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March 23, 2010

Rock the Croc bag via ModCloth, Temt dress, Portmans shrug, Pulp heels

Another amazing piece from ModCloth, an ivory croc pattern tote. One of the few bags I own that isn't black, or have studs/zips all over it...

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FashionHippieLoves wrote:

gorgeous look!


mardijane wrote:

wow, amazing temt dress, just proves you dont need to spend a million to look a million :)


just because...

Helen wrote:

aww what a cute girly look! you look great with your hair curled!

Yáskara Ferreira wrote:

you look lovely
I adore the color of your hair, suits you very well!

Magali wrote:

Beautiful pics as always, you look perfect, this color palette and your dress are lovely!

Rissa wrote:

great outfit! i swear your one of the best dressed people in New Zealand. I travel there ALL the time and never see people as stylish as you.

Do you know a lot of other stylish people in NZ or do you tend to turn a lot of heads with what you wear?

Karoline wrote:

I love this outfit, it is so easy and breezy, and romantic and just wonderful!

Stina wrote:

Love it. I really like the colours.:-) Stina

Madeline Veenstra wrote:

Love the dress, it's such a pretty colour :)

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

FABULOUSSS!! (as alwayss)

xoxo Shannon

Couture wrote:

Love love love the dress!


Vera wrote:

why is it that i fall in love with every single one of your outfits? :) beautiful dress, girl! loving the soft colours

Mom Fashion World wrote:

My dear Marcella, you always look beautiful
and i love your curly hair today.
Really... you pulled off that outfit so well.
Wish I was as sexy as you, huh!

Melly wrote:

beautiful outfit. :)

alice wrote:

the bag is gorgeous! super lovely colors

Fashion By He wrote:

great heels, love the dress, you have sick style

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


clouds of tulle wrote:

i like this girly look on you. =)

Fabulocity in Amish Country wrote:

You're gorgeous! Loveeee this look, and that bag is the shizz! :)

Maeko wrote:

I love all the peach with neutrals. It's got a good spring/summer vibe going with a little bit of all-season thrown in.

I like that it's soft and a soft infusion of colour rather than going all out with glaring hues.

I got the pants. They fit well, if a little bit tight over my bum. I might have my tailor put a zipper in.

Thanks! I love them!

Maeko, thereafterish.

Inés wrote:

Love your blog,your style is great!!!!!!

No wrote:

the soft pastel colors + the daylight make for such a pretty outfit

Damsels wrote:

i love this so much! it looks different from your usual look .. they are alll good though


The dress looks amazing on you. I love it and the color is divine. xo


Unknown wrote:

nice dress! U`re stunning! <3

Unknown wrote:

omg i absolutely love everything about your outfit!!!...the bag and the sandals are my favorite!!

Nini's Style wrote:

You look great! Love your dress and your hair!
I just added you to my blogroll :-). You have a great blog.

Rule of Fashion wrote:

great style

Checkout my shopping blog

dred wrote:

i'm loving the color tone of the photos so much. gorgeous dress!!!


Sarah Grace wrote:

I just love this outfit...it is so peaceful looking and very relaxed. You have wonderful taste in clothes, and once again your shoes are amazing!!!


Unknown wrote:

Love the Dress!!!!!

L A wrote:

Lovely x}

MELISSA Z. wrote:

I'm in love with your outfit..it's so adorable!


Your Unintended wrote:

Gorgeous look, as per usual =)

I was wondering whether you heard the fantastic news re fashion shops in Auckland? Topshop is going to be sold in the Department Store in Takapuna! I had to re-read the news a couple of times for them to sink in. Bad news for a student on a budget, but hey.

Keep doing what you're doing!
By the way, I think I saw you a couple of times around uni. You look great in person as well.

mariel elisa wrote:

loving the blush and neutrals. great blog too

Rebecca wrote:

the bag and the dress look so good one you.
I love it :D

Chiara wrote:

Lovely outfit!
Love all the light colours!


Unknown wrote:

I love these two colours together as well as the heels!

LH wrote:

Thanks for starting to list your style! Been reading your blog for a while.

It has been great!


Kat wrote:

That dress is so soft and pretty, love the colour.


micol zanzuri wrote:

ohhh my god girl you look gorgeus!!!!
following you from now!

Anonymous wrote:

Oh so pretty darling!


lauren wrote:

i love the peachy undertone of all of these photos. the neckline of this dress is fierce. you really know how to put an outfit together. you are also a great inspiration.


Anonymous wrote:

So pretty and lovely! I love your curly hair!

The bag goes so well with the dress. They are almost the perfect shade of pink!

xo, becs

moded'amour wrote:

gorgeous outfit!


Unknown wrote:

love ur style alot, love the croc bag


Piia Õ. wrote:

I really really like your dress, especially the detailing in the upper part. And the bag also. Great look !


▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Nice dress! Almost look like you have a gorgeous bib necklace on :)


stylefrontier wrote:

the whole look is wesome!
i love every pieces in this outfit


Anika wrote:

I really feel like I need to check out modcloth now. Love your outfit, its summer perfect.

As always, you look stunning gorgeous girl!

Bird wrote:


Unknown wrote:

awww i love your style
the blog is very nice and interesting

follow me on

Angela Pluck wrote:

beautiful dress

becka wrote:

I love the complete look!!!

Joyce wrote:

you look great! looks like a nice warm day over there =)

love the bag too!

www.majormusthaves.com wrote:

Love the colors...

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) wrote:

very cute outfit!

Melly wrote:

beautiful dress. :)

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