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August 13, 2010

This has been a long requested post, so here it is finally - a selection of my favourite shoes :) The pictures are a bit out of date though actually, the collection has grown a wee bit since then haha!

Don't get me wrong from this, I am definitely not rich (oh I wish!) I just choose to spend all my money on shoes and buy cheaper clothes as a trade off. My philosophy is that a good shoe will always fit if you just buy the right size. For clothes, I find that that's rarely the case, (IMO) most designer/high-end labels seem to make things with the proportions of 6 foot models in mind, tops & pants are always cut way too long even though I buy the right size. I always find it so depressing when I try things on that, even though they fit in terms of shoulders and waist, still looks ill-fitting overall because of the length. Since I never have this problem with shoes, they win hands down over clothes for me anyday!

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I can't resist a good shoe collection photo Marcella! haha


excSHOESme wrote:

suweet :)
can i borrow this for my blog? :)


Elrica*** wrote:

amazing. I wish I had the money.

Anonymous wrote:

OMG YOUR SHOE COLLECTION! I'm still slowly trying to have mine.

xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

Thanks for sharing some of your fave shoes - it looks like you've amassed quite the collection.
Shoes are always something I look for - I think sometimes they make the outfit, always a reason to buy more right? lol x


mara wrote:




dred wrote:

every pair in the collection is just to die for! love all of them!


dred wrote:

every pair in the collection is just to die for! love all of them!


amber and hilary wrote:

wow! I am so jealous!! x

Unknown wrote:

Such a fabulous shoe collection! Love your boots!

Vera wrote:

omggggg, LOVE.

so envious right now!

inkarlcerating wrote:

beautiful babies!!

Hanna wrote:

Oh my gosh!! I want them... ALL!!! ;)

Jade wrote:

I'm sooo jealous!:)

Ray wrote:

Lovely collection of shoes! And totally agree about buying cheaper clothes. I buy cheap shoes,too but only if they are really great:))

Ashley Morgan wrote:

this is so great!
I commend you on your dedication to a wonderful and beautiful shoe collection.
and I totally agree with you on the clothing issue.
being 5'3'' myself it can be SO HARD to find appropriate sizes.

Lucy wrote:

aww.. great collection!!

Unknown wrote:

Agreed! But you know this already.... I'm a shoe collector.

danoh131 wrote:

I know exactly how you feel! *sigh*

Unknown wrote:

these are all fabulous



Esther wrote:

gosh. crazy crazy shoe collection!! <3 i think i love the first & last row best :D

Rachella - flourishingfit.com wrote:

Beautiful collection! I think you're right about the: spend all your money on shoes - thing. It's true that a good shoe will always fit if you buy the right size. :) I prefer buying expensive shoes above buying expensive clothes too.
Great blog. I'm a follower and i like all of your posts!


I V Y wrote:

fuck yeah shoes! i'm in love.

MiracleBox wrote:

Wow.. love your shoe collection! I even recognize some. Those Topshopwedges are really popular with bloggers aren't they? Wish I bought them when I was in England!


Yanes Alicante wrote:

So good colection Marcela. Sorry... I follow you now. Kisses from Spain.


Unknown wrote:

Such a great collection!!!

MELISSA Z. wrote:

OMG! You've an awesome shoes' collection! So jealous! <3


Anne wrote:



Karoline wrote:

Oh my God, how many amazing shoes!!

wantataste wrote:

ohh i'm jealous...
I love your shoes <3

Anonymous wrote:

I could steal from you some of them :D
I guess you're right. It's easier get shoes than clothes

- Laura

Anonymous wrote:

I wanna see the others! :)

Anonymous wrote:

Gorgeous shoe collection, feeling a bit jealous here! I love all of them :)

Riikka wrote:

wow, great collection!

Linh wrote:

Very Nice.

Nati wrote:

great shoes :-D



Not a Paper Cup wrote:

sigh..so jealous of your shoe collection. :)

Unknown wrote:

my jaw has dropped and i am drooling! ah may i please get 2 pairs of each please!? oh pretty pretty please!!


p.s. - great taste in shoes dvrling

teresweetstyle wrote:

wowwwwww!! great colection of shoes!! amazing, if i were you i will be very happy with it! hehe

is the first time i visit your blog but i will be back very soon!

kisses from spain!


Mae Manahan wrote:

drooling! I want to steal some of your pairs! they are extremely pretty!

Anonymous wrote:

What a nice collection, I love your shoes

Liisu wrote:

I think I just died and went to shoe heaven. Oh my,all of them are so gorgeous. I envy your amazing shoe collection.

carina wrote:

wow ur shoe collection are cool !!!



Joanna Ladrido wrote:

i love your shoe collection!


Unknown wrote:

oh my goodness! i just fell in love.

Nádia wrote:

I'm so green with envy!!!


mickey Vin wrote:

Shoes for days!!!!


Plami wrote:

I envy you! Gorgeous collection!



RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Amazing collection Marcella! :D


Jonathon Pedrozo wrote:

lol thats a lot of shoees

follow me @ http://jonathonfashionvictim.blogspot.com

Jessy wrote:

Jealous! Please name them all ;)

MizzJ wrote:

I agree! Plus I've heard that expensive shoes are actually worth it for the quality whereas paying hundreds on a plain cotton tee just seems like a huge scam.

Sassi wrote:

omg, I need every single pair of them. gorgeous collection. would you like to swap. haha

Unknown wrote:

it's an army!!!! :D great pics!
thank you for your sweet comment! don't hesitate to follow me on bloglovin or facebook! :D have a nice weekend!
xoxo from rome

Bruninha wrote:

OMG this is paradise!!!! =)

Anonymous wrote:

wow great shoes!!



Amalina wrote:

WOW. You should take photos of your ENTIRE shoe collection, I'm interested to see how many pairs there are actually

xo www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

Yaary wrote:

ohh this collection is so perfect! i love every shoe..you have an amazing taste :)

pearl wrote:

omgosh i love your shoes!!!! would be awesome if you'd name them?


Anonymous wrote:

Amazing! :)

x Annemieke


Bexs wrote:

love this post! its so great, i always wait for update's from you :) anyone got twitter? follow me: BexsLEGEND. ill follow you back xo


eiphel mercedes wrote:

oh my, envy envy envy, i love the second shoes from the second bar (left-right) (from the top)

btw, what's campulsive means?i didn't find it at the dict :)

Sharnie Hung wrote:

Jealous. Drooling. Still drooling. Love your collection!

Emily wrote:

truly obsessed with each and every pair of these shoes!! PERFECTION.


Kookie B. wrote:

i'm all for shoes as well! *drooling over your shoes...


Femme Virtue wrote:

oh wow! love ur collections of shoes!

Unknown wrote:

Wow you have some beautiful shoes! I love the leopard print boots... lush! <3

Car`s Closet wrote:

Great repatoir of shoes! Love them! :)

Lg Car

Nori wrote:

I will have to agree with you on that. I'm a shoe person too.

Brooke Michie wrote:

AHHHHH, an amazing collection you have!

mélia wrote:

tu as beaucoup de chaussures

Unknown wrote:

Wow i really am jealous !

I wish i had the means to offer me that much shoes !

Most of them are really beautiful !


You all are welcome on



Céline wrote:

Have to admit, I'm a bit jealous!


mélia wrote:

tu as beaucoup de shoes !! même trop de SHOES !

IFB wrote:

Oh my god, Can I have your shoes please!
Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

dekker05 wrote:

see all the models together gave me a hell of excitement

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