February 6, 2010

Feeling pretty uninspired these past few days, it's been all work and no play. I'm so looking forward to finishing my summer internship. I think I have about a week off to relax before uni starts for the year. And Valentine's day is coming up soon too. My boyfriend and I haven't done anything special for the past two years so we might make something of it this year just for a change. It involves a yacht ;) What are everyone else's plans?

Been adding tons of stuff to the store too, here are some of the latest items:

shop fashion distraction

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You have such cute stuff Marcella. I love the shoes in this post! A yacht sounds very exciting =) xo

Unknown wrote:

Like the effect that your shots have this post. Did you change the ISO rating?

Fashion is not made for summer-too damn hot to look, well, hot. Simple outfits with wow in the accessories and accents is much easier.

Like it!

Helen wrote:

did you dye your hair marcella??

oooh your valentines day sounds so exciting!! i wish i had plans haha..

and what do you do for your internship?!

helen x

Madeline Veenstra wrote:

Love this outfit! Your valentines day sounds lovely :)

Mom Fashion World wrote:

awww...yachting! that could be an exciting event.
my hubby and i are still undecided where to go this Vday. Btw, your pictures are always awesome and you look HAWT as always!

xoxo Kellz* wrote:

u look so great i love those shoes super fierce!!!

Crystal wrote:

The rough graininess of the photos is very cool. Hope you get some time to relax soon!

Melly wrote:

Beautiful Outfit. :)

Kat wrote:

Love the killer heels, you seriously need to start telling us where your stuff is from!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Chère Marcella, I really like the way this blurry-like aesthetics (AND the way you wear these black shorts) subtly confers you such a "BOMBnextDoor-esque Fantasy" aura . . .
ps: I can Only send you All my "cyber moral support" about your Summer internship Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Mimi wrote:

You look stylish and pretty tough..

Hanh, Life-in-Travel wrote:

Hi Marcella,
We have too many shoes are the same. cool! great mind think alike;-)

love your shoes!

htbui wrote:

I love your blog. You have the best pictures

20something wrote:

love ur shoes! outstanding! <3

anon wrote:

i hope you feel more at ease when the new term starts!

Beauty Is Diverse wrote:

Nice photos.

Anonymous wrote:

amazing outfit!
love your heels and the colour of your nails!

Talia wrote:

Even if you really feel uninspired I think your are one of the best and my favouritie bloggers ever. You have such a great talent that even such simple combination is so marvellous.

Anonymous wrote:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
alison wrote:

Just came across your blog for the first time and I love it! You look gorgeous, and beautiful photographs!

Grizzy wrote:

wow! can you imagine how happy i am that you commented on my blog! :) i really like your style;)

thanks still look so chic even in so casual wear :)


Lara Lima wrote:

love love your shoes!

dred wrote:

i love the laidback feel of this outfit. simple yet still very chic. your looking gorgeous and sexy as always. :)

Meg wrote:

Oh my gosh, I love your nailpolish!

Anonymous wrote:

the shoes are killer, love these pics!
am following :)

silvia wrote:

thanks for stopping by my blog!cute stuff here, anyway!

ScribbleBabbles wrote:

omg. you got the bag that I always wanted! you look gorgeous! awesome kicks~

Ilanka Verhoeven wrote:

GORGEOUS! Love the nail polish, shoes and shirt.
X, fashionnerdic

Unknown wrote:

i love this shoesssssss *_*
very nice look... neacklace is handmade!?
come on my blog to look at me...and mine creations!
Baci from sicily! ^:^

Vera Liane Rea wrote:

you have such amazing, chic style :)i absolutely adore your shoes & bag & jewelry. :) hot color for the nails. :)

... wrote:

love the outfit!
but are the shoes comfortable?


love the leather micro shorts - and the epic cake heels :)

you have really good style, will be back checking for more outfit posts :)

Tzoulia Kadoglou wrote:

such a nice blog =)

keep going on.

visit & follow me.

Fashion By He wrote:

love shorts and heels!!

-He approves

Anonymous wrote:

oh ma gah! what darling shoes you have!!! insanely chic!!! i love.

Anonymous wrote:

You look freakin adorable with your hair up!! Just checked out your shop too.. great job! I'll keep checking to see your updates.

xo, becs

Couture wrote:

Gorgeous outfit!


Iconoclaste wrote:

Great shoes and bag *_* !!

dekker05 wrote:

you are really super sexy high heels, platforms you are going to wonder, excitement is guaranteed to see you so ..

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