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June 13, 2010

Ebay blazer, mesh corset available here, Hudson jeans, Country Road bag, Wildrose heels

Jessica was kind enough to send me this incredible pair of Hudson jeans recently. I'm amazed at how comfy they are, skinny without being restrictive like almost every other pair I own. The quality is pretty stunning too, they feel super soft even though they been treated with a wash. I would definitely recommend investing in a pair of these! (you can check out Hudson on their website, facebook or twitter for more)

I have finals coming up in the next few weeks so I probably won't be able to update here as often anymore - but I will do my best! Thank you for all the comments guys x

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comments: 62

Bub wrote:

You look so gorgeous - I love this outfit

Vertiginoso wrote:

WOow so The way your mesh corset tends to "sulfurize" your silhouette's laid Back CHIC vibrancy delightfully sounds more than striking Dear Marcella . . .
ps: AND I say (an astounding) YES to this "Fetish symbiosis" dizzy sandals / taupe polished toes !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Marine wrote:

wow... this outfit is amazing, and the pictures are STUNNING! (your camera must be incredible =D)
you look absolutely gorgeous!

Marine / another fucking fashionista

iva wrote:

you look great! love the jeans and how they suits you! great outfit!

Camilla wrote:

love this.


Helen wrote:

wowww that corset is absolutely perfect marcella!

love it!!

helen x

Faye wrote:

I love this outfit so much and the jeans are gorgeous and I love the shoes!!

Mom Fashion World wrote:

Hayy, I always speechless every time
I see your new photos, you are absolutely
gorgeous, stunning and photos are like
editorials! Love it, darling!

Ievu wrote:

I WANT ur shoes and blazer! :)
U are gorgeous as usually :))


Unknown wrote:

Fantastic <3

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

stunning outfit!
Love your blazer and the heels


The Vogue Diaries wrote:

this outfit is sooo cute!!

moded'amour wrote:

gorgeous outfit, and i love your bag!

j3nhow wrote:

love love love that outfit!!!!!! and nice shoes...

xoxo jenna

ps: wud love u to drop anytime!

Chiara wrote:

Love your shoes...very similar to mines from Zara...


stilettolover91 wrote:

Fantastic outfit, and those shoes are so HOT!!!

Esther wrote:

wow yah those hudson jeans look the perfect worn-in jeans <3 i love the colour of the wash & the fit looks great too. all the best for finals babe!

No wrote:

even though i don't wear jeans that often, i would have to say hudson is one of my favored brands. i really like the baggy/slim leg look. perfect. good luck with your finals!!

nicolethedressupdoll wrote:

This is stunning babe!I really love your corset!:) you always look so fabulous,that's why i love dropping by your blog.


Mariel wrote:

Love the sexy corset with the baggy Hudsons

Tayler Worrell wrote:

Love the corset. and LOVE how those jeans fit. looks comfy!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels wrote:

I have to say, this is without a doubt my favorite outfit of the ones I have seen you wear on your blog! Great details, love the blend of tough and edgy and urban feminine.

vicky h. wrote:

gaahh, amazing shoes!!


xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Anna wrote:

you look amazing, i love that kind of jeans, they are so comfty! xxx

Kookie B. wrote:

so fierce, Marcella! i love the bustier, belt and necklace!!!! is the bag available online?

Shamini wrote:

Love your blazer and belt!! And shoes!
Nice series of photos!

Ann wrote:

cool outfit... how do stay so fit? love the blazer and shoes... u should take a photo of your shoe collection!

Eliis Tammela wrote:

I love that blazer and necklace:)


Revital wrote:

its unbelievable how amazingly beautiful your photos are!
I adore the shoes!

Luna wrote:

i am totally in love with this outfit . As always . I am following your blog for ages and i've never posted a comment... :$
You are one of my favorites .
Lots of love .

Eleanor wrote:

i have two words for you: THOSE SHOES!!!!! xxx

Jessy wrote:

the shoes are fabulous! love them!

Amanda wrote:

wow it seems that hudson jeans are sending fashion bloggers all over the world these jeans, to rave reviews. They do look really nice!

Meggstatus wrote:

You're outfits are always so well put together and interesting. Every piece is so unique and individual that I actually NEED all of the photo's to appreciate the entire look, which is something I can't say about many people.


Alazne wrote:

Wow! you have a new fan!
your blog is amazing!

Marika wrote:

LOOOOVE your jeans and heels, amazing mix!!
you've got ideal legs!(

and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

gretecullen wrote:

love your outfit once again

Yaary wrote:

wow beauty you always look amazing! i lovee the shoes and the blazeer looks to good on you...

Unknown wrote:

Loving those heels - were they outrageously priced? And dude high five on the ebay blazer find!


jasmen wrote:

looooove your bag

Ale.Sanmed wrote:

wow your outfit is perfect!

I V Y wrote:

freaaakin amaazing! love the studs and the jeans, perfect.

rachel. wrote:

what a great outfit! love the chain belt + those shoes!

Anonymous wrote:

You look great!!!
I love your outfits!

- Laura

Gemma Wade wrote:

The shoes are amazing!
love the outfit :)

Rohini wrote:

You look stellar! LOVE the studded heels. =)

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Yay! I love the denim outfits! You look so good in the hudson jeans, I've only ever tried their denim leggings which I didn't like too much but I am lusting after their Union Jack skinny jeans. Your outfit is amazing! wrote:

Perfect look. I love the pants and the corset.
You are beautiful.


MizzJ wrote:

Your shoes are hot!! Has anyone ever told you that your lips are so gorgeous - so lucky! Good luck on finals :)

dred wrote:

i love the corset and blazer combo. and your shoes too. xx

stylista wrote:

I love your outfit! Your shoes, jeans, and jacket are all so chic!

Check out my blog and follow me at

CHLOE and JESSICA wrote:

so fabulous!

MELISSA Z. wrote:

Another great post! wow! These photos are wonderful and your look perfect, especially for that jacket!

Lara wrote:

So stylish as usual!!

Love the blazer.

By the way... I'd love to ask you if your boyfriend is a photographer there in New Zealand. Because mine is fashion photographer here in Spain!


Clonesmodiles wrote:

Love the sandals :)

Laura wrote:

You're so pretty, love your shoes!

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Your style is always perfect! I'm a big fan of you!

Monica Wu wrote:

heels <3 I want it!

Lindsay wrote:

You look stunning! All of your pictures are AMAZING! Your blog is really cool, I'm your newest follower :)

Anonymous wrote:

gosh you look hot! like a true fashionista. awesome!

clouds of tulle wrote:

I don't think I've seen you in jeans yet, and i literally gasped b/c those jeans look sooo good!

becka wrote:

totally In , you look amazing

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