purple reign

January 27, 2010

I went against all my instincts when I bought this dress in a lilac version instead of the mandatory black. I did prefer the black so much more but on account of much begging and pleading from a certain someone, I thought I'd make a real effort to inject some color into my dress collection... I do own like 10 LBD's already I guess haha!

My closet has literally been spilling out onto the floor lately so I think I might start putting some stuff up for sale on here, by next week hopefully if I can get my act together!

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Wow, I love the dress in lilac. I like how you added the black studded belt and paired it with some tough lace up boots. It is great to see you in some color. You look lovely! xo


Mom Fashion World wrote:

sweetie, this is another beautiful outfit and pictures of you.
i love the purple background matches your dress!

Tayler Worrell wrote:

LOVE this dress. very sjp with the studded belt <3


Grizzy wrote:

i love that dress marcella :)
i think i'll find something like that :)



Nia wrote:

I am in LUHHHHVE with this dress! I love how you've paired it with the badass boots, edgy bag, and belt. SO HOT!

x A


Helen wrote:

loveeeeeeeeee the lilacccc

helen x

Angela Pluck wrote:

Beautiful dress I love the color and it just screams spring. xoxo

Lara Lima wrote:

I love your looks, to always follow here, you're beautiful!

.. wrote:

God you are amazing! I love your style! Can I make a post about you?

PS: I from Brazil


Sailor Jamee wrote:

good choice! i love that color on you.

Unknown wrote:

You're seriously one of my favorites. I absolutely love your style!

Unknown wrote:

yay sale. I must say I really like this purple lilac number on you :)

Unknown wrote:

Wohoo! Looks ah-may-zing to see you in some colour (you should listen to that certain someone more often). The pretty vs the edgy makes for a killer combo!

Nails: color and brand please?

Yes, the hair change....in two minds.

anon wrote:

oh what a gorgeous colour on you. it doesn't show up that well on chictopia. love the belt!

xoxo Kellz* wrote:

nice nice nice

by Sutton wrote:

you should wear lilac more often, you look stunning! such a great blog!!!


Chopstick wrote:

i'm bidding on a pair of boots that kind of look like yours but aren't as cool, but i've always wanted booties like these and hopefully i will look ok in them! :D yeeeey, can't wait for your closet clearout! also, i think i have the opposite collection; too many coloured clothing and hardly any solid whites or solid blacks! makes dressing formal kind of hard :S

Anonymous wrote:

beautiful dress, great choice!


Sophie wrote:

Love the whole outfit! Where did you the shoes, if I may ask?

Anonymous wrote:

wow, i'm totally in love with your shoes ... :D

Melly wrote:

Wow I love your dress and your shoes. So beautiful!!! ♥

natasha's view wrote:

I think your instinct was right...lilac dress looks great on you!


FashionJazz wrote:

Hello Darling : ) Wow lilac suits u so well, I luv how you toughened it up your dress with ur belt and boots!! Have a stunning day Mwah xx

Talia wrote:

power flower ;) amazing shape of the dress. I love it. It's so feminine and girlish at the same time.

silvia wrote:

you definitly went for the right colour!!!love it!

Anonymous wrote:

I love the dress with those shoes! Lovely :)

alison wrote:

I love your blog! Gorgeous outfit, that lavender color looks wonderful on you!

Jemima wrote:

wwhere did you get that dress? love it!

Maria wrote:

Brave choice. I like it!

Maria x

Tiffany S. wrote:

love that cute belt on that dress! :) x

Theresa wrote:

oh my god, your block is freaking awesome!!! I guess you're going to be one of the top-bloggers!!! The pics look really professional..

Damsels wrote:

imdefintiely looknig forward to your online shop

love those boots!

clouds of tulle wrote:

it's nice to see a fresh spring girly color at this time, b/c it's winter here everyone is wearing black!


cocorosa wrote:

Loveeeeeeee this!!! love love love the photos, love the dress, you know we sooo have the same taste :) I just got the same little bag, topshop, right? and I really really want these booties!! <3 <3 I have been spurring ebay non stop for booties like this...


Sarah Grace wrote:

love love love the dress....purple is so pretty.


Jeje wrote:

Super awesome! I love the purple on you :)


Anonymous wrote:

I love the juxtaposition of the feminine floral print dress and those fierce boots!

kim wrote:

i can totally relate, i love black. this dress looks amazing on you, it's so cute.

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

mykindamagazine@gmail.com wrote:

Oh, floral dress + strong shoes...I just love the mix :)

Kookie B. wrote:


Deathbyplatforms here from Chictopia!

You know i love those boots. And I love the bustier dress!

noura. wrote:

that dress looks amazing on you and those shoes are so amazing. i've been wanting them for so long.

Anonymous wrote:

That's cute! And the boots are gorgeous!!!

the style spotter wrote:

gorgeous outfits, amazing shots!! your photographer is truly incredible..


Crystal wrote:

I love that you paired those boots with that dress. Such a cool look.

Sarah wrote:

love it! This outfit is the perfect marriage of girlie and grunge...i can imagine the black to be awesome as well but you pull this off perfectly.

dred wrote:

i love how you toughened up the sweet and dainty dress with the lace-up boots. you look gorgeous. :)


▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

LILAC!! Looks really good on you... Gotta admit though, lilac looks hideous on my tan asian skin lol.. And of course, the Queen of styling that you are, you managed to flawlessly matched the dress with the fabulous bag and boots :)


Anonymous wrote:

hey gorg! i'm with you on owning a multitude of LBD's. love the boots with the flirty purple dress. you look so cute!

xo, becs

Diane wrote:

i *love* this dress!!!

Bexs wrote:

i love this outfit so much!!!!
its awesome, & im from New Zealand too, in wellington (:
sooo.. spill!
where do you go shopping coz im dying to know!
reply back at:


love beckah <3x

... wrote:

love the lilac dress!
great how you combined it with the studded belt and the shoes

Taylor Sterling wrote:

i love the pretty floral with the toughh boots!! big fan of your style!!

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) wrote:

that dress is gorgeous! i love the lila color

Meg wrote:

I really love the lilac colour of this dress!

Anonymous wrote:

great outfit!
love the bright blue nail polish

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