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February 1, 2010

I've started wearing lipstick more often lately, it makes a nice change, definitely gives a more polished look :) I'm wearing my current favourite shade here, Rimmel's 'Coral in Gold'.

I've been engrossed with getting the store ready these past few days so I haven't been able to catch up with everyone yet unfortunately. It's been hard work but only a few more things to itemize and it'll be all ready to go! Can't wait.

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Madeline Veenstra wrote:

Love the leather skirt with the gauzy shirt :)

Melly wrote:

Beautiful Outfit. ☺

Malu Swartjes wrote:

Love the skirt!


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Unknown wrote:

amazing outfit!

Fash!onista wrote:

great outfit! =)
love your new baniere^^

anon wrote:

love the relaxed yet pulled together look with the skirt and accessories. the lipstick certainly does help!

Anna.Who wrote:

I like your necklaces a lot!

Talia wrote:

It is really hard to find well shaped leather skirt. You have an amazing one.

Unknown wrote:

Your skirt is so loveable and I adore the outfit in total!

This chick's got style wrote:

Wonderful outfit!
Where did you get your skirt? :)

Lara Lima wrote:

Love the ankle boots,beautiful

Maria Maliki wrote:


LaurenSchoon wrote:

Love the skirt!


The skirt is fabulous! Is it real leather? You look amazing Marcella! xo


Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) wrote:

i love the skirt!

Sophie wrote:

This looks so perfectly effortless :) Everything fits you just right. Maybe I'll wear my leather skirt today!

... wrote:

really love this look!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Dear Marcella, so to be Honest I (shyly) have to say that beyond the sweet lipstick question, Here I am delightfully distracted by the way your slightly sheer blouse unveils a dark finery . . . which is perfectly in harmony with your (so sexy) skirt !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Tabitha wrote:

The lip color is fantastic on you. I like the idea of wearing lipstick, but then never remember to re-apply. I guess that's something you train yourself to do.

I'm also loving how the embellishments and jewelry is really making your outfit.

Mom Fashion World wrote:

with/out lipstick you still look
attractive, sweetie!
your outfit is beautiful especially the white comfy top you're wearing.

Unknown wrote:

You are stunning! Love this look, especially the boots!

rachel wrote:

love the outfit!
you look gorgeous!

Anna Stella Tavares wrote:

Olá .. adorei seu blog, adorei mesmo, deu ate pra tirar umas ideias de looks .. d+ fashion distracio s2 eu sou do brasil.. se quiser visite meu blog.. aqui oh ... http://www.missbeldade.blogspot.com/
vlw .. dá uma passadinha lá

Crystal wrote:

Good luck with the store! You look so chic here. For some reason I like how your hair looks with the bag. Haha, that might sound weird.

lauren wrote:

this is soooo my style. i love it, it's hard and edge while somehow remaining sweet and light. genius.


Sharon Lei wrote:

What an amazing blog you have here! Definitely great style :)

Love & Aloha,

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

Your blog is killing me!!!
And this outfit rocks!
Love it!!!!!


Unknown wrote:

great boots: i love it!

bloo90fashion wrote:

wow ! wow !

you look awesome & so chic !
i looooove it :))


bloo90fashion wrote:

i follow you darling !

and could you write me, how did this cool font as the title post?
I like!
and I want this!



Unknown wrote:

If I don't find a perfect sheer shirt soon, I swear I am going to scream!

Cool outfit, what's new? Stop being so bloody awesome! :-)

TM listing takes SO long...fine line between pleasure and pain.

Beth Ruby wrote:

Gorgeous photos the lighting is perfect and you look beautiful.
Awesome outfit as well, in love with your shoes!

Anonymous wrote:

Your wang purse is so beautiful, I love it :)

Afrodite Trevlopoulos wrote:

Love your outfit so much!!! the boots are in EVERY magazine <3

don't forget to visit me at thefashionfolio.blogspot.com


Jenny wrote:

You have great style. Im really liking your blog!

Marla Singer wrote:

you look so fierce! love the skirt and the boots <33d

Be Mode! le blog wrote:

i like ur cloth !

natasha's view wrote:

Simple but great! Love it!


Jeje wrote:

Awesome outfit! I'm a fan, as always :)

The lipstick color looks really good on you :)


clouds of tulle wrote:

cute blouse!!

Pati wrote:

oh, thanks for you comment in my blog! I really liked because i'm your fan! *-* And you clothes, as alway, beautiful! Loved the ankle boots!

GUi wrote:

wow i love your shoes!
all fashion girls have that shoes
love it

ZANAH wrote:

Casual chic... lovely blog ! :) Mon Mode Blog

Anonymous wrote:

This is stunning! Love that outfit so much...

Sarah wrote:

you might just be my favorite fashion blogger :)

The Fancier wrote:

Not just your run of the mill leather skirt, such a great design, I love the bandage like effect! Magnificent style blog!

Aida Camila wrote:

Oww..it's great!! Beautiful looks! amazing!!
visit on my blog:www.quandonarari.blogspot.com

J. wrote:

Love this whole outfiiit !

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