wind chill

December 6, 2009

Still waiting for the real summer to set in... sky been teasing us with brief glimpses of the sun.

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comments: 28 (Suz) wrote:

the leather and floral together looks very good :)

Helen wrote:

my god woman! id love to play around in your shoe closet haha! how many pairs of shoes do you have???

Mom Fashion World wrote:

again, your pictures always look professionally done! i love all the photos!
what a gorge pose on the 3rd!

summer is almost there while winter
is here. huh!

Chicago Chic wrote:

I agree - the leather and floral look perfect together! Beautiful photos and great outfit. Love it. xxx


I love how the leather vest toughens up the floral dress. You have the best shoes Marcella and you always look good in your photos. I wish I could pose like you! You look so natural.


Unknown wrote:

your shoe closet is to die for. i love the tough chic look. your photos are amazing.

Vertiginoso wrote:

Mmmh but beyond the wheather's whims you naturally exude "Rock/Romanticism", AND that next to the bare skin/"à fleur de peau" Dear Marcella !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Sailor Jamee wrote:

so glad i found your blog, you have excellent style! i'm so jealous that wherever you live you can still wear sleeveless things! there is snow on the ground where i live, ughhh.

Unknown wrote:

I really want a leather vest....

That is a real sweet outfit.

To answer your question, I was hoping to find a gold, silver or black sequin blazer.....the search continues.

agatiszka wrote:

Shoes to die for....

Zhcsyra hp wrote:

lovely ur awesome floral dress,fabulous black leather vest,sweet hells and cool purse .

FashionJazz wrote:

So luv ur shoes hun, in every post!! : ) xx

Anika wrote:

Tell me about it, I'm aching for proper summer. We keep see-sawing with the weather, which is damn annoying!

p.s. Love the floral dress...and your hair is sooo fab!

Have a great week hun

Ashley Dy wrote:

I love all your outfits!!! And your pretty photos!

... wrote:

love the contrast of the sweet dress and the black leather pieces!

Dirty Hair Halo wrote:

Oh- I just realized we are polar opposites weatherwise. Jealous.

Ashley wrote:

Love those shoes!!

Kat wrote:

Ooh loving everything about this outfit :) That dress is so cute and the heels are killer - where'd you get them from? Was a beautiful day today.

Roxana C wrote:

awww, the floral dress is sooo cute! I love the leather vest too! xoxo

kulululu wrote:


Chopstick wrote:

I'm waiting for summer too :( I think it will come in February... *DIE*

laura wrote:

ah your photos are all so amazing, i seriously can't get enough of them and they keep getting better and better!!

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

gahhhh the shoes!!! gorgeous!


Noelle Chantal wrote:

hi, Marcella! how are you? looking great as always. i really love your usual effortless looks. loving the tough leather vest with the girly floral dress. plus your shoes -NICE!

beautiful shots and love your hair color too! :)

styledigger wrote:

Cute dress, looks really hot with leather vest!

Lydia wrote:

Just Stunning. So chic.

Line&Trine wrote:

You look so nice! where did you buy your belt? i really like it!
- Trine

Mila wrote:

You have great style!
Oh and you just got another follower :)

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