April 11, 2010

Seventh Door top + clutch, F21 shorts, Topshop clogs

I painted my nails grey the other day. Sorta looks like I dipped my hands in cement but I like it.

This beautiful pastel top is from Seventh Door. I'm very into drapey things lately, and this really fits the bill. Also got this rad fold-up clutch from there too. It's convertible, so you can open it up and attach a strap to turn it into a shoulder bag. Such a brilliant idea, for those times when clutching things is an absolute pain (i.e. simultaneously juggling coffee, eftpos cards and sunglasses etc.)

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Helen wrote:

ooooh loving the clogs! nice!!

and awesome clutch babe!

i miss you! havent heard from you in a while!

helen x

Melly wrote:

I love your outfit.

Unknown wrote:

love the pastel colors here. gorgeous as always!

I am Denise Katipunera

FashionJazz wrote:

Luving ur clogs and outfit hun!!! Mwah xx

This chick's got style wrote:

The colors are beautiful together, I love this!

Couture wrote:

Beautiful top!

Irja wrote:

Nice outfit! top <3

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

yeeeey cloggiess<3

xoxo shannon

The Fashion Cloud wrote:

Stunning outfit and you look gorgeous!!


Karoline wrote:

Love the nail polish, it matches the outfit!! Love the outfit as well of course!

Anonymous wrote:

I love it, it`s gorgeous!!

Magali wrote:

Amazing pastels outfit, I love your pictures!

Mila wrote:

wow,stunning look <3

Jolly Josi wrote:

Love the outfit !

Ann wrote:

Love the outfit, colors, and those shoes!


Amanda @ Life with A.Co wrote:

GREAT clutch, love how it's convertable.

Also love that 7th Door top & amazing necklace (where from?!).

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

stilettolover91 wrote:

Great top & skirt!! I love it!!

Unknown wrote:

i am totally in love with this outfit! where is the top from? x


I love this outfit and it looks like you caught some golden light because these photos are beautiful! The clutch is very unique and pretty and I love the breezy outfit paired with clogs. x

Anonymous wrote:

All of the pieces you wear have great details, like the tie in the skirt and the draping of your blouse. I love those clogs! They look different from any I've seen, something about how the back strap lays.

by Sutton wrote:

really cute look. i love all the neutrals paired with the pop of pastel.

No wrote:

pastel green is such an uncommon color. truly striking.

Lenka and James wrote:

I love this outfit that beige skirt goes perfectly with this top...And your clogs are just perfect :)

... wrote:

great outfit!!

LagrandegentilleLou wrote:

Lovely pastels colors :)

Unknown wrote:

you look very pretty!
your skirt is so nice(:

kim wrote:

lovely outfit, the colors yell spring to me. The clogs are awesome!

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

MELISSA Z. wrote:

No words for your outfit...just perfect! The clogs, the bag, OMG! Great!

hot wrote:

How much is your shoes?:))

Jenny Cindy wrote:

This is sooo beautiful. I love the light pastel colors and those awesome clogs. Great outfit!!

sabrina wrote:

This is such a cute outfit while elegant at the same time. I love your necklace =D

misscreacioness wrote:

ohhh!! lovely outfit!!!

Míriam Juan-Torres wrote:

This outfit is pure combination of perfection, I'm falling in love with it! The colors, the shapes.. everything :)

The Sydney Girl wrote:

adore those shorts! thanks for your comment and have a great week ahead :) x

Madeline Veenstra wrote:

I love this top, the colour is amazing :)

Lindstyle wrote:

love the top, i will have to check it out!

xo Lindsey

Vera wrote:

you're such an inspiration! i love every one of your outfits :) so gorgeous. especially the whole pastels and drapey look here <3

Paulina wrote:

LOVING the clutch. So pretty!

Anonymous wrote:

Marcella, you are glowing in these pics! You look gorg and tan. Love the drapey top.

xo, becs

Kat wrote:

Looking gorgeous as always. I like the shorts and that green is a nice colour on you.
Can't say I get the clogs thing! They're all over the blogs at the moment.
Ooh and I like the clutch too :)

veronicaa wrote:

This outfit is perfect!
I adore it so much.
You have great style and an amazing blog!
Glad I found it!
Stop by sometime.
Xoxo Veronica

Loes wrote:

Normally I'm not really into clogs, but these are so nice! :) Also a great outfit again!

Crystal wrote:

I adore grey nails, but I normally only do them for winter. Kind of love that you paired them with a more summery outfit. And that necklace is awesome!

emi wrote:

Love the shorts and the clutch! You look so great! Shoes are killer!

xx Emi

Damsels wrote:

the colors are perfect! i lvoe the mint green with the brown of the clogs.. this is perfection as always

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Hay girl!
It's my first time on your blog and I really love it! You have a great style! I'll follow your blog!

- Please check mine too!

Phuong wrote:

you look awesome! Love your style

lauren wrote:

your outfit rocks, but i am sorry... clogs!?! yuck. i just don't get it... i must not be cool enough.
be a follower, not a hater

Maeko wrote:

There's something so effing effortless and easy about this outfit.

Makes me crave spring/summer now. Sigh.

But then again, you always look easily and effortlessly beautiful.

Maeko, thereafterish.

lorenabr wrote:

Lovely outfit :)

Alex Dom wrote:

love your outfit!

stylefrontier wrote:

really love this outfit!
love the pastel combination

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Bru Marx wrote:

Great outfit! love the clogs.

jasmen wrote:

Gorgeous outfit! I adore your clogs and the colour of your top.

Eli wrote:

oh my, I love everything about your outfit!

clouds of tulle wrote:

<3!! this outfit. The green is such a fresh color.

Unknown wrote:

i love ur blog .. u take pictures very well .. keep up the good work .. def. add u to my blogroll

Anonymous wrote:

i love the green! totally awesome outfit!

love your blog!


Unknown wrote:

Hi, I want to congratulate you, your blog is perfect. and I am his follower official.
Posted on his blog on my blog. hope you enjoy. Kisses Kisses.

Unknown wrote:

Meg wrote:

I adore your clogs. They are beautiful. Great post.

Anonymous wrote:

im loving the pastel colors, u look very sweet!

Gabby wrote:

love the pastel colours combined together :) ur look has won my heart. esp, the green tops with the creme bottoms, this is how exactly i wanna wear throughout spring ;p

Bub wrote:

love this mint green colour, very spring/summer
please come by some time

Paola wrote:

You look so good with this outfit! I think you're gorgeous :)

michellek wrote:

that clutch is divine. the pastel green top with the skirt is a dream. so. i just wanna wear this

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