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July 1, 2010

Just some random things seen around my room:

#1 - My nail colour palette. I pretty much only ever use block pastels these days.
#2 - Ring collection. I've come a long way from the days of pretty diamante sparklers... now I sorta like my rings sharper and uglier. I'm still hunting for the perfect turquoise cocktail ring right now.
#3 - About 2% of all the shoes I have. These ones are all happen to be Topshop.

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Anthea wrote:

Those cork wedges are fantastic!


Unknown wrote:

love this pics!!! the shoes, nail polish and jewelry collections are fab!

xoxo from rome

Revital wrote:

gorgeous photos!!! you are so talented!!

marloesvanstraaten wrote:

perfect, perfect, perfect <3

"As pretty as"

FashionJazz wrote:

oooh love all your shoes babe! Hope you are well! xxx

Unknown wrote:


Riikka wrote:

ooh, i love your shoes!

Anonymous wrote:

Beautiful rings!!!

Nati wrote:

great pictures :-)
the nailpolishes are pretty, even if i dont like pastels so much, but these ones are kinda cute

Cupcakes are fashion ! wrote:

All of this stuff is so cool !


Alina wrote:

oh i love your shoes!the clogs are the best;)

greetings from germany

Shamini wrote:

i guess on that level, we are same!

i just LOVE nail varnish (just bought 5 new pastel color yesterday!), rings (oh my god, i can't live without them - i change rings 3 times a day!!), and shoes (i guess am well over the 100 pairs and the boy is not always happy about it! ^ ^)
Told you we are quite similar!


Helen wrote:

gotta admire that shoe collection of yours darl!

helen x

SSU by Jiya wrote:

I love your wedges... and I wanna own such rings...

SSU by Jiya wrote:

I love your wedges... and I wanna own such rings...

clouds of tulle wrote:

omg. i want those clogs so bad.

Yasmeen wrote:

I love the white ring in the back. What kind of stone is that?

The archaeologist wedges on the left also get a thumbs up from me.

Cute style


Alexandra wrote:

Love all of it...I'm lusting after and wearing a lot of the same things this season!

Anonymous wrote:

I'd be happy with only those 4 pairs of shoes :)
I love the rings too.
For nail polish I prefer natural looking colors.

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

I love how we have the same Prima clogs :) Are yours uncomfy too? I find I can't wear mine for long as they hurt! I've also tried to get those Wisteria wedges in black for ages but they are out of stock everywhere :( I'm so sad!!

Ale.Sanmed wrote:

wow great photos!
your shoes and rings are amazing!

Jessy wrote:

Love the ring and shoe collections!!

Anonymous wrote:

Love all the goodies!

Kelly wrote:

Lovely photos!! I love those wedges!!

<3 Kelly

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