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January 7, 2010

I love this little rucksack I got from Topshop recently. Sure it's a ridiculous size and I had to cut about 50% of my usual handbag essentials but the leather, tassels and gold studs completely make up for it heheh.

And on the subject of Topshop, their shipping to New Zealand was quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen to my bank account.

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Chopstick wrote:

i hate that shipping is so expensive! i once bought a present from for a friend of mine, and they were only earrings, but shipping was still USD40.00! *DIE* Although i suppose USD is better than GBP... But still, that rucksack is a fantastic buy, i'm totally in love with it! btw, i love that you update so often now :D

Angela Pluck wrote:

Love the bag and the tassles! Your studded pocket tank is super cute too.

tiana b. wrote:

I'm in love with your style. I'm in love with these photos. I'm in love with this blog. and I've always loved New Zealand. :)

Talia wrote:

your pants are just marvellous. I am not a big fag of such rucksacks but the whole is very nice, very feminine and testeful


I love the pants! Gorgeous. The studding on the tank is marvelous as well. I like your nail polish also. Great post. You make me miss summer =) xoxo (Suz) wrote:

love it :)

Vertiginoso wrote:

Mmmh Dear Marcella to be Totally Honest I must admit that beyond the rucksack question Here I am above all "fetishistically" mesmerized by your blue polished toes AND by your flirting mane, so
"laid back Sexyness" . . . as Always !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine


that 1st pic of you is stunning!
love the studded Tee!


Ansley wrote:

Really gorgeous! and i love your nail polish color :)

Taylor Sterling wrote:

Amazing pants looks great with the tank!

Naomi wrote:

btw is it hot in new zealand? cause you wear tons of tanks?

FashionJazz wrote:

Hello hun!! Gorgeous outfit as always!! WE are havinga really hot summer this weejk, living in dresses! Hope u have a fabulous wknd xxx

moded'amour wrote:

beautiful outfit. love your style!

Victoria Jin wrote:

these photos are breathtaking. what camera do you use? and how amazing is your hair? :O

Unknown wrote:

mmmm i dislike this look... you have done better! ^:^

clouds of tulle wrote:

I like those pants! looks great on you!

Cindy Whitehead wrote:

Everything is perfect on you! Following you now. Please check out my blog if you have a chance (-:

Jess wrote:

i've been on the search for a rucksack just like that one! and i love your trousers girl - they fit you perfectly

Mom Fashion World wrote:

you're always looking HAWT!
i love all the studs outfit!
you rock!

Zanita wrote:

You're pics are all excellent! Such polished and fresh style.
Linking you!

Bubu wrote:

nice photos!!!! I love your blog

LagrandegentilleLou wrote:

Oooh, you look like a doll. Cute !
You're beautiful, really.
-xxx- Lou

Thuhien wrote:

This is the first time that I'm on your blog. I love your blog! Like your style and the pictures are beautiful

xoxo, thn

Guiltyhyena wrote:

The crop trousers look fab! Nice photos! :)


Alyssa Roman wrote:

This has to be a fav outfit for me! I love the pants! & 'the boob pocket' as my friends and I call it, is like my trademark. I love it all studded, so coooooool!

Mama 2 go wrote:

Your blog is so cool!!!!!!!!!

Kisses from Brazil!!

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Gorgeous capris babe! Where are they from?


Anna.Who wrote:

your looks are stunning!

Bexs wrote:

tell me about it!
im from New Zealand too, and the shipping is really bad! but worth it (: & no its not really THAT hot here! hehe.

love beckah <3x

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