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January 15, 2010

Some more shots I did a while back for James from of his wicked Gold Spartans.

A few people have asked me this so I'll just make a quick note here. I'm very lucky that my man Jared is the one who has been taking all my photos from the start - he's amazing and puts up with a lot from me! My blog really wouldn't be anything without him <3

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Mom Fashion World wrote:

i'm sure you're the hottest woman on the street!
you're lucky having a very supportive boyfriend.
please tell him i love all his photography.
you look stunning sweetie!
i want those leggings!

Madeline Veenstra wrote:

Gorgeous pants! Love the blazer as well :)

Helen wrote:

beautiful photos marcela! i wish i could bag a man whose as good a photographer as jared!!

helen x

Tayler Worrell wrote:

I love the top!

Angela Pluck wrote:

Oh gosh those leggings are badass!!! And I love them..I must own a pair asap! Anyways, you look gorgeous and love the blazer.

Maria Chloe wrote:

your shoes are ridiculously amazing. its so god damn beautiful.

Anonymous wrote:

Rad pants!! xo, mel

bisou-joue wrote:

wow your rok this outfit so well !! Those leggings are amazing !
You've got so much chance to have such a great boyfriend !!

inkarlcerating wrote:

oh we owe everything to them photographers hehe.
i love yer blog.. the pics are very cool and large.. how do u do that?

and the blog post title is very unique.. did u change the html stuff in yer custom section?
thanks! mwah

Unknown wrote:

Still crushin on the spartans and your edelmans.....

anon wrote:

you look amazing and i also love how the editing was done.

Ilanka Verhoeven wrote:

Gorgeous photos and blazer!
x, fashionnerdic

Cailin Klohk wrote:

Woooah,this outfit took my breath away. It really suits you so well! And I am extremely jealous fo your shoes!


I love the outfit. Those leggings look like they were made for you and I love the shoes you paired them with. It was smart to wear a white blazer instead of the usual black. You are looking gorgeous. Jared is doing a great job with the photos! xoxo

prashant wrote:

your shoes are ridiculously amazing. its so god damn beautiful.

Work from home India (Suz) wrote:


Crystal wrote:

I love black milk leggings. I have a pair of the slicks and they're definitely one of the better things to have ever happened to my legs. Your gold spartans look great.

Charmaine Li wrote:

these photos are UNREAL... there's a cold spacey atmosphere to it and i LOVE it!

Anna.Who wrote:

street walking in style! that outfit is simply breathtaking.

Cacalldv wrote:

hello. I am Brazilian and I'm just following your blog. Your clothes are perfect. I loved the photos. Could you tell me what camera do you use?

Jeje wrote:

Nice pants and shoes :) Awesome look :P You're really lucky that your man is taking most of your photos. :)

stylespotterfashionblogger wrote:

Love the trousers. Just stumbled across your blog. It's awesome. going to follow.

Nora the Explorer wrote:

those leggings are amazing!

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

HOTNESS! Love how you donned the white+black+gold combo.


Anonymous wrote:

Hi Marcella! You look Amazing as usual. These pics are just gorg!

Hope you are well!

xo, becs

Afrodite Trevlopoulos wrote:

the boots, the boots <3 THE boots!

don't forget to visit me at


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