May 24, 2010

F21 top, Topshop pants & boots, vintage belt

A lot of Topshop pieces have been infiltrating my wardrobe of late, I've almost lost track now. Doesn't help that on my latest excursion on the weekend, I managed to come back with two more jackets, a leather biker (yes... another one) and a breathtaking mint green wool blazer that my man splashed out on (UN-believably fortuitous girl that I am). I put some rather blurry photos of them on my Twitter earlier, but these will be making their proper debuts on here very soon...

A few new things have been added to

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Vertiginoso wrote:

WOOow I really like the way Here Military style's slashing vibrancy subtly declines itself on such a soft/ethereal mode . . . AND the way your top's transparency highly tend to "sensualize" it Dear Marcella !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

mardijane wrote:

bag + shoes

W O W.

just because... ummm yeah.

Helen wrote:

lucky lucky girl! cant wait to see them marcella

helen x

Vanessa and Jana wrote:

You look amazing! We are so in love with your blog and your style.
All the best from Berlin

Jana & Vanessa

Jenny Cindy wrote:

I loove that top! <3

Mina wrote:

wow amazing photos! you're outfit is so great!

Treva wrote:

i love this outfit. those pants are so cute!

Karoline wrote:

GIRL, I need your boots!!!

Unknown wrote:


Loveee your look...very beautiful!



Jolly Josi wrote:

Adore the outfit (:

Anna wrote:

amazing pants! love love them <3 and the scenery as always beautiful, i love auckland ! :)

stilettolover91 wrote:

Beautiful photos!! I love your outfit & wedges!!

Lindstyle wrote:

i love your boots!

xo Lindsey

Anonymous wrote:

love the trousers - so balmain

Sofia wrote:

Great outfit. Love the boots.

Prad Savania wrote:

Hello, just a quick note to tell you to check out the new shoe designing blog which i have recently started up.

All designs are hand-drawn by myself.

The link is

Thank you; tell a friend if you like what you see.


The boots and the pants look so fab on you Marcella! You have great style. x

Camilla wrote:

these are beautiful.


Kookie B. wrote:

i seriously love those boots and that sheer top!!! and the photos are so crisp and clear! what lens are you using?

do send me some crazy love over at :)

Marinka wrote:

I love you pants

vicky h. wrote:

holy cow, these pictures are freaking breath-taking! love the outfit and you look gorgeous as always! i really need your boyfriend (i'm guessing he took the pictures again), such stunnging photos!!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Unknown wrote:

I really love the first photo and I can't get over how simply chic this outfit is.


Kasia wrote:

Love especaillyyour pants!


RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Gorgeous =) I love this outfit! It's so casual and really on trend. You should try out the J Brand Houlihan pants as well, those are hot! I love Topshop too!

Maeko wrote:

Definitely love the outdoorsy vibe to this entire 'fit. It's really nice... and breezy.

Maeko, thereafterish.

Nádia wrote:

So cool! Nice pics!

Unknown wrote:

Ah I love those boots! P.s Saw that bag at The Warehouse but bf told me not to get it! Dammit, lesson learned never listen to bf!

Beth wrote:

It's official-- you have mastered the 'wind in the hair' look.

Those Topshop boots are killer.

As always, gorgeous photos. [I've been following for a while!]

Jadore-Fashion wrote:

love the whole outfit especially the pants and boots! xoxo

OooKellyNicky wrote:

Wow, so damn glad I stumbled upon your blog, your style is fantastic. I love your boots! Wow, and with those pants... fabulousity baby! Great images.

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

Tayler Worrell wrote:

gorgeous. incredible. stunning.

<3 <3

Nubia Mejia wrote:

Love this military chic style you have going on... The boots are incredible and I love the bag and all the details of the outfit

stylestalker wrote:

LOVE this look babes.

We are super into the shoes especially and you have done a great job with the styling :)


Revital wrote:

great look! very clean and elegant!!

Twee wrote:

first time here!gorgeous photos and outfits!!did you take them yourself?

feel free to check out my blog


Fashion Insanity wrote:

Great outfit & such beautiful pictures!

Lucy wrote:

You look so gorgeous on these pictures!!
Fabulous outfit..

MELISSA Z. wrote:

Love your pants so much! Great bag too! You're sooooo cute in these pics! wow!

Anika wrote:

oh my god, woman, you are stunning.
this is just a clear winner for me.
those wicked, wicked pants and the killer boots.
i want to know why i never see such nice stuff online at topshop....grrrr ;)

and thanks for your lovely comment, it made me smile. thinking of ombre-ing my hair again soon (its just a gold hair spray....only issue is gold dust EVERYWHERE! :)

what are you up to this weekend? wrote:

Love the military look.
The pants is amazing and I love the boots.
Perfect photos.
See you, Carolina.

StyleCake wrote:

I'm LOVING this whole outfit.. Love the color of the pants!

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

You look so awesome! Your always so beautiful!


you are fantastic girl!
I am in love for your blog and style...those pants are so great!!!
I would love to exchange links to you :))
I am linking you,


Skinny cargos... l o v i n g it!!

Izabel wrote:

nice shoes!

Unknown wrote:

really love d shoot n love d background photos n also d colour!
great combination with your outfit!

Emilie wrote:

Love the pants and the top!
Your photos are amazing!

Friend in Fashion wrote:

Incredible photos - you look amazing!

Adore the pants, but most of all your unlaced boots - great look - great blog! Following :)

Luv, Friend in Fashion

6roove wrote:

genial boots
and this pants looks so hot on you, love it!

Watching the waves

michelle_ wrote:

i love your pants marcella !
are stretchy and comfy to wear ?
the vintage belt completes the look really well..


Sarah wrote:

like your look.
I find your blog now and I will follow you because your style is great.

please check my blog:

Vera wrote:

love your top!
gahh i'm really sad that there's no topshop here :(

Unknown wrote:

love your top! and also your shoes! :) i'm your new follower :)

Kat wrote:

I really like that t-shirt with the sheer panels. Effortless look :)

Anonymous wrote:

leggings arent pants? worst fashion crime ever...
Love boots, sold out before i got my hands on them!

jQUii_x wrote:

WOW i just found you through lookbook. you are so beautiful ♥

love your style and great quality photoz.

amazing boots + pants.


I V Y wrote:

you're amazing!
love the boots and bag!

Yaary wrote:

i totally love this beauty!
you are sooo gorgeoss :D

Unknown wrote:

wowo, I saw you on and girl, you are amazing. love your blog!!

Amanda wrote:

wowzaaaa I should really go to topshop again - it looks like you're scoring all the goodies! those wedges look pretty practical. how did you manage to find a day warm enough to not hide in a coat though?

Vanja wrote:

Love the whole safari look, you look great and the photos are awesome.

Is that F21 bag or Free People one?
I'm interested in its quality...

Cupcakes are fashion ! wrote:

Oh that is just an awesome look, like always ! Oh and I got those leggings, they're awesome !


Krimly wrote:

you're so pretty!!
love love so much your booties! :)


Eliis Tammela wrote:

Wow! Those pants are amazing, love your style;)

Anonymous wrote:

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mickey Vin wrote:

Great lighting in the photos. It really brings out your hair color..

anyways love the outfit && chic poses


MizzJ wrote:

Great wedges and I really enjoy how slouchy that F21 top is. The perfect outfit for summer.

htbui wrote:

gasp! love the bag and the shoes! i want!

Le blog de Dorota wrote:

I love your shoes ! :D

D e g a i n e wrote:

Your blog and your style are phenomenal, one of the best style blogs I've ever seen, your style is so damn inspiring, i love it!


Vivi's Best wrote:

Girl - stunning outfit and pictures! Great blog.

And to all of you others who are admiring her boots - I've got a pair for sale!!! Size UK6/EU39. Contact me if you're interested!!

michellek wrote:

how did you get the photos to look so vibrant and gorgeous? and gosh i wish i was a natural at modeling. garr. just wondering do you have someone photograph you or do you use a tripod and home do you make the photos look all green and tropical?

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