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December 3, 2009

Well, sequins on the beach are a surefire way to get every man and his dog gawking at you.

Do excuse the sunglasses appearing in every post. Been so constantly sleep depraved lately, I'm sure there are pandas out there with less visible rings around their eyes than me right now(!)

Thank you for the all the comments and sweetness!

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Chicago Chic wrote:

Your hair is GORG. xx

Fash!onista wrote:

love this outfit!!!!

Vertiginoso wrote:

OR How to instil a "day to say Party Girl" twist of GLAM on Beach's atmosphere !!!
ps: The first picture's wild/laid back/wistful side is utterly mesmerizing Dear Marcella . . . Eeeeeuhhh so which thus would rhyme with (GLAMorous) Panda ???!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Maria wrote:

Please tell me where you got the leggings! x

kludii wrote:

I have the same leggings :P lol
!!! Love this outfit !!!

Mom Fashion World wrote:

the pictures and you are always beautiful!
studs + sequins + ripped leggings = fierce
i love it!

pinky wrote:

I have something for you in my blog:)) DO check it out. BTW, loooove the outfit!


Great jacket and the pants are gorgeous. They are staring at you because you are beautiful Marcella! xoxo

Unknown wrote:

Loved the leggings!
where did you get them?

Unknown wrote:

I'm having a dilemma with sequin jackets...jwest,cotton on, dotti-have 'em but kinda wierd ones. Any suggestions?

Cool outfit too....ticks all the boxes.

the style spotter wrote:

this outfit is incredible! everything from the blazer to the leggings to those heels is totally working!

kim wrote:

lovely outfit, once again i want your shoes :)

Clothes Are Cute

Unknown wrote:

the leggings is a total killer!!!! as usual, you are gorgeous!

MidnightsSun wrote:

beautiful look!

Magali wrote:

This is perfection! These leggings are so rad!!

Zhcsyra hp wrote:

love ur dangerous style,amazing pants,cool heels and u gave me more inspiration :)))

Ashley Dy wrote:

Love your style! Added you to my blog roll! (Suz) wrote:

love it again!

Anonymous wrote:

i can answer the question above. Dotti, cotton on and J west should only be used for the most.
ugh. nz chainstores.

morena wrote:

wow!!! love this outfit !!

Tayler Worrell wrote:

I love your blog so much that I have tagged you to fill out this little one word answer questionnaire <3 your it! what to do is explained on my blog <3

FashionJazz wrote:

Gorgeous look hun! : ) xx

Unknown wrote:


▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Oooh, I own similar leggings and sequin jacket!


s'meg. wrote:

I love, love, lovee your leggens,
your outfit in genral is gorgeous.

michellek wrote:

your leggings (they;re leggings right or somethin elsee....) are freaking amazing i want a pair for my own and with the sequin jacket, honestly this outfit is amazing

Anonymous wrote:


Bubu wrote:

wonderful jacket!!!

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