March 30, 2009

Jak and Jil

My laptop decided to go spontaneously kaput on me over the weekend so I am at the mercy of public internet access for now. Frustrating to say the least!

In other news, I am seriously weighing up the merits of inflicting upon myself a bruised butt in exchange for this look.

net worth

March 24, 2009

I have been wearing a disproportionate amount of Valleygirl lately. One of the repercussions of working there - I spend way too much time with the clothes and mediocre items start looking very attractive by the end of the day and then I end up buying it.

For everyone outside NZ and Aus, Valleygirl is like our replica version of Forever 21. In fact, I have my suspicions that they are actually the same thing. Both are a Korean owned massive country-wide chain. Everything of theirs is pretty much mass produced and priced cheaply. And their clothing ranges look ridiculously similar in terms of styles and fabrics. Conspiratory theories anyone?

vested interests

Temporarily struck by a bout of insanity, I attempted to take on the quixotic task of beading this military vest.

...which turned out to be quite possibly the most savagely painstaking process ever. My fingers are still protesting at being stabbed a zillion times over. I have a feeling this project will fall victim to my growing list of half completed DIY's.

What must you be so unattainable, Balmain?

winter garden

March 21, 2009

knit sweater & belt; vintage. skirt; valleygirl. leather chain strap (worn as bracelet); diva. hosiery; glassons. boots; marco fiorano.

store update

March 19, 2009

I have temporarily escaped from the clutches of assignments and things of that irksome nature. Been desperately needing time to spend on updating the store and have finally got around to it! This is just a preview of the stuff I'll be putting up tonight.

All these indoor posts I've been doing lately must be getting so insipid - we have been itching to get outside again but the weather just has nothing better to do than conspire against us. So lame.


March 10, 2009

Sporadic postings I'm afraid, classes are taking over my life again.

Ugh. I booked an appointment for a hair trim which turned into a full blown haircut. I specified 1 cm off. I got 1 inch off. Whyyyyyyy?? Plus I got conned into a ridiculous attempt at "shaping". Hairdresser's terminology strikes again. (Note to self: feathering = hacking out of chunks. Avoid at all cost.)

By the way, these photos are old. I don't feel quite ready yet to reveal my newfound baldness.

Oh and my obsession with these platforms continues....

dyeing violet

March 4, 2009

Been playing around with some crazy new lens my boyfriend just bought. Apparently he is unaware of the dire financial circumstances gripping the global economy at this moment in time.

Random fact: Woke up this morning to find KO'ed mosquitoes lying on my bed. Rad. Must somehow possess secret ninja skills which I employ to kick some bloodsucking ass in my sleep. Bet they weren't expecting that. Ha!