pretty vacant

May 21, 2010

Dotti tank, White Heat blazer from ModCloth, Scarlet Room skirt, CR bag, Gmarket boots

Pretty vacant pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now. So, so tired after this week. All I want to do is cuddled up in bed with my man and make him watch the last season of Supernatural with me. (hint hint...)

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doublysweet wrote:

i hear ya about being tired!

gorgeous outfit--especially that skirt

Unknown wrote:

Haha, reading about your plans make me wanna do the same.. It's rainy and gorgeous in Bangalore, calls for some Supernatural ;)

Gorgeous bag btw! :)

Revital wrote:

this is such an amazing outfit! each and every item is simply perfect!

Bub wrote:

Dear you look gorgeous! This outfit is beautiful, love your skirt and your shoes
follow me?

Cristina wrote:

Me gustan mucho el blazer y las botas. Un beso

FashionJazz wrote:

These colours look amazing on u! Its freezing here, winter is hecti : ) have a lovely wknd xx

Helen wrote:

oh that skirt is absolutely gorgeous marcella! love ittt!!

helen x

MELISSA Z. wrote:

Awesome skirt! Love your lipstick! <3

Unknown wrote:

ohhh I like it very much ;]

Anonymous wrote:

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Charlotte Elise Jay wrote:

Your are gorgeous

This outfit is amazing

I love the mix of colour :) and the skirt is beautiful!

Char x

Essssss wrote:

Gorgeous daring lipstick!!
Hope you have a good restful, cuddly weekend! :P

Karishma wrote:

Love the skirt, love the shoes!
Overall the looks is just so fabulous <3
Oh and the bright red lipstick as well!

Have a great weekend :)

Kasia wrote:

You look fantastic! Love your blazer!


Mom Fashion World wrote:

darling marcella, you are always HAWT!
love those red lips!

6roove wrote:

amazing skirt!
fab look, nice match of colours

Watching the waves

StyleCake wrote:

LOVE this outfit. The skirt is so perfect! And I'm a HUGE Supernatural fan! lol, gotta love those Winchester boys!

stilettolover91 wrote:

WOW!!! You look HOT HOT HOT!!! Awesome post!!

Las Lolicas de siempre wrote:

OH MY GOD!!!!!!I love it!!!!!!!!!The outfit is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!



I hope you get a break soon and relax! I hate when I feel so tired. I love your skirt. It drapes beautifully. x

Camilla wrote:

That skirt is burberry-esque.
I LOVE it.

michelle_ wrote:

marcella ! i totally love this look on you ! the draped skirt is just simply fabulous !
the ankle boots adds a nice final touch the whole outfit :)

Unknown wrote:

i <3 that skirt & your purse!


Vera wrote:

great outfit like usual.
hope you get some well deserved rest :)

Nádia wrote:

Wow, that's GORGEOUS!!! The skirt is out of this world!!!

Anna wrote:

I love love this outfit, you look really amazing, the most i like your bag, and the quality of your photos is just incredible!

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Wauw! Stunning as always! This look is soooo perfect! I love your skirt a lot!

Please, check mine too, it would be very sweet of you! And you can also join my GIVEAWAY!

Love, Cindy

Marika wrote:

What a skirt!! amazing outfit!!

and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

Lucy wrote:

Wow.. this skirt is really gorgeous!! and you look great with your red lips!!

Karoline wrote:

I have dreamed of a skirt just like that, you are one lucky girl!
I am also exhausted, but today I am finally going to relax!

Happy weekend!

jasmen wrote:

that bag is so lovely!

Kate wrote:

beautiful skirt :) the all look is just amazing

clouds of tulle wrote:

hi! red lips! I like.

Unknown wrote:

loving your make-up in this post!! your skirt & sweater are adore :)...great post and hope u get your most needed rest & relaxation

Sophie wrote:

love love love

i am a newcomer to your blog-- i love it :) I want to follow it.

everyone please check out and follow my blog--

Kristina wrote:

Gorgeous combo and I love the red lips.

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

You look so beautiful, I really love the boots! :)

Damsels wrote:

do you ever not look breath taking ?

i mean these photos are always cinematic quality.


Rule of Fashion wrote:

love your blog...

checkout my shoppingblog

Nuheila wrote:

Beautiful pictures!Love your skirt.
Have a fab sunday!


goodbyestockholm wrote:

Gorgeous look. LOve the color of ur nail polish so much.

Taylor Sterling wrote:

I love the color of that skirt! Amazing with that satchel bag!!

Anna Katrina wrote:

you look gorgeous as always

enter my giveaway
youll love it

Anna Katrina

Paula Dillmann wrote:

I loved your look is so beautiful...

from Brazil

kisses (Suz) wrote:

amazing skirt

Emilie wrote:

Love your skirt and your bag!

Susan wrote:

wow i love this outfit!


Lex wrote:

Great look, so well put together. Each piece looks fantastic individually as well.

jazziefizzle wrote:

wow your blog is fantastic! ahhh that bag is just perfect! adding your blog to my daily reads :)

MizzJ wrote:

Great bag, classic blazer and hot red lips, you have such amazing style! Damn I sound like such a broken record, but hey gotta give props where they're due.

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