carbon copy

February 28, 2009

Got rained in these past few days so we were hampered to merely cavorting up and around the house. Yes, as in the proverbial All dressed up with nowhere to go. Though it was actually nice for a change not to have any passerbys gawking at me the entire time. Can just imagine all the askance looks I would have garnered in this getup.

And no folks, this ain't a Herve Leger. Alas I have tried many times to kid myself so.

More photos to come from our little exploits...


February 25, 2009

These glorious, stripper-esque studded creations are one of my (many) recent acquisitions. I am never taking them off.

lantern festival

February 19, 2009

Just a select few of my favourite photos from the Chinese Lantern Festival held in Albert Park this year.

We had a little bit too much fun shooting all the pretty glowy objects from highly dramatic perspectives. Only later on did it occurred to us that we managed to fill up the entire camera without a single shot of an actual person. But being rather disinclined to hike back -literally up a hill- to the festival, we sufficed with a few street shots. For reasons unknown I'm looking rather sullen in them haha. Exhibit A:

I gleefully forced persuaded my boyfriend into letting me take this one of him.

All in all it was a rather good night.

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February 8, 2009

Happy Valentine's day! Couldn't resist posting these, had them lined up a while back but was wanting to hold on until Monday. Futile attempt of course - studying with a laptop in front of you practically begs for misadventures.

Can't wait to catch on everything here soon x