Kaitlyn McCall Pieri wrote:

L0VEEE L0VE L0VE this outfit. Perfect skirt and Topshop wedges! Great look!

Check out my blog!


Maeko wrote:

I wanted to go out and buy this skirt ASAP from Forever 21, which spurned a whole Forever 21 buying spree.

This looks wonderful. I think it's important to balance things out, which you've done so expertly. The loose shirt with the draped skirt... brilliant.

Mae Lu, thereafterish.

dekker05 wrote:

here is a model that I find terribly offset exciting to watch, the outfit that you wear gives them incredible strength erotic, hard to resist for long the sight of such pumps;

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