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December 30, 2009

My summer uniform is gonna consist of multiple variations of this look, alternating with dresses in between every other day. It's just getting waaay to hot to layer anything! I guess in a way, winter is actually a lot more exciting for me wardrobewise...

Hope you guys had a great Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support so far :) xo

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Midnight traveller wrote:

I love your shadow in the last photo.

I know what you mean about the layers! Although, I really do love summer to much to wish winter back. Even though boxing day yielded some winter appropriate loot.

Happy new year xo

Jacqueline wrote:

Beautiful photos. I love how you folded up the hem of your shorts. You are looking fabulous girl! xoxo

confessions of a marc addict. wrote:

spring and fall are my favorite seasons. summer is too hot to layer, like you said. but winter where i live is too cold to not wear major warm gear that isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing. and a red nose is never chic!

Taylor Sterling wrote:

this outfit rocks!! Love the shoes!!

Helen wrote:

last photo is so gorgeous marcella! love the shoes!! hope you have a mad new years!!

helen x

Ashley wrote:

i love the glasses and the boots

Sweet Things wrote:

uu shorts!

last photo is the best:)

thischicksgotstyle wrote:

Love the shoes!!

The Fashion Cloud wrote:

Love the pictures, you look happy and adorable.


Shannon wrote:

great to see that a new zealand blogger is making it big, congrats on your whowhatwear inclusion.
i love these shots, they're fantastic.

helen wrote:

those denim shorts are amazing! Looks good on you!
xx helen

ru.kurarin wrote:

i love how you incorporate movement into your photos and those glasses are to die for.

Suzanne wrote:

gosh i love the boots!

mom & son wrote:

you're so effortlessly chic!
love all the jumping shots!

happy new year!

stilettostetico wrote:

Mmmh So Beyond these (bouncing) variations this "Summer uniform" is naturally made to emphasize your "BOMBnextDoor-esque" BODY (AAaaaaaw AND Frankly What a luxuriant mane you are provided of Dear ) !!!
ps: I wish you All my Best Wishes for the new year Too Chère Marcella !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Anonymous wrote:

cute boots chica, so jealous u have nice weather ; ( ny is colddddd!!!!

Miss Z

Lore. wrote:

really love the studs on the shorts!

Roxana wrote:

you're so skinny i could just cry right now! gorgeous beyond description!

Ashley wrote:

Loving the boots!!!

ruciaprada wrote:

love your shoes!!!!i would like to have them!!happy new year!!!

morena wrote:

Loooove this look !!!!

Happy new year <3


Anonymous wrote:

I love this shoes.


Love the first pic~!!

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