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June 2, 2010

'So Unusual' dress from ModCloth, Just Jeans leather jacket, Christopher Kane x Topshop heels, Topshop rucksack

Love the way this dress creates the illusion of a waist and curves in all the right places. Doesn't hurt that it comes in my all-time favourite colour either.

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Kelli wrote:

I love your dress!

Couture wrote:

Love the dress and the shoes!!

Helen wrote:

seriously i think your bfs a better photographer than fashion toasts rumis bf! love this dress!!!

helen x

Eliis Tammela wrote:

You look amazing with that dress!;)

Friend in Fashion wrote:

Amazing photos - great look girl!

Eyeing off your chain, it's lovely :)


Unknown wrote:

Perfect look <3



ilovefashion wrote:

Love it! The dress looks great on you Perfect outfit :D


Helen wrote:

btw marcella how does your bf get the pictures to have such vibrant colours!!!

Anna wrote:

this dress looks amazing with leather rock jacekt! love it xx

Unknown wrote:

Very sexy hun!


Anna.Who wrote:

love modcloth they always have the greatest things!

Zoe Schlacter wrote:

You look fabulous! That dress looks incredible on you! <3

Your blog makes me smile.


You look so hot in that dress Marcella! You pull off off the stripes wonderfully and I adore the color. Great photos as always =) Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. xo


FashionJazz wrote:

Wow honey! Ur pics are amazing!!!! The best post ever! Hope u are well, hope to get your answers soon via email... nudge,nudge,wink,wink : )

Bethany-Ashley N. Crespin wrote:


[SIDE NOTE: you should consider being a model, if not already!]


Bethany C.


Beth wrote:

I love the way the lines create those angles and curves. Stripes can either be friends or enemies when it comes to illusions, and it definitely looks like they're your friend! Really striking.

The WOW Series wrote:

Love the way that color pops!

doublysweet wrote:

if i were to explain your style i would say badass chic.
it's always got an edgyness to it, but it's always stylish and beautiful.
and this pop of color just adds to the outfit all together.

i love your blog lady

Kasia wrote:

You're fabulous!! Seriously, you look fantastic!


Damsels wrote:

i lvoe that sheer part of your dres. you are working all the right trends in this look!

Unknown wrote:

You look drop dead gorgeous! And that dress is made for you! :)

Plami wrote:

great shoes! really sexy!



Mina wrote:

you look great! the photos are great :)

Melissa Z. wrote:

amazing dress! I'm in love with your rucksack! Awesome heels too! <3


Yaary wrote:

this dress is perfect beauty.
love those heels too. and you look totally gorgeous!

NĂ¡dia wrote:

You look absolutely cool, as always!


juliana bokisch wrote:

i love the color of your nails!


Victoria Jin wrote:

you always post the most amazing photos. these are breathtaking! and i love the print of that dress


Camilla wrote:

that dress is gorgeous.


Unknown wrote:

The dress is awesome!! What's it like getting modcloth stuff to NZ? Lovin the CK for TS heels still. And your TS bag? From Dept Store?

Neekoh wrote:

The whole look is hot! I like the stripes mixed with a bit of sex appeal to make this dress versatile for day or night. You have an eye for these things, I feel.


vicky h. wrote:

gorgeous and YESS, the dress makes for a stunning siluette!!

For some reason I just now noticed your gorgeous hair color! I'm going to the hairdresser on Monday, might take a picture of you :)

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

dred wrote:

love your body-hugging dress! xx


RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Hey Marcella :D You look hot!! I love the blue dress and you are right, the way the lines go in different directions really is flattering. Love the shoes too! I like it that we both share an obsession for Topshop :D


MizzJ wrote:

Gorgeous photos!! I love how sharp it is and the colors. That dress reminds me of one from AA. Love the entire outfit, it's so awesome!!

rachel. wrote:

those shots are amazing! i'd expect to see those in any fashion magazine. the outfit is quite stunning as well, especially the dress!

htbui wrote:

found you on weardrobe.com.. [follwing!! =)]htbui.blogspot.com "favorite wedges" if you love my shoes please feel free to "heart" me for weardrobes shoe contest!! thank you! =) btw love the whole outfit.. such great photos!!

jQUii_x wrote:

amazing dress + heels.



Anonymous wrote:

Love the outfit!
Great photos!! You look stunning!!

- Laura

Karoline wrote:

That jacket is so practical, I guess it looks good to everything!
Nice dress:)

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Wauw! Such a stunning look! I love the dress and heels!

Marika wrote:

Ideal shoes. Gorgeous dress.
And I've never seen a person with ideal aviators. They really suit you!

and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

Kat wrote:

Ooh that dress is buzzy, love it! And the heels are HOT. Aren't you beginning to feel the cold m'dear? I'm layering up like crazy and your bare legs are making me shiver!


Vogue and Trend wrote:

You are beautiful!!! I'm following you.. If you want follow me!! Thanks!!


Kiss Kiss

The Allure House wrote:

Nice outfit. :)


Unknown wrote:

Love the dress! Hot!

Lucy wrote:

I love the dress!!

bycarolinafabris.com wrote:

Amazing Dress. Your looks are amazing always!
Thanks for visit my blog.
See you, Carolina.


Talia wrote:

nice. really feminine and sexi in its way dress.

Janice wrote:

wow i got that exact same dress from urban behaviour 2 months ago, except mines green !

Ievu wrote:

Wouw...u are superhot and cahrming! :)))
Ur dress is amazing and photos is so perfect and qualitative :)


Unknown wrote:

whew what a fun dress

lu wrote:

i adore this dress! and i just blogged about looks with peekaboos--wish i'd seen this post before that!!

Anonymous wrote:

your body looks hot no matter what you wear...great dress though!


Janice wrote:

I like this dress a perfect combination for my new imitation rolex watches.

marco josue wrote:


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