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August 9, 2010

F21 tank, Glassons fur vest, thrifted bag, Black Milk lace flares, Steve Madden heels

Admittedly these lace flares are a tad chilly for winter wear but come summer, they'll become be a staple. Can't wait for the warmer weather to hit, as usual I've acquired a lot of clothing for the opposite season to this one, so they've yet to venture out of the closet into the light of day. So v frustrating.

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Love how you paired the fur with the lace flares. I love those pants!

agnes wrote:

magnifique, et ton look est sublime, j'aime beaucoup ton pantalon en dentelles noires

I V Y wrote:

my gosh! i see Erin Wasson in your legs :D
love this.

Unknown wrote:

oh wow! you look F A B in these lace flares!!!!!!!!!!
xoxo from rome

Elizabeth Daisy. wrote:

My darling, you are beautiful and your style daring ♥

*following your blog flower*

Eda ♥

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

You rock those lace pants - gorgeous! x

Ray wrote:

Love these pants! And great shots:))
Visit me sometime

Cylia wrote:

Hey girl!:)

I love you outfits and high quality photos! I was wondering how you do the editing of the photos? And how do you make your pictures so that you can see yourself in a photo really well? and the backround really blurry?

Keep up the good work!:)



Unknown wrote:

that fur top is awesome!!


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Karoline wrote:


Yanes Alicante wrote:

Marcela, wonderful pics. I love your style today.

Briana wrote:

As always, great style... those pants are just perfection!

Roya wrote:

Love the fur vest and the lace bell bottoms - so boho/70's, lol.

Where did you get that simple gunmetal ring from though? I love it =)

Rachella - wrote:

Like the fur.

Yasmeen wrote:

I can't imagine wearing something like that, your personal style is really intriguing. I always have to do a double-take.


Amalina wrote:

I need those lace flares in my life, have been looking for a pair but to no avail. I'm thinking of doing a DIY, worst comes to worst


Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Wow stunning look! Your pants are perfect girl!

becka wrote:

omg beautiful! the pants are awesome

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

I love this Marcella! I wouldn't think these pieces would match together but they really do, you look great :D

Jonathon Pedrozo wrote:



Fabiola wrote:

Those pants are insane!!! Love your style sweetie :)

Unknown wrote:

I've been waiting for a kiwi to rock lace flares....excellent job, excellent outfit, excellent photos! Fave post to date!



Kaytee wrote:

I love the outfit, the fur vest is really cool and the lace tights are amazing. :)

Unknown wrote:

ooo! Love this! You look gorgeous.

Beth wrote:

You rock those black lace flares like nobody's business.

free spirit fashion wrote:

This look is covered up, yet so sexy! Now I must get a pair of those lacy flares! =]

Julia wrote:

Amazing blog! :-) wrote:

Love the way these pics came out.

devilishlypleasurable wrote:

lace, fur & braids-- gorgeous combi

Ale.Sanmed wrote:

Awesome! your look is perfect!

Debora wrote:

OMG I falled in love with this look ! So gorgeous, you're great !


Zhcsyra hp wrote:

je aime :))

The Red Sole Heels wrote:

love your outfit! fabulous outfit! love love..

Unknown wrote:

i love that fur west, looks fab, and the lace pants, omg, i'm addicted



Mesh wrote:

your lace pants are awesome

Arushi Khosla wrote:

WOW, gorgeous! Love the pants and fur! Following!

Arushi Khosla wrote:

Btw, what camera do you use and where do you edit your pictures?

Emilie wrote:


dancinginchiffon wrote:

awesome pics!

ching wrote:

you look awesome in every shot!

Lara wrote:

Sooo chic! You look always incredibly stylish and pretty, dear.

The vest is great!!


brunatreme wrote:

Amazig outfit!
Love the lace pants s2
You look very pretty.


Anna.Who wrote:

Oh what gorgeous lace flares I am so crazy about them!

Unknown wrote:

Gorgeous outfit and love your hair!!

Tash wrote:


Amazing blog you have here. The photography is incredible. I'm surprised I haven't come across it before seeing as you're also a New Zealander.

Drop by if you get the chance,

Melissa~ wrote:

amazing pants!!!
Love the vibe of the outfit.

Vera wrote:

looking fabulous as per usual :) i wouldn't be able to pull off those lace flares.. but you are rockin them, girl!

Sonsira wrote:

First time on your blog - and already in love with ur style!!! Super! Keep up with it)))

beneath the glass wrote:

You look stunning! very chic and sexy! I'm so jealous of you hair :)

ps. I'm wearing the heck out of those wedges! :)

Špela wrote:

like your blog! nice outfit!

come by

Hannah wrote:

oh how i love those lace flairs!!

Unknown wrote:

Obsessed with fur vests! Got this one fr Leyendecker They're so warm and toasty!!!!


Unknown wrote:

such an original lace pants

it make your legs look beautiful !

Love your blog

Feel Free to stop by mine

stylestalker wrote:

love your outfit! xx

mélia wrote:

le pentalon en dentelle super beau

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