Shopbop x Alexander Wang Giveaway!

June 24, 2010

Super excited to bring you guys this amazing giveaway in collaboration with!

Want to win a $100 Shopbop gift card?

If you're an Alexander Wang fan you do!

Because among heaps of other designer labels, Shopbop is a great source for Alexander Wang online. They have a huge range of clothing, accessories and shoes to choose from, including the highly coveted Donna Hobo. So if you win this giveaway, it will be like getting a private Alexander Wang sale!

How to Enter

- First become a follower of Fashion Distraction on both Bloglovin AND Blogger (through Google Connect on the sidebar)
- Check out the Alexander Wang selection at Shopbop, then:

Just comment on this post to share which Alexander Wang item from Shopbop is your favorite and why to enter for a chance to win the $100 Shopbop gift card. That's all it takes!

The winner will be randomly chosen from the comments. And yes, this contest is open to international readers too - Shopbop offers free international shipping worldwide! Giveaway ends July 3rd, 2010.

Good luck everyone!

*Remember only followers will be eligible to enter :)*
New comments are not allowed.

comments: 99

Mom Fashion World wrote:

I am already a follower of yours!
Pick me, pick me, darling!

Mom Fashion World wrote:

My favorite is sequin goddess dress!
I love it so much!
I hope I win this time!

diptea wrote:

The cowl back cardigan is so cool! So want! Because I love Wang and that cardigan loves me !! Oh yeah and I have been following you for centuries now because you are awesome and an inpiration and you have the best give-aways.


ahoymichelle wrote:

I am a follower via Google Connect (Michelle Huynh) and on Bloglovin' (Michelle-Esque).

I absolutely love the Alexander Wang Twist Collar Fitted Vest.

Thank you for the opportunity!
xo, Michelle-esque

Liv wrote:

Hey! I follow you on both! And I've been eyeing that slinky goddess dress for awhile...
Great giveaway!

Alexandra wrote:

What an amazing giveaway! I was already following you on both so this will be easy...

My most coveted Alexander Wang piece is by far the sequin Goddess dress...I love it!

Thanks again for such a great giveaway!

Love Alexandra

Tinny wrote:

joined both stalking groups :)

alexander wang : Alexander WangCoated Linen Jacket with Silk Blouse Combo @_@... *droool

amazing blog :D keep it up!


ana. 22. UK wrote:

amazing! began following you via blogloving the otherday just added you to google follow also now, such a great choice, all you post updates are full of crazy inspiration, proper love it. if i won an alexander wang voucher, anything would be amazing. whats there to dislike?

TL wrote:

My favorite is the "Brenda Zip Chain Bag" because it has the right amount of edge and I am in love with cross body bags right now! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

My e-mail:

evie wrote:

Wow, wow what a giveaway.
I'd have to pick the Trish Loafer Wedge Mules or the leather corset shorts (can I say two!?).
I've been following you for a while on bloglovin and just now followed you on blogger :-)

I'm a huge fan of shopbop. You just can't beat their international shipping - especially when so many places won't ship internationally at all!

evie x

Sophie wrote:

It's hard to pick just one!! I'd have to say the Ponte Dress with Cross Back though :)

meeyeehere wrote:

I love the khaki corset dress!!! I would die to have that dress!!!!Oh wow!! I follow and all that so please count me in!

Anonymous wrote:

alexander wang is my god in fashion. I love him to death .. so pick me before i droop dead . jk :)

ari wrote:

I love the alexander wang diego bag! in any color :)
it's just the perfect bag to carry around for everyday use, and add the perfect amount of edge to anything you wear, and it pretty much goes with anything, plus right now I am super hooked on the bucket shape style bags.
follow you on both :)

Sarah K. wrote:

Love A.Wang's asymmetrical lingerie tank and cat sunglasses! Love both items for their femininity with an edge.

Treva wrote:

I am a follower of yours on bloglovin and blogger.

this is a fantastic giveaway, especially since i have been pretty much obsessed with the rocco mini duffel for quite some time now!


Ashley wrote:

I absolutely love this oxford shirt with cutouts:

It's sexy yet tomboyish, I diee!

And I already follow you on Google Reader :)

semamay wrote:

ooh! pick my, for I love both you and the Pointe dress with criss cross back!!

yedam wrote:


vio wrote:

Absolutely love the A.Wang Rocco duffel bag! The grainy leather is just SO amazing..and the studs!!
pls pick me!! =)))

Angie | wrote:

i'm a follower on both :) thank you for this wonderful op! who doesn't drool over

i really like the leather corset shorts because it has such a unique cut and i would style it with something feminine (possibly white lacey and loose cropped) on top to contrast.

- angie

Esther wrote:

such an amazing giveaway thankyou :) my favourite is his the relaxed tuxedo blazer because it's the perfect & most comfortable-looking slouchy blazer <3

MizzJ wrote:

I already follow! My fav item is the Rocco! This was super hard to choose btw.

Unknown wrote:

Follower via blogger & bloglovin ;)

I seriously LOVE Mr. Wang! LOVE him! And all his work. I mean I did a post where I paid homage to him via my own DIY Diego bucket bag. It's no where near as brilliant as the original, but the man is amazing!!

It's difficult to decide on just one piece... but the one that I keep thinking about is the chiffon lingerie sweatshirt. I'm currently obsessing over cropped tops paired with high waisted bottoms. It totally fits amongst that theme I have going on as well as it's comfy, but totally chic!


Yin Pang wrote:

I am following you both places :) My favorite piece would probably be the Diego Bucket Bag with golden hardware. It's perfect because it's edgy and has a strap string - I am a fan of practical fashion. I would wear it all of the time. Yesss!

xoxo Pangcakes

Illy wrote:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tereza Š. wrote:

wow, great giveaway!
my fav. is Mesh Long Sleeve Pullover´s amazing!


j3nhow wrote:

Been following u on blogger for a long time now and just added you to my bloglovin as well!

This is truly an amazing giveaway and i heart heart alexander wang. Heard he might do a collaboration with target!

anyway just checked the AW collection on shopbob and my favourite is the asymmetrical cropped pullover!!! It just embodies all the trends i like: crop and oversize knit. Plus i think it's a perfect pullover for all year long. I can picture myself wearing it with some distressed cut off shorts and platform booties!

secretly crossing fingers i win!!!


vicky h. wrote:

this is probably one of the most amazing giveaways I have ever seen!!!

I can't make up my mind if I would get the rocco baby duffel in gray (been wanting it forever) or a pair of his uuuuhh-mazing shoes!! love the devon open toe booties!!

I think shoes and bags are timeless pieces so that would be what I would invest in :)

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

ps. been a follower for a looong time :)

Unknown wrote:

i'm already your follower!!! both bloglovin' and blogger :)))


Unknown wrote:

ok girl! i am still your follower with google and now i follow you with bloglovin too.
my favourite item is: Abbey High Heel Sandals

Nádia wrote:

I can't name a favorite, I love so many things... But maybe the Leather Corset Shorts with Front Tie, since I need some leather shorts in my life.

Why enter the giveaway? Because any help is precious! :)

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

Hi Marcella! You know that I'm a WACKO
so my favourite Alexander Wang piece
has got to be the SM Mistress Leather shorts "Leather Corset Shorts with Front Tie"
I think that it'll fit great with my mistress look and
I'll maybe even let the grandpa that i have tied up in my basement put
it on you know :]. That's how hot it is. yuhhh

LMAO xoxo lots of love

Ardourliene wrote:

Wow. an interesting giveaway.. Following you on both...

There are so many to choose from however the Devon Open Toe Booties just stood out to me, simply because its quite different from what I normally come across and wear. Its always time to try something new...

Anonymous wrote:

my favorite alexander wang item from shopbop would be the rocco mini duffel bag in grey. i am in love with this bag! it is both practical and chic <3

Anna- Helena Saarso wrote:

Double Breasted Jacket with Piping is my favourite, it has cute buttonrows and I love the cut and the color.


michelle_ wrote:

im a follower on google + bloglovin !
my fave item is the rococo mini duffel bag in lavender ! :)

atefe wrote:

i know ,i wont win anything :) my luck is awful

Unknown wrote:

The Alexander WangAsymmetrical Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress is really amazing! The white stripes, the cut out etc! Just wow!

Helen wrote:

hiya marcella!

I absolutely love the diego bucket bag! the shape and style just so reflects my style! just need to have it in my arsenal of bags!!


Nora wrote:

Following you! :)

My favorite is Rocco Mini Duffel! I've been wanting that bag for a while now. It's just so "simple" and cool.

Entering because I'm a poor student and can't really afford to shop much... :/

Faith J. wrote:

I am following you both places now!

My fave A. Wang is the Donna Hobo. Would be perfect for my travels to Europe this summer.

Faith J. wrote:

Oh, forgot to tell you, my Bloglovin' account is a different email address than Blogger, but they're both me (

Hermke wrote:

I love the Rocco Mini Duffel bag and the white drape top. I love the bag, because yeah it's just gorgeous! And the white drape top, because it's just so elegant and simple.

I'm already following you with the bloglovin and google. (fashion-fitters)

I would love to win it!
xxx M

ctr wrote:

HI! ahh i just adore alexander. he's a literal genius, his resort '11 was incredible. as are all his collections! i've fallen in love with his asymmetrical cropped pullover, it's a knit, but would look so effortlessly sexy at the same time no? amazing.

my email is

carolina wrote:

hi, i was already following you on youtube and i just start following you on google too. I love the Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffel, and i would love to have it in my closet, i really like black bags and this one with the studs in the bottom, makes it a little more edgy, i love it and i've wanted it for so long!

Melanie Montgomery wrote:

I follow both ways, and I love the twist fitted collar vest.

Such a fantastic giveaway!

Anonymous wrote:

Following you on both! I absolutely adore your blog, and I look forward to new posts from you everyday. :)

Speaking of new posts, this is an absolutely amazing giveaway, especially for a broke college student like myself.

So, without further ado, my favorite Alexander Wang item is the Cutout Ponte Dress. I love the effortless athleticism of this dress. It's definitely unique, and I don't have anything like it. I just adore how Wang reworked the sports bra into a chic dress.


Sanam wrote:

I would give this a go lol,but somehow,i seriously doubt there will be a SINGLE piece of alexander Wang for less, or around about, £100 lol.And i dont think i would have enough money to pay for the rest of the amount due for those designer items,so i think i'll leave it this time round,but fantastic prize ;D


Raynielle wrote:

thanks for this wonderful great. who doesn't love a. wang and his amazing designs.

the piece i would invest in is the suede brenda zip chain bag in denim.i absolutely love the colour which gives the bag a versatile look and makes it wearable throughout all seasons. also very practical with its many compartments- great for me to stuff all my seemingly necessary things into.

thanks again

Camilla wrote:

My fave item is


and it's my birthday on the 4th of july, the day after the competition I know that will have no effect on this bevcause its random.
But still...:)

Belle de Couture wrote:

Oh wow! What a GREAT giveaway!
I would buy the Alexander Wang
Twist Collar Fitted Vest. It's to die for...but all of his stuff is bananas.

I'm already a follower :)

:::fingers crossed:::


fisiwoman wrote:

Enter me please! Following via google and blog lovin as fisiwoman.
My favorite item is Classic Mini Pocket Tee with Long Sleeves. I'd like to win because I love this brand!

Ana Belén R.M

Kitty Cotten wrote:

I would us my gift voucher for the Brenda Mini Camera Bag to keep my new camera safe & sound!

Thanks for the giveaway :)


Maeko wrote:

I follow through Google (Maeko/Lookatmae) and Bloglovin' (thereafterish.).

My favourite piece is the Rocco Mini Duffel. It's cheeky and edgy and it holds a LOT of crap. I carry a lot of crap, so it's a perfect fit.

Mae Lu, thereafterish.

jasmen wrote:

as with most bloggers, i can't say enough about alexander wang!

if i HAD to pick a favourite... the abbey high heel sandals. (

they're such a unique shape yet would so easily fit with everything already in my wardrobe. a chic, tough and sexy summer sandal alternative. i can dig.

Unknown wrote:

eeep! I am obsessed with the Donna Hobo in navy!

Thanks so much for this FAB giveaway! Wang is my favorite designer! <3

Shirley wrote:

I love the Ponte Dress with Sweatshirt Tie Overlay :) Love Alexander Wang and how he can make such beautiful pieces out of material like sweats!


Vanja wrote:

My fave from this collection are his leopard wedges but hey they're sold sooo I would go with Brenda Zip Chain Bag in black cause it's a basic bag and it fits all the necessary.

Thanks for this opportunity. Love your blog, following also :)

Mangotatoes wrote:

I love Alexander Wang, his pocket tanks are AMAZING, I can't help but wear it everyday.

My favorite item is the Ponte Dress with Criss Cross back because it's like an edgier version of an LBD that every girl needs in her closet. I especially love the criss cross back (I'm obsessed with weaving!).

This is a great idea, I love hearing other girls' favorites, it makes me want to own his whole collection.


Unknown wrote:

Rocco Mini Duffe is def my favourite :)

Aisa.Paxie wrote:

i would love to have the Jeffrey Campbell thanks wedge booties! It's amazing. :) Love your blog!

Anonymous wrote:

Already a follower on bloglovin' and blogger :)

Fav item has to be the Donna Hobo in Mocha. That leather... sooooo good

Although the Diego bucket bag is just as beautiful, especially in leopard <3

Irene, moneyfaery[at]

Unknown wrote:

ThePonte Dress with Cross Back in Heather Grey is my favourite! It's so classic of the Alexander Wang sportswear aesthetic, and can be worn in so many ways on so many occasions - rock concerts, fashion industry events, lunch with the girls, a cocktail party, to the club... The piping on the dress provides a further element that deems it not simply a jersey dress, but one with plenty of attitude. The cross back straps contribute an added element of almost blatant but hidden sensuality. I'm simply enamored of it.

NaomiDee wrote:

firstly, what an amazing giveaway!
my favourite a. wang has to be the "Elongated Sleeveless Shirt". it's very simple and casual but so sexy at the same time..i can imagine just throwing this on, on one of those lazy summer days. also the cat sunglasses are still on my wishlist!

i follow you on both

Jasmine P wrote:

following through blogger and bloglovin!!
This is such a great giveaway!! :)

I LOVE the Ponte Dress with Crisscross Back because it is the perfect LBD! It is simple but also has some interesting detail to it. It would be the perfect staple in my collection :)

Profashionelle wrote:

Hi there,

I'm following you on GC & Bloglovin (Profashionelle).

My personal AW favorite item is the Fitted Tank with Leather Bustier. I'm crazy in love with it!

Love your blog btw :)

Happy Friday,

Unknown wrote:

Hi I love this give away!
I love the Diego Bucket Bag
Style #:AWANG20562
it looks amazing :)
-Jessica k kwok

Nikki Ashley wrote:

such an awesome giveaway!

I would love to get some Alexander wang accessories like shoes or a bag! Something to last me awhile!

Love your blog!

xo Nikki Ashley

fashionjunkie wrote:

I already followed you on blogger, but this gave me a great excuse to get bloglovin'! I love the white drape front top - the clean, simple lines mean it'll never be out of style and it's bound to go with just about everything. Versatile is best!

jenhz wrote:

I am loving A. Wang's flat booties and those chiffone lingerine shorts. And I would still love to get my hands on one of those Cat Sunglasses.

Thank you!

paddy-ior wrote:

nice pictures the photograph did a great job

dinah wrote:

thank you for having this giveaway:-)
i love the rocco mini duffel bag,be it in grey or black.seems like everyone owned this bag including the hollywood peeps.i love to have this in my closet and use it everyday.

roadtripper wrote:

alexander wang?!
Thanks for this great giveaway! :)
Alexander wang's collection is so GREAT!
I guess I cant say enough about it..

Starved Fashion wrote:

i'm following on bloglovin and google friend connect!
i would definitely pick this black envelope clutch! it looks perfect for a night on the town or to add a tougher look to a floral, pastel outfit.

Sandra Kisić wrote:

following you on both
for a long time :)
and i LOVE this jacker

Elena S. wrote:

i follow you on both bloglovin and google friend connect.
my fave alexander wang item right now is the diego back in leopard- to die for

xo elena

Jessy wrote:

First of all, I'm following you both on Blog Lovin and on Google Followers. :)

Here's my entry!

Aww, they have the Marled Slit Tank, but I want the pullover!!!!

From the selection that Shopbop currently has..I'd probably get the Brenda Mini Camera Bag because I've been eyeing it for a while! It's just too cute and to be honest, I don't have the money to afford all these beautiful Wang pieces. I wish I did!! :( Winning this contest would be a dream come true.

William Street Store wrote:

Ahhhh i love shopbop!!!!!
I follow on both google reader and bloglovin!

I just adore the draped front top - 100% silk and some serious draping = perfection!!!

fingers are crossed!

blu wrote:

I love the zipper frame sunglasses! We see zippers everywhere! But zipper on sunglasses? I don't think so! This is truly one unique piece and all those rockin' a pair of colorful Wayfarers (I love Wayfarers but too many people are sporting this style.) will definitely take a second look on this baby! I hope you pick me.

Anonymous wrote:

Hi Marcella! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway girl. I follow on Google and on Bloglovin. I like the A Wang Rocco Mini Duffel bag. It's so cute! Perfect for summer, to dress up with a little black dress, or wear with leggings, a cropped tee, and wedged heels. Thanks!

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Little Airs wrote:

Following on both :)

I adore the short leather halter dress, backless, black, breathtaking. Silk lining like sex.

And pocket practicality.


Gina wrote:

i would definitely have to say the chain brenda bag :)!!
i've had my eye on it for the longest time but i'm still saving up and also hoping it'll go on sale a littttle more hehe.
thanks for the great giveaway!

Unknown wrote:

Oooooh yay I love shopbop!

I have drooled over A.Wang's cutout ponte dress since forever, because it's totally my style - fashion forward, not too feminine, simple yet a stand out.

It's such a classic piece that would stay in my wardrobe for years to come, but also has a sexy, edgy feel to it with the cutouts!

Follower on both blogger + bloglovin x

Good luck everyone :)

Helen Maria wrote:

Wow girl, it's the best giveaway my eyes have ever seen! I totally adore Shopbop and so do my friends and I think Alexander Wang is simply amazing.

My favourite is the Ponte Dress with Cross Back
Style #:AWANG20508

I love it because it's so classy, so versatile and it's a perfect LBD for me... And it looks like that I could wear it next year, next summer and even after 4-5 years. It's just magnificent. :)

I follow you both on Bloglovin and Blogger. It was very funny when I just made my first steps with Bloglovin and the third post I read was yours about this giveaway! Like magic. :D

Fingers crossed,

LoveBabyKaulitz wrote:

Hey I'm following you on Bloglovin and Blogger ^^ !

my favourite is : coco duffle bag <3

Marti P. wrote:

I love alexander wang style because it gives a modern and new style never saw before although simply, using basic colors... I think he became famous fo this is change in the time, and A.Wang is the best example from the last years to see what and how the future is waiting for us.
In the whole collection what I like most is the Khaki Corset Dress for a simply's one of the best pieces with something more than others, I mean, I never saw anything similar in others designer too..
perfect and nice for every evening event ;) women and elegant

thanks !


huong wrote:

Hello there,
I would like the Alexander wang Speckled Stretch Pants with Stitch Detail. They look really comfy and stylish as well. Really diggin your blog.:)

ao wrote:

follower on bloglovin & blogger!

the twist collar fitted vest is absolutely perfect for summer days and nights because of its perfect cut but attention to not overexposing! loooooove.

Deanna wrote:

-I'm following on Bloglovin' & Blogger.

-My favorite item is the Alexander Wang Sequin Goddess Dress:

The dress is gorgeous! I love anything with sequins & it's so pretty :)

jes wrote:

Hi! I will follow you for a long time on both sides!

You are very kind to give us this fantastic giveaway!
Alexander Wang is MY FAVORITE designers! I really like because his style is not excessive and tiring, but very dynamic and very hot!
I am particularly in love with a piece of the collection is the bag Rocco Duffel Bag!

Thanks for everything

Madison Jafine wrote:

I'm following on bloglovin and blogger!

I really love the merino wool v neck tunic, it's such a great piece for fall whether worn with a leather jacket or opaque tights it's definitely something i need in my closet!

Your style is awesome. Thanks for this great opportunity!

Nati wrote:

I´m following you on blogger and bloglovin :-)

I would looooove to get the Alexander Wang Natasha Chocked Pumps. They are my favourite!!! I´m a girl, I love shoes :-)

Yasmeen wrote:

I've wanted these shorts for so long. I love how loose fitting they are and the cute stripes.

They're so far out of my price range. But I like dreaming :)

[Already following!]

Siiilv wrote:

I love the A Wang Cutout dress, I guess it suits me. I'm a follower :). Love your blog and thanks for the giveaway! I hope I win this time.
My email is xoxo

Carrie wrote:

Hey, I'm following you on both, and I definitely would love the draped front top!


Unknown wrote:

such a cute and inspiring blog (:
not to mention that yourre gorgerous by the way! been following for a while now.
now to pick out of all of Wang's amazing hits, my favorite piece would probably be his classy, incredibly fitted Speckled Stretch Pants with Stitch Detail.

I can not even begin to tell you how long I have been eyeing this pants for-and that gift card would definitely help. It is just such a classic, and easily a piece that can last for several seasons. It's casual but can easily be dressed up too!
email is
love, sherry

Mruna Mistry wrote:

I follow your blog! Through blogger and bloglovin!

mrunamistry at gmail dot com

Mruna Mistry wrote:

I love the Eliza Suede Wedge Sandals with Tassel from Alexander Wang at Shopbop!

mrunamistry at gmail dot com

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