March 10, 2010

I'm so thrilled than Hanh of Life In Travel has chosen me as one of the entries in her Fashion blog world's inspiration contest! I would love it if you guys could help vote for me :)

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Marcella, I love your skirt and of course your booties! You look beautiful and I will vote for you =) xo

stilettolover91 wrote:

You look incredible!!!! I love your skirt and those peep-toe booties!!!

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

my god there is not a day that you're looking not hot
digg the outfit as usual

xoxo shannon

Vera wrote:

hey! i love how you paired the soft feminine top with a tougher skirt :) those shoes are fab too <3 looking good as always!

Helen wrote:

the skirt is so beautiful marcella! love it!

helen x

Unknown wrote:

Skirt definitely rocks with those moto booties...nice soften with the blouse. Congrats on the nom, shall go vote for you now.

PS like the close up for make-up shot. What colour is it? Metallic but not teeny bopper got into mums make up bag.

Angela Pluck wrote:

you look great love the bag...I really wish I got that bag when it was up on the website..

Kat wrote:

Rowge! Hot skirt!
Lovely necklace too.

Unknown wrote:

marcella! you always look so chic and tiny and sexy. I love your skirt and that boots. Wow! It's simple but my oh my! And id die for your legs!

I am Denise Katipunera

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

stunning skirt!


Madeline Veenstra wrote:

I love the detailing on your skirt and shirt. Such a pretty colour too :)

Dylana Suarez wrote:

You are soooo amazing! This outfit is flawless!

Melly wrote:

I love your outfit. Amazing shoes!!!

Crystal wrote:

Congrats on the nomination! I really love the eye makeup you're rocking. I always have the hardest time doing eye makeup.

Talia wrote:

very interesting shoes. very unique.
I love this romantic shirt ;) The color is goregous.

Anonymous wrote:

OMG where did you get that skirt

ColorHater wrote:

You look great! I like your style! Congrats for the competition :)

Maeko wrote:

That blog is actually how I found you.


I love the shimmery eye make up.

Maeko @ thereafterish.

Anonymous wrote:

oh my god!
i really love the shoes!

Unknown wrote:

the shoes is Alexander McQueen's shoes lookalike. it really is cool! where did u get that??

Sarah wrote:

you look lovely
loving your shoes!

Damsels wrote:

your hair looks incredible! i am stunned by the boots as well

... wrote:

I love the shoes!
they are absolutely stunning!
It's my birthday today!!
check my site:
The Birthday Girl

Bird wrote:

shoes and necklace... INCREDIBLE

love it great outfit and blog

Philippa wrote:

Hey your blog is amazing I love your clothes, itd be great if at the end of each post you wrote where each item of clothing etc was purchased from for those interested (i.e me haha) :)

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Ooh! The skirt! Love love love. Love the leather look going on here -- the skirt + the bag + the shoes = edgy, but softened up by with the lilac blouse. I also saw your entry on Hanh's blog... best wishes from me to you girl!


Laetitia wrote:

So pretty! Love that bag...


The Fancier wrote:

Fierce skirt and I will put in a vote!

Sassi wrote:

love your leather skirt!

Unknown wrote:

I love the skirt and generally, the whole look (:

love the blog!


Goddess of Nonsense wrote:

Hot stuff! the skirt is to die for!

Andrea Morgenstern wrote:

your hair looks beautiful!

FashionJazz wrote:

Luv ur skirt hun!! Good Luck!! Mwah xxx

Sarah Grace wrote:

You have like the best taste in shoes ever!!! Do you sell shoes in your shop? I would love to have those...they are so chic.

Amanda @ Life with A.Co wrote:

OMG I'm dying over your outfit. It's soo fierce and that skirt?! Hell-O! Wow, you look amazing. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog! :)


Lisa Lisa Lisa wrote:

Your skirt is amazing!! I love how your paired that top with it. Very nice! Congrats on your Life in Travel feature. Hanh's opinion is very well respected among bloggers.

Une ├ętincelle de mode wrote:

wow this skirt and this boots are amazing!!!!want the same

Chiara Biasi wrote:

lovely lovely pics!!!

kiara leswara wrote:

marcella ur so great. loving your style. and your picture quality for sure. comment on mine:-)
and i've linked yours. link me back okay?

Karoline wrote:

Fierce skirt! wrote:

cute blogg!!

Anonymous wrote:

you look amazingggg!

Nov wrote:

Trully love that outfit!

Unknown wrote:

i absolutely love your skirt!! the entire outfit looks great on you...o and im def voting for you :)

lolichocopop wrote:

i love the skirt,bootie and bag !

hi barbie wrote:

shooooes ♥

A Cup of Nostalgia wrote:

All your looks are so chic!

The Sydney Girl wrote:

absolutely amazing! x

SabinePsynopsis wrote:

Amazing boots! Please tell me whom they are by!

Lara wrote:

Love your outfits and your style!!

I already follow you!

Keep doing like this!


dekker05 wrote:

amazing model, very exciting by its shape, makes you even more enticing and erotic excitement to the extreme;

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