March 4, 2010

First few days back have been hectic, but that was to be expected. Things have settled down now and it doesn't look like my schedule is too full on this semester so I'm hoping (somewhat wistfully) that my blogging schedule won't have to suffer. What is annoying though is having to break my heel habit again haha

Speaking of which I was extremely lucky to get in on a preorder for these Jeffrey Campbell wedges I've been lusting after (Clinics anyone?). Drawback is that they won't be shipped till the end of the month! I sense one hell of an agonising wait coming right up...

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I love the heels you are wearing and that moto vest is perfection. Good luck this semester Marcella! xo

Unknown wrote:

girl you're always so damn FINE.

I am Denise Katipunera

Scorpion Disco wrote:

I love the tights+shoes combo!! I wanna try that soon :)


Kookie B. wrote:

hey babe! gaah, those grommet boots are to die for! but they're too expensive for me!

looking fabulous as per usual!


Mom Fashion World wrote:

My dear, I'm always run out of words
to describe you!
You're so gorgeous!!!!!!

Amanda wrote:

ooh, which Jeffrey Campbell wedges are those? He always does hot ones <3

Amanda wrote:

ah amanda fail. I just looked up the clinics... ><
but i agree... very worth lusting after. dammit, now i want them too. And btw, i *did* wonder whether you wore heels to uni. haha

Vera wrote:

great outfit - loving the tights :)


amazing hihg heels !

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

nice comfy outfit!
i have the same thing with the pixie wedges
but they're worth the wait :)

xoxo shannon

danoh131 wrote:

Oh Jeffrey Campbell! It will be so worth the wait too!!! I have Potion Booties and I love them!!!

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

love your blog and every single outfit!
You are such a great inspiration!


Talia wrote:

beautiful tights! very romantic. I like the shoes, they are very original. the dress goes well with the vest especially when I saw these two zips. I really like it.

The Fancier wrote:

Amazing shoes!

Fabulocity in Amish Country wrote:

That dress and those shoes are awesome! :)

Bru Marx wrote:

Everything looks good on you!very cute.

lauren wrote:

so are so stinking awesome at putting outfits together! jealous!!!! i love the tights! they give the outfit the 80's rock star vibe i love.
be a follower, not a hater

Karoline wrote:

Perfect outfit! Jealous of your stylish eye!

Sarah Grace wrote:

I love the tights with the heels. So chic.

Devon wrote:

That outfit is FABULOUS. I want those shoes xx

rosalita fashionista wrote:

wow I love all the zippers and all the neutral tones together! so chic! loves

clouds of tulle wrote:

yea the clinics are awesome... contemplating to preorder them too...

Couture wrote:

Stunning shoes!


FashionJazz wrote:

Hey babe! Hope u been well,luv ur shoes soo much!!!! Mwah xx

Andrea Morgenstern wrote:

i love your hair!

Kristina wrote:

Great style. :)

Amanda wrote:

heyy, I swear I'm not stalking you, but I just saw you yesterday (walking down queen street with your boyfriend) AND today - once again, also walking down queen street... with a valleygirl bag >< You were in those amazing jeans that were on the 1st post of yours I ever read, haha.

Malu Swartjes wrote:

Great outfit! You have no idea how jealous I am of those heels!!


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Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!

Kat wrote:

Loving it as always; the tights and the heels are amazing.

Anonymous wrote:

You look amazing! Those booties are fabulous! Love the contrast with the lace tights.

xo, becs

Sandy Label wrote:

i love ur shoes! i often visit ur page so u are in my favs :D

PUNKIE wrote:

great look and... great blog!

stilettolover91 wrote:

WOW!!! HOT!!!! I love the tights and the heels!!! Great blog!!

Sasa wrote:

u r perfect! absolutely! ;)

Eli wrote:

I really love the shade of your hair! I think I'll be taking a break from heels after kind of twisting my ankle this weekend

Unknown wrote:

love your heels in this post...your outfit and pics look great...I hope to see a future post with your Jeffrey Campbell's!...can't wait..I'l be checking for it :)

Unknown wrote:

Lovely as always! I need those shoes and I wish I had your size feet so that I could purchase and inherit some of your shoes!

Anonymous wrote:

Another kick azz outfit

antonia wrote:

I love the tights+shoes+vest combo!!
you are lovely, and i like this shoes also but they are to hard for this combination (for me).
all the best from poland!!!

Joelle wrote:

super cute tights! I wish i could find some like those.

Rachel wrote:

Fabulous outfit! Love your pics!!

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