hard glare

March 31, 2010

Just Jeans leather jacket, Country Road top + bag, Glassons skirt, Qupid heels

I've been obsessively wearing these sunglasses lately. It seems that Category 3 lenses and sleep-depraved eyes were totally made for each other.

Been very bad at spending the bank's my money on stuff I don't particularly need. I need to cut my cards in half or something. The habit is just not good for me, in more ways than one. For instance, I'm compelled to go watch the mailbox like a hawk now...

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Marleen wrote:

love this!! :) xx


Your heels are gorgeous and I love the side profile photo with your lips and the sunglasses. It is gorgeous! I am the same way with buying stuff I don't need and I get obsessed with the deliveries. I understand! xo


Ann wrote:

like always- you look fabulous and so hip =)


stilettolover91 wrote:

You look incredible!!! I love this look!!


Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

the shoes are sexeyy and the whole outfit
as well actually : D

Karoline wrote:

I LOVE it<3 I love your style and blog so much!

Sarah wrote:

gorgeous outfit. it looks perfect on you. The heels are awesome.

Mom Fashion World wrote:

I've been out of control lately. Spending my money left to right. Now, I've to watch out and discipline myself, no shopping for me this month, huh!

Sweetie, you always look beautiful and stylish!
I love the photos too!

Bird wrote:

ohhh love these photos! such amazing textures of the jacket and the dress look fantastic. great style

Madeline Veenstra wrote:

Love your leather jacket, it's gorgeous :)

Anonymous wrote:

I love the dress and the bag is amazing, such pretty lighting too!


Anonymous wrote:

you look amazing!

No wrote:

oh my. i really like the color of your shoes. plus I'm a sucker for gray AND monotone so I automatically give 5 stars :-)

Vera wrote:

i thought you were wearing a dress! stunning like always :) love the details on your top and skirt. they go together so perfectly!

Yourz Truly Jess wrote:

yourz outfit posts are always so awesome :) love love love that dress! love ur blog 2 :)


Carina Joana wrote:

Amazing outfit! loveee the shoes ans the jacket!

6roove wrote:

gorgeous dress!
I love your pics <3


Kashaya wrote:

Love your outfit and the pictures are just amazing!

dred wrote:

i superlove the black and grey combo! the shoes are way too cute. xx


Jerrica wrote:

Love the look! The glasses make you look cooler. LOL I know what you mean about the cards I recently cut ONE! Good Luck

Move wrote:

great outfit, love ur heels so much!


Nini's Style wrote:

You have great legs Marcella. The last picture is my favorite :-)
Have a great day,

Couture wrote:

Your shoes are amazing!


Clara Campelo wrote:

lovely look
your blog is great!

Fabulocity in Amish Country wrote:

That dress... those shoes.... amazing! :)

Crystal wrote:

Killer shoes! Sigh, I too am trying to control my spending a bit since my credit card bills have been making me wince.

Ola wrote:

love the look!
visit fuckthatfashionart.bogspot.com

... wrote:

nice dress and love the heels!
check out my blog: http://loresfashion.blogspot.com

Unknown wrote:

cool shots
all very nice!
the blog is beautiful and interesting!


inkarlcerating wrote:

PUT YER CARD IN AN ICEBOX.. inside the freezer hehe
oh i love yer wrinkled jacket

Lexi Colby wrote:

such a pretty outfit!

PrincessImp. wrote:

Online shopping is a modern evil, but oh man do I like to wallow in it! I'm with ya..too many things to buy but too little money to spend, or rather I should not be spending.
Love your pictures and your black-gray outfit..everything just works together so perfectly.

ZuckerKleidchen wrote:

i love your style! you simply look amazing!!

The Fancier wrote:

You look incredible as usual. I actually thought the skirt and top were a one piece dress, love it and the heels! I so know what you mean about watching the mailbox like a hawk. Sometimes I try to beat my man to the mailbox so he doesn't realize how much I've been ordering!

Danielle Barbe wrote:

aw yes, adrian is a sweetheart.

love this outfit - and your photos are so beautiful!

Unknown wrote:

I just LOVE it all ;D


Joyce wrote:

i know the feeling! shopping is such a bad addiction... especially when you should/could/or need to be using your money for other things!

absolutely love this outfit though! =)


Chiara wrote:

Love your skirt!



Unknown wrote:

aamazing loook!
love the heels(:

SabinePsynopsis wrote:

Pretty things are so tempting... But you look absolutely gorgeous in this cool outfit. and the sun glasses are fab!

becka wrote:

beautiful shoes! and the dress is so cute! and the glasses gave the final touch :)


great outfit

Amanda @ Life with A.Co wrote:

Amazing! Gorgeous as usual, Marcella!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

lauren wrote:

i feel like this might be one of favorites! i love the dress, the shoes, the jacket... this is good stuff.

be a follower, not a hater...

styledigger wrote:

Love this grey dress!

FashionJazz wrote:

Gorgeous outfit babe!!! Mwah xxx

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

babe! the hemline of that skirt is GORGEOUSSS. and not to mention those heels!!! Yeah, i need to get better at spending the bank's, uhh MY money too :P it's so hard though! We're running a fashion blog which practically survives on consuming (FUN when you have the money) new stuff! Need to find alternatives... ;) Wanna swap clothes? haha


Kate wrote:

wow great blog :D your style is amazing

~KawaiiParadise~ wrote:

seemly beautiful ^^

Lisa Lisa Lisa wrote:

That dress and those shoes are awesome! You look great. I love how you styled it with a crossbody bag. =)
Love your style!

Cheryl wrote:

I can't believe I didn't get that bag when I had the chance. Now it's everywhere and it's haunting me! Great outfit by the way!

Judith wrote:


Agata wrote:

I love the shape of this dress!


Unknown wrote:

Ohhh I love every item you're wearing! You look beautiful and chic as always!

Damsels wrote:

the heels are incredible and the photos as always are stunning

Anonymous wrote:

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Roberto Sena wrote:

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Melly wrote:

beautiful outfit.

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