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April 15, 2010

Just Jeans leather jacket, Jeanswest tee, Leggings courtesy of Lucyd Acyd, Country Road bag, Seventh Door wrist strap + chain, Boots here

Bit of a mega-post, somewhat to make up for the next few weeks I hope. Have a hectic lineup of tests, assignments and grading work coming up so I probably won't be able to update here for a while. Trust me I can't wait to get all that shit out of the way. Promise to get back to comments soon as I can. Thank you for all your support!

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Magali wrote:

You rock this outfit! The leather hacket is absolutely gorgeous and the leggings are amazing! Really nice outfit!


Helen wrote:

good luck with it all girl!!

i have heaps of tests too >< it sucks aye!! and i have 2 yrs after this yr..

hope to hear from you soon!

helen x

Maria Maliki wrote:

love it

Melly wrote:

Amazing Leggings. I want it. perfect outfit.

Lindstyle wrote:

this is a great post, you pull this outfit off AMAZINGLY. i love that wrist strap!

good luck on exams!

xo Lindsey


Unknown wrote:

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misscreacioness wrote:

uauuuuu!!! amazing leggins!!! I love your outfit!!

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

Ohh marcella i love your style<33
the whole outfit is amazing as allways
and the leggings are fierce!

xoxo Shannon

moded'amour wrote:

great outfit, those leggings are insane!!!!!


bisou-joue wrote:

wow! those leggings look so great on you girl ! Great outfit !

Fabulocity in Amish Country wrote:

Ohhhh myyyyyyy those pants are sick!! :) You look fantastic in these photos!

Unknown wrote:

the leggings are an absolute must have! =] <3 them your pictures are gorgeous! =] good luck with all that stuff you have to do =]

Nicole Jarecz wrote:

you pull this look off very well!

Unknown wrote:

amazing legs! <3

stilettolover91 wrote:

Those ripped leggings are so HOT!! I love them!!


emi wrote:

You look absolutely amazing!!! I love it! The leggins are amazing!

xx Emi


Unknown wrote:

The Lucyd Acyd pants are SICK!!! Awesome.

Great outfit...killer photos. You and your photographer should start a mag or something!

Carina Joana wrote:

You always look superb *.*

Dreams||Roses wrote:

Amazing look! I love your style!

clouds of tulle wrote:

You always look so good. I'm so jelly of your legs. =/

Jennifer wrote:

I like these pictures!


You look amazing Marcella! I love those leggings. Good luck on your tests. xo


Lenka and James wrote:

Wow those leggings are so amazing..I love your boots too


Karoline wrote:

This look totally rocks!!

Unknown wrote:

I love those leggings. I can't wait for mine to arrive. You're the second person I've seen with em.

Great look, first time to your blog. You take fabulous photos.

MELISSA Z. wrote:

OMG! You're so cool with this outfit! The leggings are to die for! And I have no words for the boots!


michelle_ wrote:

i saw this look on weardrboe ! such a gorgeousss look! i love the leggings VERY much !! they were love at first sight !

may i ask, what camera do u use to take your photos ? they're all sooo gorgeous !

martine wrote:

Oh!damn girl..you're so cool!
Please become my follower!


Lyndranette wrote:

awesome outfit! my fave of yours! so edgey!

Maeko wrote:

You look like you stepped out of a magazine spread.

Those pants are freakin' insane! I love 'em.

Maeko. thereafterish.

6roove wrote:

awesome pants!

Violet wrote:

love the pants and the shoes are bad ass with all the studs

Vi from Cali

Nikki Ashley wrote:

Love everything about this look! Photography too!

xo Nikki Ashley

Unknown wrote:

I completely understand about not having the time to update...ive been soo busy this week with school and work....but yea i love your leggings...never seen anything like them...the boots simply amazin'!

marloesvanstraaten wrote:

Those leggings, amazing!
I like your style a lot.

"As pretty as"

FashionJazz wrote:

U are rocking those leggings babe! xxx

sabrina wrote:

Those are sick leggings. Where from?

lauren wrote:

this is the kinda outfit i wanna wear daily. you look like a total chic badass. those leggings are perfection.

be a follower, not a hater

Anonymous wrote:

I love your leggings!! :)

iliketweet wrote:

Awesome leggings! Love the background too.

tweet tweet tweet


FashionHippieLoves wrote:

stunning looks!
Really love your cut-out leggings!


StylePicks wrote:

Love your outfit. It's great


Anika wrote:

Freakin' adore this outfit. So killer. Love the leggings!! And that leather jacket is just nuts. I missed out on a size 6, dammit!

p.s. check out my blog, I'm doing a giveaway :)

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

This look is perfect!

Kristina wrote:

Huh...I've just seen those same leggings on another blogger. You both rock it. :)

Fashion By He wrote:

love those leggings, really sexy! hot heels too

can we link exchangE??


Melissa wrote:

gorgeous outfit!


Black Widow wrote:

your outfit is so cool!

Move wrote:

love the leather jacket!


Unknown wrote:

wowzah! love your pants!

carina wrote:

love ur outfit !!!!!

Anonymous wrote:

Oh, nice blog!
You have a beautiful style.
Love this photos!
See you, Carolina.

Marina e Camilla wrote:

wow... Your blog is so cool!! *_*
We follow you... An hug!!

IFB wrote:

Those leggings blow me away. I want a pari!
Cara from IFB

elle adore wrote:

i totally love your style! these leggins are stunnig!! and all of your photos look so gorgeous!!
i follow you <3

xoxo, elle adore.


vicky h. wrote:

k, a couple of things...

1) those shoes are amazing!!

2) love the photography!! the colors look gorgeous (as do you) and the mood of the pictures is so perfect!

3) love the entire blog!!

xox vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Sandy Label wrote:

amazing leggings! i love this outfit.

+ great photos

A♥ wrote:

wow love the leggins and the leather wrap bracelet!


Plami wrote:

OH girl you look stunning! Rock and roll and chick!!! the shoes are gorgeous!



Anonymous wrote:

Best leggings ever, I'm thinking. Also your jacket looks beautiful - very soft.

hi barbie wrote:

I wish i had this leggins

Damsels wrote:

im al ittle bit shocked out how gorgeous these photos are ,they almost take away from the look , just kidding ;)

those cut outs pants are risky but you look awesome in them

Kat wrote:

I love the leggings, they look amazing on you.


Anonymous wrote:

Beautiful Photos!!!

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Greetings and thanks!

em.me.ma wrote:

i want those leggings SO BADLY!

S. Lòpez wrote:

Wow you're foto's are amazing!!!

iliketweet wrote:

Gorgeous outfit, you look awesome!

Love from Tweet


6roove wrote:

great set! fantastic leggings

CL wrote:

It's so good to see you posting regularly again - I hadn't visited in a while. Crap those leggings are hot.

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