i wish it could last

February 28, 2010

Thought we'd venture off the city streets to a more picturesque location for a change. I really love how the lighting played out here.

Start of the semester tomorrow... which basically means the end of my freedom. Sigh.
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Vera wrote:

cute summery look! i especially like the top :)
great blog btw - i'm a new follower!

Chopstick wrote:

kookai!!! and yes, i totally agree. fantastic light + awesome nature = WIN!


Wow, you look amazing in that golden light Marcella! Beautiful. Good luck with school. xo


Tayler Worrell wrote:

love this, I love how its just shorts and a tank but its so whimsical!


Unknown wrote:

i love how the lights played in your silhouette.

what a cute pairing of socks with the studded heels. Pulled it off quite well.

I am Denise Katipunera

j3nhow wrote:

u look stunning! u have an amazing blog which is actually one of my daily reads!!! u always dress so effortlessly chic.

xoxo jenna
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Talia wrote:

I have already started my semester two weeks ago ;/ But I don't have many lectures because it's almost the end of my schooling at the university so I am free we can say ;)
Gorgeous shirt. So feminine and romantic. I like the application in its front.

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

mhhhmm what more can i say
great as allways plus those are some
really inspiring shots

xoxo shannon

Karoline wrote:

Beatiful lights, gorgeous pictures!

Victoria Jin wrote:

The lighting is so magical and lovely. I love your top!


Vertiginoso wrote:

OMG Dear Marcella, this is Frankly One of your Best series, so "bucolic BOMBshell beaming on an eteheral halo of Light / never ending Summer's Fantasmal Allegory" !!!
ps: I can Only wish you Bon courage for your Semester Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Sofia wrote:

Great summer look! I can't wait for warmer weather.

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Karishma wrote:

Love it :)


Anonymous wrote:

oh, the summer... fresh clothes. can't wait, haha. love it!

Zuheily wrote:

Love your pics!!!
Love your blog!
Love everything!!!!!!
jejeje :):D
Btw take a look at my blog :D http://zuheilyrodriguezfashions.blogspot.com/

Amanda wrote:

I like the Kookai bag most :) Gahh, yesss... semester's starting. Urgh, what the heck to wear?! I'm hating the thought of mufti, especially before winter hits. I hate dressing for summer and heat, let alone in mufti. What is a 1st year to do?! :(

Mom Fashion World wrote:

Wow, I envy your sexy body!!!!
You're always gorgeous, my dear!

Good luck on your studies!

Une étincelle de mode wrote:

your short is so cute!


LagrandegentilleLou wrote:

Want to be in summer! You looks great with this cute short :)


Melissa Z. wrote:

Love the light in these pics! Great outfit too, especially for the so romantic top!


Fabulocity in Amish Country wrote:

These photographs are absolutely gorgeous! :) you look awesome as always!

Jolly Josi wrote:

Wow, these photos turned out amazing ! & your outfit is adorable.

Eli wrote:

these photos are stunning, makes me miss the summer all that much more

guildedsecret. wrote:

ENCHANTING. the natural light is perfection...


SophieGrace wrote:

Your photos are stunning!

Sailor Jamee wrote:

i'm SO jealous that you're in warm enough weather to be able to wear an outfit like that! the lighting is seriously gorgeous, as well.

Scorpion Disco wrote:

I like that your bag is bigger than your shorts!! And I love the necklace too!



▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

oh no.... does the end of your freedom means less blog posts from you??? :( I hope not... I love your blog, I check it everyday :) anyways, good luck with the new semester babe!!

PS: The lighting in these shots are captured so very beautifully :)


stylefrontier wrote:

stunning photoss dear! seriously i love your top too


Jeje wrote:

Awesome! So comfy and fresh :)

Unknown wrote:

Love the look of these photos...sun drenched and a fitting hurrah to our summer...bye bye but bring on the winter weather to layer up in all those gorg clothes...can't wait to see what you do!

amber and hilary wrote:

Hey hun!
Love your blog, only just realised it was you hehe!
Great pictures. Come visit my friend Amber and my blog when you get a spare mo.
Hilary xx


Unknown wrote:

jealous at the fact its sunny and you can wear shorts! =]
but other than that love the shoes and your top...hope your semester goes well! =]

Unknown wrote:

Beautiful photos and love those shorts! gasp!

G. wrote:

any pic you post is absolutely great!!!good job

... wrote:

lovely summer outfit

lauren wrote:

my lord, these pictures are amazing, your outfit is amazing, it's all just amazing!!! i love the socks and shoes. this really makes me want to go buy a new camera.

be a follower, not a hater

FashionJazz wrote:

U look gorgeous here hun!! Hope ur well! Mwah xx

Carolina. wrote:

Perfect look.
I really love the shors. Very cute.


Anonymous wrote:

These are so magical and inspiring...I cant wait to feel the sun again!


Unknown wrote:

love your pictures...very dreamy..:)


Fashion By He wrote:

great pictures, love the shorts, your style is amazing

want to link exchange?

first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


Crystal wrote:

Your pictures are so stunning. They make me crave summer and being able to wear gorgeous flow-y tops.

Anonymous wrote:

So pretty! I love the sandals with the socks. It's one of my fav looks for the spring. These are just simply gorg photos.


MizzJ wrote:

Lovely lighting, it makes me long for summer up here! Cute look with the socks and sandals.

A Cup of Nostalgia wrote:

WOW these pictures makes me yearn all the more for summer! Love your outfit!

Nini's Style wrote:

Beautiful photos!!!! I'm in love with your blog now.

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