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April 27, 2010

Scarlet Room dress, VG jacket, CR bag, Jeffrey Campbell boots

Exhausted to the max but I thought I'd post these before the zzz's. They've been impatiently burning a hole in the computer for a while.

Have mixed feeling about the Topshop opening this weekend. Great because, well, it's TOPSHOP. But on the other hand, my savings plan for it was just one massive Fail. Ugh. Really really need to make some money quick (gambling??)... So tempting. Guess I should sleep on it.

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comments: 44

NLR wrote:

I love your dress, shoes and accessories!! Nice with the coat to make a party-outfit to everyday.

Helen wrote:

loving those jeffrey campbell boots! and omg so lucky to get topshop!!!

i find that I can never save for longer than 2 weeks haha.. always find something to buy!

helen x

S. wrote:

the boots are FANTASTIC go!

Talia wrote:

I love the make up and the vg jacket, it's very original.

Charlotte Elise Jay wrote:

Love your shoes and the cute red jacket!

Love all your accessories too :)


Char x

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

Oehhh this is really something different
but i like it!
and the boots are KILLER!

xoxo SHannon

Ann wrote:

Very cool outfit. Love the jacket and boots! Your hair looks great too.

Jenny Cindy wrote:

You look great - I'm loving the dress! <3

Unknown wrote:

U`re so beautifull! :) amazing Girl! :)

and pretty jacket <3

Karoline wrote:

The jacket is super cool;)

Couture wrote:

Nice jacket!

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

great look!


Nikki Ashley wrote:

I love love love everything! Great look!

xoxo Nikki Ashley

Marinka wrote:

I love the look, your jacket is gorgeous

Yourz Truly Jess wrote:

hot outfit love the jacket u look fab!

Unknown wrote:

I hate when savings plans fails smh. I do love your shoes however!


I love that jacket! It looks really cute with the mesh cutout dress. You look gorgeous as always! xo

Kasia wrote:

Love the wedges!


Janice wrote:

if you really want to shop so bad, you should make different savings, one for shopping and another to actually save. quick money never works out well.

jasmen wrote:

wow, that dress is so amazing on you! :)

clouds of tulle wrote:

These photos are hot! love them.

fashionfletcher wrote:

I like this jacket.
I am a new obsessor of your blog, I really love your style please check out my blog!

Anonymous wrote:

this jacket is amazing. Love the look. The boots is beautiful. Great post.
See you, Carolina.

Anonymous wrote:

this jacket is amazing. Love the look. The boots is beautiful. Great post.
See you, Carolina.

Plami wrote:

you look gorgeous! so beautiful! love the jacket!


Anna Zawada wrote:

luv ur shoes ;p

Anonymous wrote:

just one word: PERFECT! :)

michelle_ wrote:

i lovve your dress ! the transparency details make it look unique !
the jacket adds a nice final touch :)

thanks for your comment :)
glisters and blisters

vicky h. wrote:

your necklace is soo amazing! and once again, I am deeply in love with your pictures...who takes them? They look absolutely gorgeous!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Melissa Z. wrote:

I'm in love with your jacket! Cool pics! <3

Unknown wrote:

Loving those jeffrey campbell boots! And the dress is also stunning..looking great as always!

Anna.Who wrote:

Oh Jeffrey Campbell! I love the boots! Topshop opening? It's so great! Sounds like...spending a lot of money! Good luck on that!

Nicole Jarecz wrote:

i love following your blog - you always have the best posts!xxx

Marina e Camilla wrote:

Wow... you are very beautiful!!!

Damsels wrote:

im thinking about starting to play around with sheer fabrics. this post just made me abit braver ;)

MK wrote:

love those jeffery campbell boots! must find...must find!

Cupcakes are fashion ! wrote:

Coolest shoes ever !


Aspyn J. wrote:

loooove the jacket! wish i could find something like that thrifting...

Anika wrote:

Hey hey,

Apparently you get Urban Decay in Aus (do you get it there?)...I'm seriously off to find me some.

And I adore this outfit...those boots are killer!

p.s. topshop???? topshop where? If you say NZ, I may just have to move there ;)

How's everything going by the way? How's uni? What do you study (don't think I've ever asked....)

mademoiselle créative wrote:

Amazing Blog!

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

You look fabulous as always!

Mari Woolf wrote:

Great outfit, especially love the subtly sexy dress. Didn't find it on the net - who is it by??

Neekoh wrote:

What an awesome way to downplay the sexiness of the sheer panel in the middle. Still very enticing ;)

Live Love LA wrote:

Nice coat.

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