topshop preview weekend

May 4, 2010

Complete madness. The Topshop grand opening at The Department Store in Takapuna.

This poor little guy here just had no idea what the fuss was all about. Awww.

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Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

There needs to be a topshop in holland damnit! D;

xoxo Shannon

Karoline wrote:

Yeah, missing one in Norway too.
Looks like a lot of nice things!
Lovely dog;)

vicky h. wrote:

looook like madness but in an amazing kind of way :)

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Unknown wrote:

Gorgeous pics, I see so many great items!!

Anna wrote:

must have been worthy to stay in long line to buy some Topshops :)

Charlotte Elise Jay wrote:

Wow how exciting :) :) :)

I went to the topshop opening in new york

it was manic!!!

Char x

Helen wrote:

hehehe exciting stuff!! dont splurge too much girl!!

helen x

Kasia wrote:

Awesome pics! Topshop is such a great clothing store.

btw, thank you for your comment :)


Hannah wrote:

wow it looks better than i imagined! even though i live not far away from the one in SoHo I still feel like I'm missing out!

clouds of tulle wrote:

oh SO LUCKY! I wish we had H&M and/or Topshop here.

poor puppy. But so cute!

Bub wrote:

arghh so jealous! i want a topshop here in hk
btw. i love your tights


Love the dog! Great photography! So happy you found some stuff you liked there. x

Marinka wrote:

the shop preview looked really cool..I hope they will open a topshop here one day

Couture wrote:

The shoes and bags look great!

Anonymous wrote:

Wonderful Pictuers!! :D

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Lucky girl! But the dolls are so ugly, damn! I wished there was a TOPSHOP in Belgium too.

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

I love Topshop! It's on of my favourite shops, I have been shopping there over here in the UK since I was about 13, 7 years ago. It's amazing! :D

Vera wrote:

wow this looks amazing. we don't have topshop in toronto.. which makes me sad :(

Nubia Mejia wrote:

I love top shop!! This looks like suck a fun event =)

Unknown wrote:

I have been waiting for a decent TopShop NZ post and boy did you deliver!!! The shots are FANTASTIC!!!!

So gutted I was unable to attend...I'm still making Big R pay for this...bastard :-)

What did you buy? Post of that please?!

PS love the tights, the jacket, the looked awesome.

Anna Katrina wrote:

that looks amazing! hope you enjoyed it and you were able to get everything you set your eyes on!

Anna Katrina


looks like a lot of fun, i wonder if the store made record sales.

Anonymous wrote:

Oh fantastic! Your outfit is great.
Man oh man I wish there was a Topshop where I lived. Actually, I wished I lived in a place where there was a Topshop. I'm not particularly attached to rural Canada.

dred wrote:

wow. just amazing. I die!

lovely photographs. you were able to capture the pandemonium during the opening. love all the photos!

michelle_ wrote:

you report the opening of this topshop store very well ! i enjoyed looking through the clear and lovely pics from this blog post !
i really love the photo of the shoes collection !

thanks for the lovely comments ! :)
glisters and blisters

Kat wrote:

I am so excited that Topshop is finally here! It's pretty cool that the selection is chosen by Karen Walker. I'll have to have a nosey. Did you get anything? wrote:

Of course you always look HOT!

Hal E. Liebling wrote:

just stumbled across your blog; loving it! following now. xo

patty wrote:

Hard to believe you're only getting a Topshop in NZ now! We've got about ten in my country, and we're not exactly a First World country. I love your jacket by the way.

Unknown wrote:

You are so beautiful! This outfit is such inspiration! I'm lusting after those leather shorts!

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