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July 2, 2010

'Walk 'n' Roll' top from ModCloth, Glassons coat & shorts, Country Road bag, Jeffrey Campbell wedges

This tacky leopard coat was oddly appealing when I saw it. Found it on half price sale so I figured even if I never wore it out again, it could be turned into a home lounging item without too much of a loss. Might actually take it with me this weekend when I go skiing... if room permits.

I haven't managed to get to bed before at least 2am every night. Think it's starting to catch up with me, trouble keeping my eyes open right now.

Eta: I'm away for the next few days on a ski trip. Will post the winner of the Shopbop giveaway when I get back!

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comments: 59

Unknown wrote:

love this outfit!!!
you look awsome!!! and your legs are sooooo long (envy) :P

xoxo from rome

Anonymous wrote:

i love the leopard coat, it looks really cute on you =D. Not tacky at all i dont think =). XX

Ketel-One wrote:

you are amazing ! <3

m. wrote:

love the shorts

Faith J. wrote:

Awesome outfit! The shoes really make it.

Anonymous wrote:

You look gorgeous, I love the jacket :)

Blog da Helô wrote:



Unknown wrote:



I am in love with the shorts! You look so beautiful in all your outfits Marcella. Get some sleep =) x

Unknown wrote:

lovely - the shorts, sheer tights, shoes, and top! love it!


Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Wow girl! You always look so perfect!

vicky h. wrote:

ok, DEFINITELY the absolut best pair of shorts I have ever seen!!! soo in love with them, I wish I had heard of Glassons before!! Just looked up their website and it seems like there's no way for me to shop their stuff :(

you look BOMB!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

stilettolover91 wrote:

You look incredible!! I love that coat!

Abi wrote:

Lovely outfit. Awesome jacket! off to see if Glassons has a website ;)

Sanam wrote:

Good thing you did get that jacket in the end though right? its fabulous! and really adds a fun,yet very modern and stylish edge to your ensemble.The cheetah print is also going to be one of the hottest trends of this Autumn/Winter season,seeing as soooooo many high-end designers are doing it for their A/W collections,so looks like you'll be bang on trend with no difficulties for the upcoming cold seasons lol :D.Ox


Bub wrote:

Absolutely love the leopard jacket!! Great find!You look gorgeous dear yet again!

Monique from The Better Martha wrote:

As fabulous as the outfit is, I think the greatest piece of the ensemble is the Sasha Fierce-esque attitude you are rocking.

Monica Wu wrote:

totally perfect <3

Day wrote:

Love your look!


Vera wrote:

those shoes are love :)

Helen wrote:

dont worry hun it doesnt look tacky on you ;) look fantastic

helen x

Alexandra wrote:

The shorts and jacket are awesome, so rock n roll!

Kookie B. wrote:

Marcella, you look mightily fierce here!!! you styled that animal print jacket well.

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Marcella you look gorgeous as usual! I love the Jeffrey Campbell wedges SO much, they are so cute!!!!

Marika wrote:

you make me swallow my tongue and just starring at you!!

and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

ari wrote:

love the shoes, I am waiting for the same style but in leopard to arrive at my doorstep! i hope they are comfy ;)

Kerry wrote:

I have been looking for a 'tacky' leopard print jacket, so lucky that one looks nice on you & for sale too bonus. ^-^

kim wrote:

jc wedges are hot!

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

dred wrote:

love the photos! and cute jacket. xx

Ale.Sanmed wrote:

great outfit!
very nice:)

Wardrobe Warrioress wrote:

I love love that big chunky ring. It's so pretty!

Mariel wrote:

The first word that came to mind when I saw your outfit was "saucayy". Not sure if I should be repeating it, but I love how you're rocking everything ;)

Revital wrote:

simply perfect as always!!

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

You look so sweet! Must be freezing up in Auckland right? Or perhaps it's just where I live!

iva wrote:

really really nice! love shorts!

MELISSA Z. wrote:

Your pics are always so professional and your look always over the top! wow! <3<3<3

Mom Fashion World wrote:

Marcella always looking so HOT!
Darling, can I borrow that jacket just for
a night? :-)

Yanes Alicante wrote:

Wonderful outfit Marcella. So sexy. Magnifique.

Beth wrote:

Leopard is trashy in a beautiful sort of way. I can never resist it, and it just adds so much spunk to an outfit.

Love this entire look. Those shorts are amazing.

Anonymous wrote:

Love the look!!

I hope you can catch up all your sleep :)

- Laura

Unknown wrote:

these photos are gorgeous, loved the leopard jacket and the black shorts are super cute


Nádia wrote:

Loved what you did with that coat! Great style!

styledigger wrote:

I love your wedges!

jasmen wrote:

foxy look! :)

Yaary wrote:

ohh im loving this outfit.. those shorts looks so good on you! :)

Shamini wrote:

lovely leopard coat!

have fun skiing!



Chic Lace wrote:

love the leopard coat!!

rhiannon.eden.victoria wrote:

Love your jacket sooo much!
You look AMAZING!

Carissa wrote:

FIERCE! awesome!

Catherine wrote:

gorgeous!!! love it


Emily wrote:

lusting, wanting, needing EVERY SINGLE PIECE. first time to your blog and absolutely loving it!! (adding you to my blog roll)

Eli wrote:

so cute! love your outfit

Festy wrote:

I love your outfit!!!


Chiara wrote:

Could I have your coat, please?!!!


lauren wrote:

fabulous. very sexy. i love the "tacky" leopard coat.
don't feed the models. part 2.

TINA wrote:

Love the photography and the rocknroll feel of your outfit! And the jacket is usually something I would dislike, but I find it oddly appealing just like you did :)


The Red Sole Heels wrote:

you are so stylish and so does your blog.. i love it.. i've linked your blog :) and please link me back if you don't mind.. thanks have a nice day

Kelly wrote:

Great look, I love those shorts!

<3 Kelly

Damsels wrote:

why are the commetns disabled ?? i hope you dont decide to turn them oof .. i was going totell you you were meant to wear those pixie boots.. you look spectacular in them

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