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April 9, 2010

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paperbag wrote:

wow love the jacket!!
and i loove your blog!!

FashionJazz wrote:

Fabulous items hun!!! Looking gorgeous in your previous post too! Mwah xx

emi wrote:

Oh my...that jacket is perfection!

xx Emi

Crystal wrote:

Girl, I wish we were the same size!

Great outfit in the previous post. I think every time I see that bag in one of your shots I get a little jealous, haha. Also love the socks and t-straps!

Marina e Camilla wrote:

wow... we love that shoes *_* And your blog too... It's so stylish! <3
We're following u now *_*

Anonymous wrote:

coool blog :) If we were the same size i'd be trying to purchase that jacket as we speak!
I now follow your blog too, can't wait for more posts!


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