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January 19, 2010

Strangely enough, the weather cooled down sufficiently last week to warrant wearing jeans. Not so much this week however... even wearing boots is hazardous - overheating feet!

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Lara Lima wrote:

You're beautiful, very stylish

Dirty Hair Halo wrote:

I wouldn't mind a little overheating in those killer boots.


Madeline Veenstra wrote:

Love these boots! They are really gorgeous :)

Tayler Worrell wrote:

LOVE the jeans!! <3


Mom Fashion World wrote:

sweetie, why do you always look so glamorous
and HAWT?
love the whole outfit. are those isabel marant's boots?

LaurenSchoon wrote:

You look GORGEOUS in this photos! And those jeans are amazing!

Angela Pluck wrote:

Those boots are badass and I love them! Love the outfit and the pics

Magali wrote:

Love your jeans and your top, you look amazingly perfect!


Pati wrote:

i loved the outfit and photos!

Pimpleton wrote:

Great outfit! And you look GOOD in Wayfarer Sunglasses!


Wow, I love the boots. They are gorgeous. The band jacket looks divine on you! xoxo


Unknown wrote:

Those jeans are amazing... I saw you that day when you were shooting ( near the law school) and did a double turn when I saw those jeans!

You look gorgeous as always ;)

Sailor Jamee wrote:

the jacket is so incredible.

Talia wrote:

marvellous jacket! It has amazing cut and the style of it is just impressive. I am so jeallous! ;)

kulululu wrote:

love it. as always.
u have the best photos!

bisou-joue wrote:

your outfit is fab' ! i love your military jacket !

Helen wrote:

love those jeans! where did you get them marcella??

helen x

anon wrote:

you look great! it's amazing how you carry off all those elements.

i guess we all suffer a bit for fashion.

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) wrote:

absolutely love the jacket and jeans!

Unknown wrote:

I agree with Dirty Hair Halo: worth the toasty roasty feeling, the boots are killer!!!

Why couldn't you have bigger feet? So I can buy your shoes on Trade Me? :-)

Great photos (as per), your jeans are awesome!

Sparkles xoxo


very nice


Crystal wrote:

Damn you are rocking that outfit. That's the kind of outfit I stop people in the street to ask questions about. Like where did you get your jacket/boots/bag?

Nia wrote:

LOVE the cropped jacket and the studded booties are HOTFIRE!!!!!!!

x Nia


Meggstatus wrote:

This is the perfect way to wear a military jacket, not too literal, with a bit of irony... LOVE

kc wrote:

The photos are lovely. So are you. Love the boots.

FashionJazz wrote:

Hello hun,whew just been catching up on ur posts, had no idea I was so behind : ) Ur new site is awesome and u are rocking those boots!! Hope u well, chat soon Mwah xx

Noelle Chantal wrote:

wow yes, you are rocking those shoes and jeans, Marcella! i love the studs in your outfit here. and gosh your photos are becoming more and more beautiful!!!

i miss super Summer here! :)

Ashley wrote:

Love the faux Isabel Marant boots!! You look amazing.


... wrote:

I really like this outfit!

Amanda wrote:

haha, all the backgrounds to your photos look familiar ;)
but yaaay, thi means i can ask you - WHERE did you get those shoes?! I've been wanting them sooo bad. and i reaally like that blazer. plussss, i swear you're wearing the same sunnies that i broke a couple of days ago :(

Anonymous wrote:

Beautiful lady!! You are killing it with those jeans and studded boots. LOVE.

xo, becs

Anonymous wrote:

Rad look- love the details in each piece, especially the tank! xo, mel

Anonymous wrote:

Rad look- love the details in each piece, especially the tank! xo, mel

Jeje wrote:

Awesome! That jeans, perfect! :)


Anonymous wrote:

Wow, fierce! Great jacket and boots.

Be Mode! le blog wrote:

i like ur jacket!

the clothing project wrote:

lovely. adore this look.

- www.theclothingproject.com

Anonymous wrote:

Your photography is awesome! I like your military inspired theme!

Krizia wrote:

That jacket is adorable!
Love your blog.

x Krizia


Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

Hot look!
I really love it!

rachel wrote:

loving the lighter colour of your hair, it really suits.
you look great, as allways <3

Simo wrote:

GOOOD job!!

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