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May 11, 2010

Glassons knit, F21 shorts, bag via YesStyle, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Had a rather nightmarish experience with Yesstyle. Took them a month after charging me to figure out they were out of stock, then another while until they actually decided to process a simple refund. I thought it might have been a once off, so I tried another purchase but the same thing happened the second time around! No idea what possessed me to do it again, but thankfully it was third time lucky with this bag. Suffices to say though, I'd rather brave Gmarket instead next time.

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I love the sweater paired with those shorts. You look so cute! x

Gorgeous Clara wrote:

in love with your shorts!!!

Anonymous wrote:

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

A wrote:

this is a badass fit right here... looking gorgeous! We just found your blog through hypeed... so very happy we did.
come see us.

peace and love from San Francisco,
Amy and Alex

Unknown wrote:

that has to be like the worst feeling ordering something online and not seeing any payments or receiving your product. That happened to me recently except the charged my card and I'm yet to receive my product lol

*Love the "mirror" on your shoes and the bag looks good (well worth it)*

michelle_ wrote:

love your mid-drift crop top with the shorts !
great shoes too !

sorry for asking again.. what type of lens were u using ?

thanks for the comments love ! :) :)
glisters and blisters

fashionfletcher wrote:

I recentely got that same bag however, in gray. You look lovely! Btw, would you mind exchanging links please? thank you

Bub wrote:

Wow you are gorgeous! I love the combination of the crop knitwear and the high-waisted shorts! And SHOES! Gorgeous
follow me?

Wendy wrote:

The lace embed shorts are very cool.

Jessica Kwok wrote:

Wow those shorts are amazing!

Madeline Veenstra wrote:

I love your shoes! I wish I could walk in something like that :)

Anonymous wrote:

amazing shoes!
and perfect outfit

lauren wrote:

those shoes make this look perfect! love it!!! i love the cropped sweater with the high waisted shorts.
check out a new celebrity dress up vlog. good times.

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

stunning as always!!!!
Love it!


Mom Fashion World wrote:

wow, you are getting sexier and sexier everyday!
you know, i envy you because of your great figure, huh!

I missed you, sweetie!

nicolethedressupdoll wrote:

Omg!i super love your outfit!fierce:)

visit my blog babe:)

The Fashion Cloud wrote:

Lovely and cute (with an edge) as always!!


doublysweet wrote:

those shorts are magnificent--i always enjoy seeing how you pair a piece that i myself would have no clue how to haha

Melly wrote:

amazing outfit. ♥

Lela Seaseight Design wrote:

Love your hair!!

vicky h. wrote:

love those shorts! Since I don't have your gorgeous body I would wear them with a flowy white blouse tucked in! ahhh love it!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

MELISSA Z. wrote:

wow! These pics are simply wonderful and your look is great! Love all of this post, congrats! <3

Unknown wrote:

wow!! you look gorgeous!!!

Karoline wrote:

The shorts are amazing, great put togheter.

Amy T wrote:

wonderful outfit.

morena wrote:

Amazingg look!!

:] I love the colors

inkarlcerating wrote:

yer so flawless!

Anna wrote:

amazing shoes <3

Lucy wrote:

Gorgeous outfit!!

Mary wrote:

Shorts Perfect!

StyleCake wrote:

those shorts are awesome! and the shoes! incredible.

Treva wrote:

stunning outfit. love those shorts!!!

stilettolover91 wrote:

WOW!!! So SEXY!!!! Love it!!!

Maeko wrote:

Most of these people are right, I love that pair of shorts with that pair of shoes. It really does make me wish I could wear that here. But I'm too old and I work in an office.

That's tragic that YesStyle did that to you. I always loved their clothing and if they have seriously terrible customer service, that is definitely a con for them!

Maeko, thereafterish.

jasmen wrote:

great look! i adore that sweater.

Neekoh wrote:

Ok, a few things.
1. These pictures are amazing and beautiful and you look gorgeous!
2. I thought that was the A.Wang bag... amazing "tribute" ;)
3. That crop top is insanely perfect. I neeeeeeed it in my life!

Ok, that's all <3

Live Love LA

S CH wrote:

That is absolutely KILLER!! love it madly

Check out my blog! - Moldy Desire: street style blog

Couture wrote:

Cool look! Love tha bag!!

Kasia wrote:

I so love your style! It's amazing!


Unknown wrote:

I really need to get myself at least one pair of Jeffrey Campbells. And you've got such a petite body frame! I wish my Vietnamese genetics would kick in - hmmph stuck with mostly European.


Tesa wrote:

love the shoes!!

Marinka wrote:

I really like your shoes and your bag they are so stylish ^^

emily wrote:

SO amazing. i absolutely love everything, especially the bag and the shoes.

Nubia Mejia wrote:

You look so pretty! I love your shoes and the shorts

Birgitte wrote:

Love your bag and juwels!

Xoxo Birgitte

Nicole Jarecz wrote:

gorgeous photos. i especially like your shorts!

if you have the time, come by my blog to vote on my illustrations!


Anonymous wrote:

love it

Unknown wrote:

love this outfit!! the cropped sweater and shoes are my accessorize soo well!!sorry to here about your bad experience with ordering the bag...I had a similar situation when I ordered these boots from foreve21

Vera wrote:

love those shorts :D

Bru Marx wrote:

Cute!great outfit.

clouds of tulle wrote:

I've always knows about Yesasia so of course I'm always browsing Yesstyle but never bought anything. Now I'm not sure if I ever will!

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