tear it up

January 24, 2009

Went out testing a new Canon today. Definitely came out to my liking, hence my indecision leading to photo overloadedness here. What I don't like though is the top. My first attempt at DIYing, so I figured I'd hack away at something I wasn't ever going to wear. The material was all wrong for unpicking so I ended up just slashing away. I hate how it still came out so clingy despite the massive chunks I tore out of it. Shall have to make a fresh attempt with something else.

I'll try to get back on the comments tomorrow but since I'm spending the majority of it at work, that would seem somewhat overly optimistic! Stupid job. Stupid money.

in fields

January 6, 2009

kookai dress; diva accessories; leather jacket, on trademe.

This is one of those dresses that I convinced myself I needed to own in three different colours should the need for them all ever arise. Oddly enough, I'm still waiting for said opportunities to present themselves. Wonder if anyone else does this?


knit and shorts, Just Jeans; top, Supre; bag, Equip; vintage belt; shoes, Andrea Biani.

Yes, guilty as charged. I have been away for far too long. Am actually glad that things are starting to quieten down again. The blog has been on my agenda for some time now. But due to a lack of inspiration in general, I considered my ensembles over the holidays much too blah for me to bother posting. Quite possibly this may have been linked to my lack of funds and the consequent non-purchasing of spanking new items to play with. Anyhoo, I intend to change that.

On a totally obscure tangent, I have been obsessing over Twilight for the past week. I wonder if anyone else is suddenly rather taken with idea of becoming a vampire and moving to a small town where it rains perpetually? It's probably just me.