after the rain

May 13, 2010

Dotti tank, F21 jacket, Temt jeggings, Seventhdoor clutch, JC 'Raid' wedges via ModCloth

Despite being among one of the loftiest pair of shoes I own, these wedges are insanely comfortable. Light as a feather, yet with plenty of stomping power. There's just one size left available from ModCloth, so if you are an 8.5 you're in luck! (Otherwise make sure you sign up for their notification in case they restock!)

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comments: 52

FashionJazz wrote:

U look stunning here hun! Hope u are having a lovely wk! xx

Kookie B. wrote:

those shoes are part cute and part badass!!!! i also love the studded clutch!

do send me some crazy love over at :)

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

You look gorgeous! I love the wedges and the jeggings =)

moded'amour wrote:

beautiful! love your shoes!

Anonymous wrote:

wow! beautiful i love it!

Anna wrote:

you look amazing <3
love love ypur jacket, shoes are stunning :)

michelle_ wrote:

shoes and clutch are SUPERBBBB !!
im speechless !

Anonymous wrote:

Love this look! Those shoes are insanely gorgeous!
great blog!


The jeggings look so good on you! I would love a pair just like them. I like the seam lines. Also, the shoes of course are way cuter than the Acne Atacomas. x

StyleCake wrote:

those shoes are incredible...

Faye wrote:

Wow I love your outfit, and the shoes are amazing :)

what camera do you use?


lovely look,lovely shoes

Anika wrote:

Wow!! Marcella, how stunning are you! I looooove those shoes, contemplated buying them but was just too lazy or guilty about how many shoes I own! They are worth it though....

p.s. a Zara???!! Really? How much do you want to bet its in Sydney. Grrrr. And I loves me Zara too. Maybe I can be one of those pesky phone in customers? :)

p.p.s. are you growing out your hair? I love it. Any tips? I'm trying to grow mine out to the waist....but I'm impatient as all hell!

Beth wrote:

I was just going to ask how comfortable they were and then I saw your commentary.

I am definitely thinking about snagging these, since they're a little less expensive than the Alexa.

I haven't seen anyone wear these yet, and you have convinced me they're an amazing pair of wedges.

Karoline wrote:

Fab!Love the clutch and jacket<3

stilettolover91 wrote:

WOW!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! I love it!!

S.G. wrote:

I absolutely adore this outfit!! Those shoes are fierce!

xoxo :)

Taylor Sterling wrote:

beautiful shots! I love the shoes on you!

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

amazing shoes and clutch!

X wrote:

Masterpiece look!

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Beautiful pictures! You always look great

Anonymous wrote:

love the shoes, the look good on you!

Joylynn wrote:

Awesome pictures and love the clutch.

NĂ¡dia wrote:

Love this outfit, it's so cool! I'm in love with the top and the shoes!

Unknown wrote:

It has been a bleak week weather wise, rain, cloud, sun, wind...grrr. But those shoes musta made your day!...cos they made my week. They are awesome. The Temt jeggings are mean too...who woulda thought?

Mom Fashion World wrote:

Darling, you are always looking H-A-W-T!
I want those shoes!

Vinda Sonata wrote:

great outfit! i love the wedges and the details of the top! you always look cool!

sometimes i fall in love with random things..

Unknown wrote:

gorgeous as always girl..
love the wedges.

Anonymous wrote:

Those shoes and jeans are amazing! And so are your photos. GORGEOUS!!

Marika wrote:

I am just looking and looking and I am really depressed, it is too gorgeous!
you are fantastic!

and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

kulululu wrote:


vicky h. wrote:

the outfit as a whole is amazing! those shoes are definitely an eye-catcher but I also adore your top with the delicate beading on it!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

MELISSA Z. wrote:

Your jacket is to die for! You're always so cool and stylish! wow!

jasmen wrote:

another to-die-for outfit. love the way you rock those shoes!

Vera wrote:

those wedges are crazy! i can't believe they're that comfortable :P hehe.

Franco Fernandez wrote:

oh my god those wedges are fucking AMAZING! fab pictures love! Franco x

sabrina wrote:

Stunning, fierce jacket <3

Sandy Label wrote:

great photos! amazing look

Unknown wrote:

amazing pictures!



Damsels wrote:

these photos are inredible in one you almost look like a stylish astronaut or something like michael jackson pose i love it

Gladys wrote:

I love your entire outfit! it's freaking perfect and the photos are simply breathtaking.
you're so inspiring. :)

Clara Campelo wrote:

lovely look!
your blog is great!!

Cupcakes are fashion ! wrote:

Those wedges are amazingly perfect. I actually showed JC's wedges in one of my posts...

I absolutely love your blog, am adding you to my list of infinitely cool blogs, if you like mine hope you'll put a link...


Neekoh wrote:

Those jeans (jeggings?!?!) fit you like a dream! I might have to invest in a pair of jeggings myself. I never thought I'd say those words, but you just make them look so good!


Nubia Mejia wrote:

You look amazing! I love those shoes and your photos are such nice quality

Marinka wrote:

you looks gorgeous I like your sunglasses and you shoes^^ The perfection ;)


This outfit is KILLER! Your blog is definitely an inspiration. I gotta get my hands on a pair of those Raid wedges.

Kat wrote:

Wow, those leggings fit you perfectly. I love the studded clutch.

Unknown wrote:

i loved your clothing style, after follow me too! thank you.

Anonymous wrote:

gorgeous photos darling, shoes are kick ass!

Camilla wrote:

I am in love with your style.
following you :)


MADNESSmeForfashion wrote:

i really in love wit ur style and ur lipstick color

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