February 15, 2010

..... Valentine's Day adventures.....

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Sassi wrote:

wow, amazing pictures. love your swimsuit!

Madeline Veenstra wrote:

Gorgeous! That looks like absolute bliss :)

MELISSA Z. wrote:

Love the light in these photos! You're gorgeous! <3

Unknown wrote:

oh looks so prefect!

Talia wrote:

wooow I see you spent your valentine's day very well ;)Good for you ;) And this handsome man is veeery nice ;D I love your romantic white shrt. It's so wird that I see you lying in the sun when I have to fight with the snow ;)

Karoline wrote:

Gorgeous pictures, love the light. And God, I miss summer!

inkarlcerating wrote:

oh i envy the both of u!! congrats

Helen wrote:

awww cute photos! looks like you two had a ball!!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Actually this white atmosphere pefectly matches a "Valentine's day" romantic vibrancy . . . that the last One "I really have a BODY made for this kind of swimsuit" picture declines on such a softly wild way Dear Marcella !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Mom Fashion World wrote:

Aww...gorgeous, gorgeous you and fabulous
Is he your man, sweetie?

Karishma wrote:

This is great stuff gorgeous :)
keep it coming!

Malu Swartjes wrote:

You're gorgeous! I love your photo's, they always look like they are from A Guess campain or something:p Do you use a professional camera?
Have a nice day!


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Aspyn J. wrote:

you look fab as usual! and these pics are amazing. :)

Unknown wrote:

Valentine on a yatch?!

The swimsuit is gorgeous. So are you. Aand your man..? :)

Much much admiration from India! :)

anon wrote:

gorgeous light and outfits!

Anonymous wrote:

these photos are so pretty, you look stunning, great lighting!

Anna.Who wrote:

Valentine's Day on a yacht, sounds great! I love your swimsuit!


Beautiful photos! I hope you guys had a lot of fun. You look amazing in your swimsuit Marcella =) xo

... wrote:

beautiful pictures,amazing boat,gorgous swimsuit!

FashionJazz wrote:

Luv ur pictures darling, this looks like absoloute bliss!!!! xxxx

by Sutton wrote:

love the tone of these photos! wish it was summer here.

kami girl wrote:

looks like someone had an amazing vday ;)

rosalita fashionista wrote:

so jealous! it's still cold and snowy here :( I love your swimsuit and glad you had a great vday!!!

Meggstatus wrote:

These pictures are just stunning, looks like the perfect day. And you are dresses as the perfect little co-captain!

Unknown wrote:

Woah man, so cool! What a fab V-Day! Boaty goodness.....

Yes, I do shop for winter in summer and vice versa...a lot easier on the pocket, ya just gotta know what you are looking for....and make sure you buy stuff that's gonna hopefully suit your style when the season rolls around.

Bayley. wrote:

beautiful pictures! looks like you had an awesome valentines day! very cool blog too :)

Roxana C wrote:

whoever takes your pictures is really really talented! it helps that your gorgeous too!!!!

Anonymous wrote:

Fantastic photos

Baro Lucas wrote:

I love more more the blog! Is AMAZING! i follow you! A big kiss

(I love the shirt!)

Shannon | Kid From The West wrote:

I really digg the brightness of this shoot
and of course the amazing bathingsuit!

xoxo Shannon <3

Unknown wrote:

You have some of the best photography of any blog I've ever seen.

Just wanted to let you & your readers know that you can win a $1000 Bloomingdales shopping spree by entering the Avenue Debut Contest at LVCMAG.COM! Just send in a full-length outfit photo for a chance to win - full details on the site! Thanks and GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!


I am crazy about your swimsuit!!!

Fab blog!

lauren wrote:

your pictures are out of control awesome! your hair always looks stinking amazing, what products do you use?

Vinda Sonata wrote:

hi, just found your blog and i'm glad. you have such a beautiful blog which is creatively arranged (love the font of the titles).
those pictures also have beautiful colors. how did you get the effect? :)

p.s. i'm following.

FashionHippieLoves wrote:

you look gorgeous as always!
You blog is such as great!
Love it!


The Fancier wrote:

Ahhh, looks so idyllic!

Jeje wrote:

Nice photos! Looks like it was so much! :)

Okay.... I wanna swim! :))

clouds of tulle wrote:

wow i really like the color of these pics! is that the BF???

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Awesome!! Glad to know you had fun during V day!!

Also, a lil something for you and your awesome readers:
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beautiful pics u have LOVELY STYLE. LOVE IT!!!!!


Ola wrote:

love ur style

kulululu wrote:

wow. looks like u had a perfect day!

Bru Marx wrote:

you look gorgeous!beautiful pics.

stylefrontier wrote:

looks like you're having an awesome time!

have just followed you
mind to follow me back? :)
have a great weekend!


Unknown wrote:

these are amazing pictures of you and the yacht!! love your haircut too.
xox alison

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