January 23, 2010

Stoked to discover a convenience store selling cheap Asian snacks hidden away in a quaint little corner after taking these photos. Stocked up on all my favourite gummy lollies, candies and chips galore...

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I am so happy you found all that candy! I know that feeling when you find something you love unexpectedly. I adore your shoes and the lace top with the little skirt. Very gorgeous photos Marcella! I wish the weather was warmer here =) xoxo

Mom Fashion World wrote:

simplicity is beauty.
you look beautiful still with no make up.
that's the real beauty indeed!

Rissa wrote:

Love you rings.
And I always get so excited when I find little stores that stock asian sweets.

Unknown wrote:

love the smile.


I am Denise Katipunera

Sailor Jamee wrote:

i love the lace detail.

Madeline Veenstra wrote:

Love the rings and shoes, everything about this outfit looks so delicate and lovely :)

Tayler Worrell wrote:

GORG. all the small details are perfect

Melly wrote:

I love your Outfit. It is so beautiful.

Talia wrote:

this skirt is so cute and delicate. I love it. the whole is so romantic. I like the lace.

Gorgeous Clara wrote:

sometimes the simplest outfit is the greatest look...

LagrandegentilleLou wrote:

Beautiful ! Love the sleeves, lovely.

Vertiginoso wrote:

AND this simplicity adorns itself on such sparkling/radiant attires with your shy smile on the first picture Dear Marcella !!! Truly Stunning, as Always.

à Bientôt, Antoine

JJ Reyes wrote:

I'm in love with this amazing blog.


Tabitha wrote:

I love the simplicity, but chicness of this outfit! You look beautiful in your pics.

Helen wrote:

beautiful! love the top!

i love gummi lollies! hehe can i have some? =P

helen x

kulululu wrote:

this shirt is amazing.

kim wrote:

classic color combination; love the outfit. you look very pretty :-D

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

Taylor Sterling wrote:

great photos! Love the skirt and those rings!!

Unknown wrote:

what a wondwerful outfit!

morena wrote:

Such a great outfit!!I love this skirt!

Beautiful <3

Jeje wrote:

Lace is love <3 Hehe!

We have the same top but mine's see-through at the back -

You look great. as always :)

anon wrote:

It's alway great to stumble on treasures like that! I adore your accessories, most of all that gorgeous watch.

... wrote:

so beautiful!

Sarah Grace wrote:

I love the lace shirt. Its so pretty . Wear did you get it? Nice blog, I'm following :)

clouds of tulle wrote:

i love the simpleness. =)

Scorpion Disco wrote:

This is a Perfect outfit!!! I was looking for a cute white frilly skirt this summer after seeing one from the Fendi SS09 but I never found one! Where is yours from?

dred wrote:

you look absolutely stunning in that crisp and clean outfit. and i die for the heels!!! :)

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Gosh, I totally get what you mean chica! That totally happened to me once in dang ol North Carolina. I was literally jumping up and down with joy! haha. And you bet I stocked up too! Found my ultimate favorite brand of soy and chilli sauce (I'm VERY particular about my soy and chilli sauce HAHA).

Also: Gorgeous silhouette! Us here at DISTRIKMODE totally rocks with that shape and shade!


FashionJazz wrote:

Hello hun!! U look stunning here! Hope u had a fabulous wknd! chat soon xxx

Unknown wrote:

Haha although it really comes to no suprise as to why people would stop and stare ;) You looked stunning!

I'll definitely come up and say hi next time I see you around - I was busy running from dept to dept sorting out all my stuff for this semester! nDeva and the admin at uni are probably more complicated than half of my classes - such a pain to deal with!

Anyway, those shoes are amazing :) I really wish I could walk around in high heels like those :) (Suz) wrote:

amazing photos and i love the ring!

Anna.Who wrote:

i love your rings!

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Great look!
What type of camera do you use?


wanderr*girl wrote:

I wish I had your hair :)
That and your outfit makes you one of my lookbook belles for the week!

the style spotter wrote:

loving your accessories!

Anonymous wrote:

Such a great look, Marcella!! Yes for yummy Asian snacks!


Unknown wrote:

You're right. The simplicity brings out your gorgeous features! Isn't it great to be Asian? :)

Anonymous wrote:

very hot girl ;)

Afrodite Trevlopoulos wrote:

your top <3

don't forget to visit me at


Ms.Grace wrote:

Cute Outfit!

Jolly Josi wrote:


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