February 24, 2010

This was quite possibly the most eventful outing we've had so far. This kitty wandered up to us first for a sniff around and flopped over for a pat, then we picked up a groupie in the form of a curious little girl on a tricycle. And to top things off we ran into a local TV star whose house it turned out we were shooting right outside. He was rather interested in what we were doing and what my photos were going to be for. I was so mortified, he probably thought we were paparazzi stalking him lol

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Tayler wrote:

I love the floral cardigan :)


Anonymous wrote:

you look soo comfy... =)

Jacqueline wrote:

The outfit is so cute and casual chic. The kitty cat is adorable! xo


♥Lola wrote:

I love the mix of pastels, it's really pretty!

. wrote:

Hi dear ... I am Brazilian but I love your blog ... and to say that you are my inspiration ...
Love ... Love .. your blog and you're beautiful!
And I have a blog ... complementto.blogspot.com

Kiss ...

Hannah wrote:

ooh i love the lack of black here!

plus the hat is too adorable, i need one...

Hannah Sá wrote:


Scorpion Disco wrote:

Great colors!! I especially love your lipgloss. What is it??



fashion westie wrote:

Pastels, a little floral and a swanky hat? Flawless....kitty kat, kiddy and nosey celeb? Priceless!

Wicked images..but first one's my fave.

fashion westie wrote:

Pastels, a little floral and a swanky hat? Flawless....kitty kat, kiddy and nosey celeb? Priceless!

Wicked images..but first one's my fave.

Dirty Hair Halo wrote:

i'm bonkers for the floral cardigan and the hat. They play really nicely against eachother. They should just marry each other already.


Angela wrote:

the colors are lovely and go well with floral cardigan..looks so comfy and casual...xoxo

Taylor Sterling wrote:

beautiful color! I love the way you layered!! Always stunning!!

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

I think those pastel colours are perfect together!
I would like to wear this outfit, too!


Marina wrote:

love your outfit:)

Sutton wrote:

love the shorts! looks like a fun day! i want summer.

~ Mietze wrote:

aww, this picture are gorgeous - especially the one with the cat♥

Grübchen wrote:

beautiful outfit. Here is it so cold. I want the summer. I would like wear this outfit, too.

The Petite Blogger wrote:

love that outfit! u always look great! ive been following ur blog, its just amazing!

xoxo jenna

Talia wrote:

I adore such combination especially to the fact that they are timeless ;) I like the way you combinaed different materials and coloors.

Couture wrote:

Lovely outfit! Beautiful shoes!


Lore. wrote:

love the shoes and the floral cardigan and what a cute cat!

MELISSA Z. wrote:

Love your sandals and your floral cardi! Great, as always!


Carolina. wrote:

Love the scarf and cardigan!
The cat is beautiful!!!!
Nice post.


iamhaidrofilik wrote:

i love love the floral cardigan! and the cat is just so adorable.


styledigger wrote:

Wow you have perfect legs! I love the outfit, easy and nice:)

Noelle Chantal wrote:

haha you guys are funny! i love the soft colors in your outfit here, Marcella! and its so refreshing to see you full bloom in colors in this stylish casual ensemble. you look so pretty as always :)

and the boyf's shots are so great, no wonder he's mistaken as a paparazzi! hehe

and i love love your lace dress on the previous post. sexy! :)

G. wrote:

I love everything you have on this photo shoot...you look comfy but at the same time really fashionable!!! and the shoes...to die for!
following you

go check my blog when you have time:

clouds of tulle wrote:

cute! How many degrees is it there right now? must be nice to be in warm sunny weather. =P

MissMaiYang wrote:

I love this outfit. I was wondering what kind of camera you were using/ or type of lens. The picture quality is phenomenal!

Yáskara wrote:

love you sweet rock style, very nice mixes!

Gladys Lopez wrote:

Your style is AMAZING!

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

awww thanks sweety! i gotta love this outfit!

btw like a month ago i featured you as "fashion icon" on.my website(lol sorry for not sayinn this earlier :0)


hope you like it

xoxo shannon

Fabulocity in Amish Country wrote:

You look awesome! Those shoes are amazing! :)

sexylegsandbody wrote:

You look gorgeous, love your outfit.
My first time on your blog, and I enjoy looking at your pics, you have great style and elegance in your choice of what you wear!

Hope your weekend will be fabulous.

JAD3 wrote:

Love the outfit! it's gorgeous!
and such a cute cat!

Karoline wrote:

I love the floral cardigan!! And the cat is really adoreable!!

Maskenlady wrote:

Beautiful outfit, you look great!

Anonymous wrote:

This is such a perfect spring outfit! Love it

TINA wrote:

You truly have great style! I'm in love with all of your outfits on your blog & the photography is wonderful.
The floral cardi and scarf make this look so effortless and comfortable ♥ Cute kitty too!


noura. wrote:

you have the best style ever

emily viveur wrote:

i love the breezy, feminine look of your outfit! amazing shoes as well...you have great style.


mom & son wrote:

Hello my dear gorgeous friend!
Every time I see you are becoming more and more beautiful and your style is absolutely stunning.

what type of camera you're using by the way?
i love the photos you know.

have a great weekend!

Agata Bonaccorso wrote:

Ciao ti ricordo che è iniziato il faashion contest per fashion blogger, in palio la Retro_cassette_bag al miglior outfiters!
conferma la tua partecipazione diventando fan di chic che non impegna, e mess privato!

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