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May 30, 2010

Jeanswest tee, 'Shorty Wanna' jacket from ModCloth, F21 jeans, Anne Michelle boots, Topshop rucksack

Among many things, I have a constant fixation with asymmetrical moto jackets which is why I just had to have this one from ModCloth. It's a very unique take, made with soft sweater material for that excellent slouch factor. It has a retro feel to it too which I kinda love with the washed out color. Definitely a closet favourite at the moment.

Found this spectacular location while driving around abandoned parts of the city. It's pretty effing awesome, despite the presence of corrosive sludge ponds around the place as my boyfriend claims. Speaking of whom, I actually had a go at being photographer for once and shot him while we were there! Am thinking of posting the results on the blog... what does everyone say to adding some man-style on here?

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mardijane wrote:

wow absolutely fantastic photos!

you look so amazingly beautiful and your outfit is perfect.

i am very jealous lol

just because...i'll never ever look as good as that!

Helen wrote:

ooh i have been looking for a location like that to shoot in! ill be driving around sydney looking for something like that once my exams finish =D

helen x

Vertiginoso wrote:

AND this "highly sublimated by your haughty / laid back prestance" outfit strongly sounds like a "GLAM Rock-issime" Deflagration of Style Dear Marcella !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Talia wrote:

fantastic shape of the jacket.

Lily wrote:

WAUW amazing pictures! i love your style so much!! xx


That jacket looks awesome..must be really soft to wear too, bonus! Your hair looks great too.
This is a really stand out location...you should def put up some man-style!

Sasa wrote:

u look gorgeous! this is actually exactly that style i love ... perfect bleached jeans. ;)

vicky h. wrote:

the pictures are stunning and I adore your F21 jeans...totally craving them now!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Karoline wrote:

Your blos is the best!!
You look like a rockstar!

Camilla wrote:

EPIC photography.


Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Hi miss!
You look so stunning! The jacket is wauuuuw and your boots are awesome!

I love it!

Eliis Tammela wrote:

Love that outfit! And those jeans are so cool!


Unknown wrote:

Fantastic photos!!

LOVE your jeans & blaser... Is my style ...i loved <3

Elizabeth Daisy. wrote:

Fabulous photographs flower and wonderful style, love love love the shades and jeans ♥
You remind me very much so of Rumi Neeley from fashiontoast.blogspot.com in these photographs, a compliment that is ♥

Please follow:

Eda ♥

Kat wrote:

Awesome photos. You look like you've stepped off the page of a fashion magazine as per usual. Jacket, jeans, necklace - love 'em all.


Anonymous wrote:

I love that jacket! I love the moto feel of it and the surprise polka dots on the inside - so cute! Your photos are stunning, I really love the location.


stilettolover91 wrote:

You look HOT HOT HOT!!!! Amazing outfit & boots!!


Lucy wrote:

Wow, wow, wow... gorgeous photos!!

Nádia wrote:

Killer cool chic! You always look amazing! Loving everything, especially the glasses! :)


Henriette wrote:

The jacket is fantastic and the photos wonderful as always.

Visit my blog:

Angie He wrote:

Great Photos!!
Love them.
Visit me on styleninfa.blogspot.com
Kisses, Angie

Anonymous wrote:

You look great, love the outfit.

I cant believe you have outtakes lol, there's already so many large sized images that you post here. You should think about a video instead, that'd be awesome.


Love everything about these photos and the outfit! The jacket is gorgeous and perfectly slouchy and the shoes are buckle-icious! x


Janice wrote:

this outfit is awesome. It looks edgy and still pretty, lovess it ( :

Couture wrote:

Love the shoes and the jeans!

TheLuxeDollhouse wrote:

omg, your jacket is amazing! totally ordering one right away.

FashionJazz wrote:

Luv the way u styled your outfit hun! I wore my bleached skinnies this wknd funy enough and I took pics : ) Hope u had a fab wknd! xxx

ari wrote:

love the shades of blue, and everything about this outfit!

Plami wrote:

Great pictures! Love the look!



Yaary wrote:

beauty i love these photos!
the outfit is perfect.. you look gorgeous as always.
the denim jacket is amazing.

imfashionstoned wrote:

Awesome pictures!!! love your outfit!!

Your Only Black Swan wrote:

rad style! that jacket is ultra cool!

following you!! + HYPE!

visit me youronlyblackswan.blogspot.com

follow me...?

X Your Only Blackswan

Anonymous wrote:

amazing shots darling, I cant believe jeans are f21, wow!


dred wrote:

oh yes, that would be interesting! you always have the nicest photos. what camera do you use if you don't mind me asking? :)


Unknown wrote:

Yay to man style lol ...great location looks absolutely beautiful!

kim wrote:

so in love with your jacket!

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

Bub wrote:

OMG! You look so badass - I love it! This outfit is so great!
would love to hear from you

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

You look stunning! These photos are so arty and pretty, I love it, especially the reflections in your glasses, I took some like that last weekend :) I haven't posted them yet though. Your outfit is great too! And I think you should definitely post your boyfriend on here :)


Anonymous wrote:

Hey hun, have been trawling through your older posts and your style & photography are amazing!! It's not everyday you get to see Auckland in a different light. Have you done a shoot down at La Cigale markets yet??

NyctanthousNumquid wrote:

this look is tops!

Vera wrote:

your photos are always amazing. love it love it. and yeah, man-style is welcome :)! LOL

bycarolinafabris.com wrote:

Amazing outfit. Love the look.
Your pants and scarf are perfect.
Absolutely fabulous pic.


MELISSA Z. wrote:

Love all of your outfit! So cool, great combo! You're so stylish! <3


diptea wrote:

You look like a rock-star !!

Anika wrote:

Love your shots, your bf is a fantastic photog. And the outfit is killer. Denim on denim. Done perfectly.

What have you been up to? Still at uni?

p.s. am heading your way in September...whereabouts are you? If I'm close enough, I'd love to catch up with you...I can just see us running amuk.

And how :D

Cupcakes are fashion ! wrote:

What a cool denim/studs jacket ! I saw it on Modcloth but finished by not buying it :S



stylewithbenefits wrote:

Hey Marcella! I love this look on you... so rocker chic!

The jacket is pretty phenom!

xo, becs

Unknown wrote:

You're lookin like a haute bad ass babe! Love it!! I need me some aviators ;)


Beth wrote:

I have a thing for moto jackets too. Every time I see a unique one, I have to buy it.

I really like the acid wash jeans with the rich blue color. Do you like the fit of F21 jeans?

Beautiful and chic, as always.

Golden wrote:

Fierce outfit! Love it!

Lots of love,

Maeko wrote:

Very Rick Owens, that jacket. Don't you think?

I have a seriously awesome fixation with construction sites and abandoned areas, because they juxtapose nicely with whatever subject is being photographed.

Mae, thereafterish.

Bárbara wrote:

Everything is great in this! the outfit, the location and your boyfriend's photography skills. Want to see those you took of him! have a nice day!!!

Lucia wrote:

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Congratulations for your blog

StyleCake wrote:

you look fabulous! Love those jeans!

Ale Arróyave wrote:

wow those jeans are great :D!



Judith wrote:

Wow these photo's are amazing. The same is your outfit, really really great. I'm your new followster :P!

Damsels wrote:

you have the prettiest lips .. and i'm in love with your black boot collection

Maeko wrote:

I think it's a fabu idea.

Mae Lu, thereafterish.

Giselle wrote:

Hello! My name is Giselle and i'm from Balearic Islands - Spain. Only I can say that I'm fascinated by your images. Your blog is very inspiring!! I will follow you all the days. Kiss !

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