walking on a dream

February 9, 2010

A bit of a self-indulgent outfit... I've been waiting weeks for an excuse to wear this dress - dinner date, cocktail party, class reunions - but none came up so to hell with it I thought! I'd just make my own occasion up.

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FashionHippieLoves wrote:

Your outfit is killing me!!
Those heels and the studded bag are fantastic, love it!



Wow, love the dress, the bag, and especially the heels. I say wear the dress while you can, who cares the occasion! You look amazing Marcella, as always =) xo


Alice Lee wrote:

wow, beautiful shoes and bag, and complete outfit is perfect:) Love it


Vertiginoso wrote:

So I can understand your impatience about this so sexy/laid back finery, AND (shyly) have to say that this zipper's fantastical vibrancy Here is far to be accessory !!!
Hope you're Well Dear Marcella.

à Bientôt, Antoine

Unknown wrote:

Killer dress, killer heels.....but it's your bag I covet the most.

You look awesome and go you for just succumbing to your fashion whimsys-it worked!

Sparkles xoxo

Mila wrote:

OMG GORGEOUS shoes and bag!!!!!!!!

Talia wrote:

This outfit is marvellous. every single piece of it is fantastic. so feminine and glamurous! ;)
kisses ;*

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

KILLER DRESS! love it!
xoxo shannon

fashion clocked wrote:

Gorgeous everything- worth making up an occasion for- you sound like me. will be following your blog.
Check mine- just starting. Katie.xxx

Sailor Jamee wrote:

i can see why! the dress is gorgeous, you look great!

clouds of tulle wrote:

so CUTE. Love this dress.

Madeline Veenstra wrote:

Love your dress, it's so pretty :)

Sarah Grace wrote:

I just love this dress and the shoes are wonderful.


Fashion Konundrum wrote:

Oh so pretty! I love your dress - love the cut and the detailing.


Unknown wrote:

give me that dress and id where it everyday, anywhere too.

love those shoes.

I am Denise Katipunera

kc wrote:

Absolutely gorgeous! Are those cut outs in the back?? So pretty! You're always so polished

FashionJazz wrote:

Luv ur outfit babe!! I agree, why wait for a special occasion, just wear it now, every day should be a celebration! : ) Hope u had a good wknd! xxx

Roxana C wrote:

i have a dress that kind of looks like yours, i'll post some pictures tonight, check it out, let me know what you think!

Karishma wrote:

Abso-fucking-lutely GORGEOUS :)

Love the dress, love the bag, love the shoes :)
Nice work girlie

Sophie wrote:

Love the whole damn outfit! Where did you get that gorg bag, if I may ask?

Kat wrote:

The tulip shape of that dress looks amazing on you.
Damn girl, I love the shoes as always. I ain't seeing anything like them around Auckland. Where do find them?!


kulululu wrote:

that dress is soo pretty

Kimberley wrote:

iv been eyeing those shoes up for a while now!
love walking on a dream too

Karoline wrote:

You seem so glamouros and some kind of important in this outfit! Lovely.

Unknown wrote:

wonderful dress!




Anonymous wrote:

Being indulgent? But the dress is gorgeous! This outfit is just stunning

augustalolita wrote:

stunning dress!!

Next-Trend wrote:

this is an amazing outfit ;)

Jerrica wrote:

haha I do that quite often. I mean you can't wait forever. You look great edgy and classy.

my blog:

Sarah wrote:

this is head-to-toe hot. I love the dress, and the bag...and the shoes. And the bracelets.

Anonymous wrote:

I am all about your accessories. LOVE the bag. xo Mish


AMIT wrote:

Just lovely pictures.

lingerie today

... wrote:

love that dress!

Mom Fashion World wrote:

Sweetie, I guess this outfit is perfect to any occasions. You look so sexy!

dred wrote:

you are a picture of perfection from head to toe! i'm like that too, waiting for special occassion to wear a special dress. but yeah what the heck! a gorgeous dress like that shouldn't be kept in the closet for long!


Fashion By He wrote:

awesome drss, fits your body perfectly!! you have amazing style..and those heels are real sexy

want to link exchange?


lauren wrote:

how fabulous are you? love it. this look is flawless. this has to be worn to your highschool reunion, it would make the mean kids jaws drop. well, i was a loser, so there are lots of mean people who's jaws i have to make drop in 3 years when i have mine. too much info ;)


Anonymous wrote:

honey, that's a darling little dress you have on. i simply love... =)


Anonymous wrote:

So chic, Marcella!! These photos are simply gorg!

xoxo, becs

Molly Gertenbach wrote:

It's good you did, because that dress is too perfect to let sit in a closet. Love it!

Melissa Z. wrote:

I've just discovered your blog and I love it! You've a great style and your pics are so good!

If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment. Thanks a lot.


Bru wrote:

ohhh this shoes! amazing!!!
and this dress! no wonder u where dying to an excuse to use it, its gorgeous!

I love ur pictures, they are stunning.
xx bru

Crystal wrote:

Chic beyond words. Absolutely killer. That dress is so sexy/stylish. Definitely don't need an occasion to wear it out!

Initials.CC wrote:

yeaaah! beautiful :)


Everyone loves fashion wrote:

totally love your shoes and whole blog <3

TINA wrote:

Wow, I really love your outfit, its so perfect. That dress is absolutely stunning & even more amazing with those heels! Neutral and black is so chic too. Love it.


Anonymous wrote:

oh gosh, I just LOVED your poses, your pics, your outfits, everything! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! congratulations, really.


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels wrote:

Alas, I seem to have found someone who loves studs as much as I do :-)

I love this outfit, especially the bag and -OMG- the sandals!!

Couture wrote:

I love your shoes! So Amazing!


Anonymous wrote:

hey i love your blog!!!! what kind of camera have you honey? i follow YOuuu.. I HOPE you folloowww me Tooo???? Kissss from GERMANY ;*)

Unknown wrote:

The outfit is amazing.
Could I ask what brand that dress is?

emily wrote:

that dress is absolutely gorgeous! and your heels are great as usual.
haha i'm the same way, i like making up my own occasions to get a little dressed up :)


The WOW Series wrote:

love the outfit...it's something i would wear for sure :)


Lindsay With An "A" wrote:

This looks great!!! Love the dress so much! :)


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